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Since the culture of work from home began, the focus from study room design has been shifted to work from home space. However, study area design is versatile in any home irrespective of work from home because studying is never limited to school homework or research papers. It is never ending process and a house must dedicate study room space. In this article Gharpedia shares study room ideas that are practical and easy on pocket.

At home you must organize a comfortable study area to improve your productivity. You will immediately feel the difference once you create a distract-free and relaxed environment. If you have waited for a sign that it’s time to improve your workspace, this is it! In the text below, you will find the most efficient study area design ideas to help you study better at home.

Declutter your Environment

Turned off mobile to declutter study area environment

Princeton University Neuroscience Institute research has shown that noise in our digital and physical environment distracts our brains. The more things we see and sounds we hear, the more information our brain should process and filter. Such activity moves our focus from the things we need to process other thoughts and feelings. If you strive to improve your productivity, it’s time to declutter study area environment.

Unfortunately, there is no rule in study room design on staying focused for a long time. But you can help yourself by turning down notifications on your phone or switching it to “distraction-free mode.” Use ad blockers and filters for social media in your browser and decrease the number of people who can contact you while studying. Also, make up a toolbar with links to study materials, online libraries, and your favorite paper writing service like to get instant help from expert writers with your academic papers.

Organised shelves and closet to declutter study area

Also, it is significant to declutter your room. Start with small things – put all books and notebooks in one place, hang coats and jackets in the closet, organize pens/pencils/rulers/scissors by type or color, etc. This will help you feel more organized and comfortable during studying sessions.

Organize your Study Space

How to organize study area illustration

In case you are wondering how to organize study area? A quick way to start is to declutter study area and eliminate all unnecessary things. An organized study room helps you stay focused and productive while studying. Bookshelf design for study room should ensure all your supplies are neatly labeled and stored in their appropriate places so you can quickly find them when needed. This will help reduce distractions and wasted time from searching for items in disorganized clutter.

Use some wall organizers or get a small office drawer near your desk to store notes, books, and other items nearby. You can use this same drawer to quickly store items away when you don’t need them. Additionally, designate dedicated shelves for textbooks and other materials you will use often. When you have everything in one place, it’s much easier to manage your study time efficiently.

Illustration of lady cleaning study desk

Tip: Clean up at the end of each studying session so that it will be ready for the next day or week, depending on your schedule. Usually, it takes just a few minutes to put all study materials back in their places and sweep away any dust.

Choose the Right Colours for Study Area Design

Selecting best study room colour

Did you know that colors may influence the way we feel and act? By understanding the colours you love and how different colors may work, you may be able to select best study room colour that will literally help you study better. But don’t be afraid! There is no need to paint your walls and do a total makeover of your room; colours may work through items, posters, and even computer wallpapers.

Research has shown that using neutral colors to improve your productivity is preferable. You can experiment and choose calming colors such as blues and greens that will help create a peaceful studying environment. But don’t solely rely on the researchers. Think about which colour influences you positively and surround yourself with it to improve your mood, make that your study room colour.

Use Proper Light

Adequate room light for study during day and night

According to research from Lund University, proper indoor lighting positively influences a person’s psychological mood. Natural light is best, but if that isn’t available, supplement it with task lighting such as floor or desk lamps so you are not straining your eyes trying to read small text. Ensure adequate room light for study by equipping your desk with additional lighting to make your eyes comfortable. But don’t use too bright lamps, as too much light can lead the mood to decline in a dark place. Always try to place your desk near the window to use natural light and use additional lighting to make your study comfortable in the evening and at night.

Invest in Comfortable Study Room Seating

Selecting study room seating

Comfort is critical when it comes to studying. The study area design includes the perspective of ergonomic furniture. Spend money on an ergonomic chair especially for your study room seating that will support your back and keep you comfortable throughout extended study sessions. Also, ensure your desk is at a height where you can comfortably and correctly type or write without your arms being too high or low. Having study room seating with adjustable heights makes accommodating different positions and activities while studying, like standing, sitting, and lounging, easier.

Now Do It

Study room design ideas

For your next study session, we encourage you to declutter your study environment, clean and organize your desk, and make your study journey more enjoyable with study area design ideas provided here. In fact, a great study place doesn’t need too much cost or construction, following some mindful study room ideas and making changes accordingly serves the purpose. It’s more about your organizing skills and motivation to create a comfortable study room design. You will immediately feel the productivity-enhancing benefits yourself.

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