Pattern and Texture – Know the Difference

Pattern and Texture are both elements of design. These elements enhance the beauty of a house giving it a pleasing look.

Pattern and texture both are identical in their own aspects, but more likely to get misunderstood as same thing. Acknowledgement of the difference between pattern and texture gives clarity and helps to use right things at right place for right purpose.

Pattern: It simply means repetition of elements of a pattern

Texture: It refers to a surface object which can be felt with a sense of touch

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Pattern vs Texture



  • Repeating elements make a pattern


  • Making an impression on surface is called texture



  • It is visual recognition of repeating elements


  • It is both tactile(touch sense) and visual



  • It gives uniformity to any surface


  • It defines surface quality of any material



  • Pattern directly influences the size of room.
  • It can make a small room look bigger and vice versa
  • Eg: if the floor height is small, vertical pattern (i.e. vertical strips) of color will make it look bigger
Vertical Pattern


  • Texture gives feel to a room.
  • It can make a room feel warmer or cooler
  • g: Rough texture gives warmer feel and smooth texture gives cooler feel
Rough & Smooth Texture



  • In case of solid color, patterns will lessen the intensity of solid color making it look sober


  • Course/Rough texture will make an object look heavier, while smooth texture will make it look lighter
Rough texture

General Guidelines


  • Small rooms: Select softly coloured small sized pattern with a light background. It will make room spacious.
  • Medium rooms: Select stronger coloured medium sized patterns with a light background. It will make room spacious.
  • Large rooms: Select strong, dramatic (depicting event/story or characters) large sized patterns with rich (pure) background colours to give bold look.
  • Contemporary rooms: Select geometric patterns in neutral or no colours to give lively look.
  • Traditional rooms: Select gaudy design to give traditional look to a room.


Rough/ Course texture

  • Reflects less light, giving room cozy feel
  • Gives warmer feel to room
  • Gives room rustic feel

Shiny/ Smooth texture

  • Reflects more light, giving room lively feel and brightness
  • Gives cooler feeling
  • Gives modern feel

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