What is Non Agricultural Permission & Why it is Required?

The land of any country is used mainly for two purposes, i.e. Agricultural & Non Agricultural barring forests, reservoirs, wasteland etc.
The agricultural use of land is the oldest use of land by mankind for farming  or growing crops or rearing animals.
The non agricultural use of land is mainly for residential, commercial, transportation, recreational or Industrial.
The government generally carry out zoning of the land  as per the priority and need of the society.

Generally, if the land is assessed or held or declared or designated for the purpose of agriculture use only, one cannot use the land for any other non agricultural purpose without the permission of the competent authority. Hence using agricultural land for any other use, permission is must from the competent authority.
Non agricultural permission is nothing but permission for change in use of land.
Once the change in use is granted, the land revenue (income, returns) per annum will also increase.
The person has to apply for non agricultural permission from competent authority for any one of the following conditions:
01. For changing the use of land assessed or held or declared or designated for the purpose of agricultural to a non agricultural purpose like residential, commercial,  industrial or recreational.
02. For change of purpose i.e. say from residential to industrial even if it is already non-agricultural land.
03. To use the land for the same non-agricultural purpose for which it is assessed but giving some relaxation in any of the conditions stipulated at the time of grant of permission for such non agricultural purpose.
After receiving non-agricultural permission generally the value of the land increases depending upon its location.
Once the Non Agricultural permission has been granted, the applicant has to start its non agricultural use for which he applied within six month or as per stipulated time decided by the state govt., failing which he shall be liable to pay penalty or if the permission is not extended timely it may get lapsed.

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