Need and Purpose of Kitchen Exhaust Fan


Originally, fans are invented to provide for flow of cool air. They are device that can be found in our bedroom, living area and various areas of our house. Apart from this use and application, there are various areas where a fan is used to serve a different purpose. Nowadays, exhaust fan is one of the important tools used in the house. The size and scale of the exhaust fan depends upon the location and purpose of exhaust fan.

In kitchen area, the smell of food is trapped in the home entering and sticking our fabrics and furniture such as living room curtains and dining room cushion, every time we cook. This requires changing of curtains and pillow cover quite often. It might be a hard time removing the stink that entered the cushion if the smell gets sank on it. To keep the air clean, the use of kitchen exhaust fan is required. Grease and smoke collecting to your walls and ceilings will be prevented and it can be assured that fresh air is circulating around you by use of kitchen exhaust fan.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Benefits of Kitchen Exhaust Fan

An extractor/exhaust fan is useful for various different purposes. They can be installed in room having problem of humidity, gases or smoke. They are quite easy to fit into the wall and some can also be fitted into a window pane.

01. Control of Humid Air

  • Kitchen and bathroom are the main areas in the house where exhaust fans are generally installed.
  • Steam and constant humidity causes mold and mildew in the kitchen area.
  • Many products are available which helps in temporary removal of mold and mildew, but if you don’t take note of the main cause it will still continue to grow and breed.
  • A small exhaust fan installed in the ceiling or high on a wall will pull the humid air and moisture out of the room leaving behind the air too dry to grow for mold spores.
  • Installation of these fans is easy for a home handyman, or even can hire a handyman to do it for you.
  • There are even extractor fans mounted in light fixtures, which is a great way to hide the fan hence not disturbing the kitchen décor.

02. Regulating Steam, Odors and Fumes

  • Cooking results in steam, odors and smoke from the process which is removed with the help of stove hood extractor fan.
  • As these fans are located above a stove top, it helps in reducing the smoke damage to walls and ceilings.
  • These hoods with extractor fan can be provided ducting or may be ductless.
  • It helps in eliminating the need to wash your walls around the cooking area by removing the grease that rises along with smoke and steam from cooking.
Regulating Steam, Odors and Fumes

03. Gas and Smoke Removal

  • Installation of exhaust fan highly benefit that areas that accumulate harmful airborne pollutants.
  • Areas include basements where old gas appliances are used, and living areas where people who smoke together collectively.
  • Exhaust fans is also useful where dust producing equipment is used such as garages and workshops.
Gas and Smoke Removal

04. Removal of Hot Air

  • An exhaust fan is used as a heat removal tool in hot climates.
  • Generally hot air rises and gathers around the ceilings or roofs in hot climates
  • If fan is installed in the ceiling, it can pull that hot air from the roof and expel it out helping to create a continuous flow of outside cool air into the area or room.
Removal of Hot Air

05. Maintaining Wall and Fabric Health

  • This is most important in areas where people smoke or the process where fumes and steams turn the surroundings black and smoke is released in areas such as kitchens.
  • The tar in smoke slowly build up and a thin layer develops on walls, windows and furniture.
  • Kitchen exhaust fan helps in extracting the smoke which stops this layering process and keeps your furniture and walls clean for much longer.
Maintaining Wall and Fabric Health

It is essential to install an exhaust fan to keep the air clean and giving other home furniture and appliances a longer and better lifespan. Mold and mildew are harmful to objects as well as to human. They can cause allergies, asthma and even serious respiratory infections. To promote the health of the households, air needs to be particle-free which is achieved by the use of kitchen exhaust fan.

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