Beautify Your Home Exteriors With Paver Block Flooring

Do you have an open space around your house and you have been scouting out low budget ideas to decorate the exterior? Do you have a courtyard that is a difficult terrain? Do you want a beautiful garden, a walkway or a driveway?

Well, everyone wants a beautiful exterior to their home and in any of these above mentioned case; Paver block flooring can come as a savior!

A well planned driveway or patio can make your home all more aesthetically appealing, leaving a lasting impression.

There are several surfacing options for your entrance, driveway or patio. However, paver block flooring has advantages over other methods/materials and can provide the look and quality you need.

Why Choose Paver Block Flooring? Why is paver block flooring so popular in homes all over the world? Is it the best?  If you want to know all about paver block flooring, then you are in the right place.

What are Paver Blocks?

Paver Blocks

Paver Blocks are precast solid products made out of cement, cement admixtures, aggregates, pigments and water. If it is manufactured in India then all the materials that are used for the manufacturing of paver blocks should be conformed to Indian Standard Code – IS – 15658[369] (Precast concrete blocks for paving – [CED 5: Flooring, Wall Finishing and Roofing]). If the paver blocks are made in countries other than India, you should refer to the related code of that country.

Paver Blocks are manufactured in various sizes and shapes i.e. square, rectangular or round or blocks of different dimensions with designs for interlocking of adjacent blocks.

What is Paver Block Flooring?

Paver Blocks Flooring

When paver blocks are used as a floor covering material, that flooring is known as paver block flooring. It is also known as Block Paving or Interlocking Block Paving or Interlocking Paver Block Flooring.

If you want to know more in detail about paver blocks, click here –

Flexible Flooring Vs Rigid Flooring

The flooring consists of two types based on design considerations, i.e. flexible paving and rigid paving. The difference between flexible flooring and rigid flooring is based on the distribution of the loads to the sub grade.

The paver blocks flooring is Flexible Paving, in which the load is transmitted from the surface to a larger area through continuous layers of granular material.

In Rigid Paving, the design of pavement is based on providing a cement concrete slab of adequate strength to withstand traffic load.

Each block is interlocked with each other according to its geometry. This allows minor deformations, when load is applied. Hence, virtually there would not be any cracks or damages as in rigid concrete paving and that is the reason it is preferred, apart from so many other advantages.

Due to the wide range of materials, colours, sizes, shapes and patterns, most people prefer Interlocking Block Paving to rigid paving.

Paver block flooring is mostly suitable for the exterior flooring of your house. While paver block flooring offers a durable and flexible solution for outdoor spaces, for interiors, many homeowners are turning to exquisite materials like American White Oak for a luxurious finish that complements their decor.

Where Paver Block Flooring is Preferable In House?

Paver block flooring is the best option for flooring at your home entrance, patio or driveway of the villa, a walkway in the landscaped garden, parking area, compound, pool deck, etc.

01. Entrance of Your House:

Paver Block Floor At House Entrance

02. Outdoor House Patio:

Outdoor House Patio With Block Paving

03. Walkway in the Landscaped Garden of House:

Use Of Paver Blocks In House Garden

04. Home Parking Area/ Driveway:

Paver Block Floor At House Parking

05. Compound of House or Society:

Interlocking Block Paving At Compound

06. Swimming Pool Deck:

Paver Block Application In Swimming Pool Deck

Why Choose Paver Block Flooring For Exterior Floor Of Your Home?

If you are thinking about paver block flooring for your house, look at the following benefits of paver block flooring to see how this might be ideal for your home.

01. Aesthetics of Paver Block Flooring:

Paver block flooring can enhance your home’s view because of the wide range of styles. Whether you want a simple, traditional design or a much more complex and striking one, the Paver block flooring is a great option. It gives a pleasant, attractive and colourful look.

02. Versatility of Paver Blocks:

Paver blocks are versatile materials because they come in a variety of types, sizes and colours. Therefore, paver block flooring can be customized to your design requirements.

Versatile Paver Blocks

03. Durability of Paver Blocks:

It is a great material for a driveway or patio as it has incredibly hard-wearing and, can easily handle lots of motor and pedestrian traffic. Moreover, it is unaffected by frosts, salts, oils and most chemicals, making it a popular choice in industrial sites.

Paver block flooring is a long-lasting construction technology, due to the durability of paver blocks. It can also withstand all kinds of weather. You can drive your car over it and it does not  suffer any wear and tear issues that easily.

04. Paver Block Flooring is Environment-Friendly Construction Technology:

The paver blocks are more environmentally sustainable because of their porous nature compared with other surfacing materials. This means the paver block flooring will absorb rainwater and prevent its collection on your patio or drive way and allow the rainwater to percolate in the ground. The additional benefit is that it will improve the drainage of the surface area.

05. Paver Block Flooring Requires Less Maintenance:

Paver Block Floor Cleaning

Another benefit of paver block flooring is that they do not require much maintenance. You need to use water and soap to keep them clean.

06. Paver Block Flooring has Rapid Construction Technology:

The main reason for using paver blocks is that they are easy and quick to install. They do not require the use of heavy machinery or complex equipment during installation.

07. Paver blocks Can be Replaced Easily:

The repairing procedure of paver block flooring is easy. If one of the blocks is damaged, then it can be replaced easily without affecting the adjacent paver blocks.

It is a quick and simple process that doesn’t interfere with the rest of your paved area. Thus again, after paver blocks replacement, your paver block flooring will remain as beautiful and complete as it was when first installed.Apart from the above mentioned benefits of paver block flooring, Gharpedia has already discussed the advantages and disadvantages of paver blocks. For advantages of paver block, Click here –What are the Advantages of Interlocking Paver Block? And read here – Did you Know the Disadvantages of Interlocking Paver Block? , For the disadvantages of paver Blocks.

Summing up, installing new pavements around your home is, by far, one of the most effective ways to transform your outdoor space. Whether it’s your patio, driveway or path, of the garden, you can renovate your house’s exterior with various pavement options. Choose paver block flooring is one of the best options.

If you want to decorate garden and outdoor areas, it can be incredibly time consuming or expensive. For this reason, paver block flooring is perfect choice for those people who want a convenient, attractive and functional exterior of home.

Due to paver blocks’ advantages, they are increasingly demanded and are becoming a popular pavement surfacing option. Additionally, It is also useful in urban areas for pavements, footpaths, gardens, passenger waiting sheds, bus-stops, industry and other public places.

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