Top 5 Best Modern TV Unit Designs

TV units are the focal point of any living room. They are considered to be symbols of comfort and relaxation. It has become an integral part of the living room, just as any other piece of furniture in the living room. An aesthetic TV stand is one of the easiest ways to add a splash of color and style to your living room interior.

There are many designs and styles available for TV units, ranging from the classic and elegant to the sleek and minimal ones. In addition to holding your television and displaying it in style, it offers a multitude of functions. Let’s have a look at Modern TV Unit Design ideas for your inspiration.

What Do You Need to Consider before Choosing a Style?

TV unit design

Cabinets have become a lifestyle statement and have gone through many trends just like TVs. Besides serving its purpose, it also enhances the appearance of the room. When it comes to the decision on what TV unit to purchase, there are several factors to consider.

When buying or designing a TV unit, the following factors need to be taken into consideration.

01. Layout & Area of a Room

Choosing the right TV unit for your room layout is important from an aesthetic perspective. It shouldn’t make the room look cluttered. It is also important to consider factors such as the size of the room, the design and the other furniture already in the room when choosing the size of the TV unit.

02. Furniture of Room

It is essential to consider your house’s furniture when choosing a TV unit. An attractive cabinet design should blend well with the rest of the home decor and not look out of place. Cabinet size should be based on the theme of the room and furniture placement in that area.

03. Type of TV Cabinet

The first thing you should consider when selecting a TV unit is the theme of the house and your personal preferences. TV cabinets with open shelves or wall mount TV cabinets with closed shelves can be selected based on your requirements.

04. Size & Direction of TV

An essential consideration when purchasing a TV cabinet design is selecting the right size. Make sure you get a size that is a bit larger than your TV. There should be a clear line of sight between TVs and everyone else.

05. Required Storage Space

Storage solutions are important to consider when buying a TV cabinet. Take into account how many belongings you have and the type of belongings that you will be storing. DVDs, magazines, and other controllers and electronics can be stored in a TV cabinet. Using storage solutions as a decorative element can add beauty to a room.

Additionally, the ideal placement of TV unit is also a must to consider. Hence it is a must to locate the power source first where you want to place it. Secondly, maintaining your eye-level when you are seated so that your neck and eyes do not strain while watching the TV. Ideally, 4 feet above the floor level is good enough. One more important point is to make sure you do not face glare. And lastly, if TV is your focal point, then place it such that it comes in the center of your seating area.

Modern TV Unit Design that will glam up your Home Décor

We have curated a list of TV cabinet design ideas for your inspiration. We’re sure there are some of these that will appeal to your creative side as well as catch your eye. Choose one that complements your home decor, as well as one that fits your personality and design preferences.

01. Minimalist TV Unit Design

Minimalist TV Unit Design

A minimal TV stand idea will maintain a clean and fresh living room space if you prefer this style. You can keep the decor minimal when the TV unit style is the standout feature and you want it to be your focal point.  There are clean horizontal lines that characterize this style.

Combine a neutral-colored TV stand with soft, muted pieces of decor in similar shapes, tones, and heights. This aesthetic favors less is more, so let your accessories stand on their own and avoid using colors that are too bold or vibrant. In TV unit decor, vases, books, and designer bowls are used to maintain a minimal, sophisticated look.

02. Contemporary TV Unit Design

Contemporary TV Unit Design

A contemporary TV unit is defined as one with a modern design combining modern technology, clean lines and a minimalist appearance. Choose a TV wall unit with earthier elements, such as wooden panels, metals, and wood veneers, to maintain a contemporary look.

This floating modular unit is the perfect choice for contemporary homeowners, offering plenty of storage, sleek style, and the ability to fit into any space. Another very popular design is the glass TV cabinet, which adds a contemporary touch to the living room. Since they are space-saving, they are one of the most popular TV cabinet designs.

Make your contemporary TV unit more elegant by incorporating artistic decor elements. Adding paintings and photographs to this TV unit will make it more personal to you.

