Basic Secrets of Paint Brushes: You Need to Know!

The quality of paint very much depends on the type of brush you use. An expensive paint of good quality can produce disappointing results if not applied using a suitable paint brush. Not only it affects the sheen and durability of paint but it also affects the consumption of paint, which increases the basic cost of painting. The coverage of paint will also be less if good-quality paint brushes are not used. The use of good-quality paint brushes and right technique of application is essential for giving a professional look to your wall.

For the consistent painting job, selection of paint brushes is as important as selecting the best paint for your house. Without a good paint brush, you never get the long-lasting finish. For different types of finishes and textures, we need different types of paint brushes.

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The characteristics of good-quality paint brushes are as follows:

  • The bristles of the brush should have a split end to create an even, smooth and accurate finish.
  • Bristles should be shorter on the outside and longer in the center to provide better control while painting. Avoid paint brushes which have all bristles of the same length.
  • The bristle density is very important while choosing a paint brush, as the paint is held in place by the space between the bristles. The more bristles a brush has, the more paint it will hold and less time you will spend loading the brush.
  • Check that bristles are adequately inserted into the ferrule. If more than one or two bristles which get pulled out, the brushes are not of good quality, and bristle may shine on the freshly painted surface.
  • Make sure that the paint brushes are easy-to-grip and do not slip while you are using them. The brush with wooden handle has more firm grip as compared to plastic handle.
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Different Types of Paint Brush Bristles:

Paint brushes are available with two basic types of bristles; natural bristle brushes and synthetic bristle brushes.

Natural bristle brushes are made from natural sources such as animal hairs which include hairs of hogs, badgers, camel, horse, etc. Natural bristle brushes should only be used for oil based paint. If natural bristle brushes are used for water or latex based paints, they will absorb the water in the water or latex based paints and will quickly swell out of shape. Synthetic bristle brushes are man-made plastics such as nylon, polyester, or a combination of both. Synthetic bristle brushes are generally used for application of water or latex based paints, as they will not absorb water.

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Different Sizes of Paint Brushes:

Paint brushes are available in many different sizes and shapes. Different sizes of paint brushes are used for different types of jobs. Generally, paint brushes with smaller widths, are required for detailed works such as doors, windows, grills, etc. and the paint brushes with larger widths are used for painting larger areas such as walls & ceilings, etc. Thus the first step for buying a paint brush is selection of size of the paint brush, which fits the surface that you are painting. Here we give you some thumb rules, which will help you in selecting the size of paint brush for your application.

Width of Paint Brush (inches)


1 to 2 For small jobs, such as trim works, touch up works, detailed works such as furniture, small panels, doors & windows frames, railings, mouldings, cabinets, etc.
2.5 to 3 For small to medium work such as any trims and corner works, etc.
3 to 4 For covering larger area like walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, fences, etc.

There are different styles of paint brushes available in the market for different functions. Wall brushes are the most standard and common style of paint brushes which are useful for covering larger areas such as walls and ceilings. Cutter brushes are specially made for doors & windows frames and corner sections. Sash cutter paint brushes are generally used for water based paints. Oval cutter brushes are used for trim and edging.

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