03. Rustic Elegance TV Unit Design

Rustic Elegance TV Unit Design

TV units designed with a rustic style typically contain wooden TV units and walls covered in stone cladding. Stone or wooden rough textures are also common characteristics of the rustic look.

The rustic style in your TV unit can be achieved by the use of earthy materials such as wood, stone, rugs, etc. TV cabinets made of wood are versatile and look absolutely stunning. The wooden TV cabinet will blend perfectly with traditional and rustic decor as well as luxurious items in your home.

The rustic look of your TV stand would be enhanced by metal buckets, wood bowls, clay pots, and wicker ball ornaments. Maintain the rustic feel of the unit by adding a few plants and white color decor elements.

04. Modular TV Unit Design

Modular TV Unit Design

There are many different types of modular television units available. As well as being elegant and sophisticated in design, they are available in a variety of colors.

A modular TV unit will also make sure that there is a height that is appropriate for your TV unit, that all of your extra stuff is neatly tucked away, as well as making sure that your screen is properly displayed.

In modular TV units, large cabinets are common. Besides storing small items, modular TV units can also accommodate large items. You can make your room appear more trendy by choosing the right cabinet design. Display your creativity by using pretty plant pots and minimalist art pieces to design your TV unit.

05. Modern TV Unit Design

Modern TV Unit Design

Modern TV units are characterized by a simple yet elegant design that strikes a perfect balance between simplicity, warmth and the feeling of being welcomed into any room.

A sleek TV stand is a perfect fit for modern TV rooms. Don’t overdo anything with ornate details. Modern floating TV cabinets are great for TV sets in small apartments, as they don’t take up a lot of space. This design is sure to add a sophisticated touch to your home.

A monochromatic color palette is ideal when it comes to having a modern looking television unit. Choosing brown, white, and black colors is a great way to create a modern look. The place will look neat and sophisticated if you choose a modern TV unit design that has horizontal and vertical lines. With several books and easy-to-care-for indoor plants, you can create a strong visual balance.

Make your Living Room stand apart with a Modern TV Unit Designs

Smart TV Unit

Now you are ready to purchase a TV unit that fits your needs and wants. All design options should be kept in mind along with the factors mentioned. Televisions, background walls, and storage units or shelves are typically the key components of TV unit decoration items. Create a mood board for your TV unit decor taking into account the arrangement and flow of these elements.

As visually appealing as a TV unit may be, it is also important to make sure it is maintainable. Cleaning and dusting exposed components will require some effort. Make sure you keep it trendy while avoiding clutter in terms of aesthetics and design! Start thinking about what you can do to make your space more interesting and creative and brainstorm ideas for your space. Make your space a little more beautiful while enjoying the process!


01. What if there isn’t much room for a TV unit?

It is very common these days to have a lack of space. If there is not a lot of space, it is recommendable to use floating cabinets or corner cabinets. Ensure that all the unnecessary items around the TV unit are hidden or removed.

02. Would it be possible to build a TV unit under the staircase?

TV unit under the staircase

The TV can be placed beneath the shelves. However, being strategic is required. Make it feel like a natural extension of the house. The small space would benefit from floating shelves and clutter should be kept to a minimum.

03. What are the advantages of a wooden TV unit?

An attractive wooden TV unit enhances the style and character of any home. Various types of wood can be used, such as oak, cherry, and pine. A number of advantages can be found with this kind of unit, such as a variety of designs, storage space, aesthetics, etc.

04. What kind of TV unit fits almost any style?

There are several features that are commonly found in TV units, including a television, a background wall, and shelves. Keep this element to a minimum. Use a monochromatic color palette and geometric shapes.

05. How should I choose a TV unit design for our living room?

The first thing to consider is the layout and design of the room. Make sure that you keep in mind the amount of storage space you require, as well as your design preferences.

06. Is the bedroom a good place to install a TV?

The idea is good, or at least not bad. The convenience of having TV in your bedroom cannot be overstated. It is important to consider the height, location, and type of television mount before you decide to have a TV in your bedroom.

If you want to explore some modern TV unit designs, here we share some designs for you:

Modern TV Unit Designs

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