Pet-friendly Furniture Upholstery Choices for Pet Owners!

Pet-friendly Furniture Upholstery Choices for Pet Owners

Keeping their favourite furniture pristine may seem to be next-to-impossible for pet-owners but choosing the right textiles in the first place, will alleviate this worry to a huge extent.

With nuclear and double-income families growing in number; and parents becoming busy with their work, pets are a common feature in a large number of households. As per the survey of ‘PFMA’ (Pet Food Manufacture Association), in 2021 it is estimated that 12 M (59% of) households have pets. Not only do these pets guard the house but they also keep the children engaged. According to ‘Hodgson et al.’ (Published in: Pets’ Impact on Your Patients’ Health: Leveraging Benefits and Mitigating Risk), when a child has no brothers or sisters, research shows that pets help children develop greater empathy, higher self-esteem, and increased participation in social and physical activities.

But unfortunately pets and furniture are not always a great combination and despite it not being their intention, cats and dogs can end up destroying your expensive upholstery through simple movements like climbing atop your couch, walking on it or simply sitting on it!

Hence the need-of-the-hour for pet owners is selecting sturdy, durable and pet-resistant upholstery for their furniture; which can withstand those claw marks, dirt marks, and stains that are a part-and-parcel of live-in pets.

Read on for the best and worst pet-friendly furniture upholstery options for pet owners and maintenance cues for the same.

Avoid These…

Do not Use Fabrics with a Loose Weave for Pet’s Furniture

Do not Use Fabrics with a Loose Weave for Pet’s Furniture

Open weave fabrics like tweed and corduroy are a strict no-no for pet owners as they facilitate snagging on claws and unravel over a period of time. Moreover, open weave couch fabrics trap hair and dust, making cleaning a herculean task. And needless to mention the dirt embedded in the fibres can raise an awful stench!

Never go for Silk and Velvet when You have to Choose Fabric for Pet’s Couch

Never go for Silk and Velvet when You have to Choose Fabric for Pet’s Couch

Agreed that there’s no beating the luxurious look that silk and velvet can lend to your drab couch or sofa but a point to remember is that both of these rate as extremely unsuitable for pet-owners owing to the high level of maintenance they mandate. Additionally velvet attracts hair like a magnet, which trust us can drive you up the wall!

In case you can’t get over your fad for silk or velvet then the best thing to do would be to relegate your silk couch to the formal living room and close its door for your pets.

Suede is Also not Good Option for Pet’s Sofa

Suede is Also not Good Option for Pet’s Sofa

Agreed that suede looks sleek but have you tried cleaning up water spots on suede? It can make you go crazy! Sans a protective cover, this durable fabric is also a pain-in-the-neck for pet owners.

Opt for this Pet-friendly Furniture Upholstery…

Choose Heavy-weight Fabrics with Tight Weave Upholstery for Your Pet’s Furniture

Choose Heavy-weight Fabrics with Tight Weave Upholstery for Your Pet’s Furniture

When it comes to pet-friendly upholstery the rules are quite simple – the tighter the fabric-weave of your couch, the less likely it is to catch on your pet’s claws. Hence select – canvas, denim, and man-made micro-fibre couches and zero-in on darker hues that don’t reflect dirt. A wiser alternative would be to pick a fabric that matches the colour of your pet providing the perfect camouflage for its hair!

Leather is Good Pet Proof Upholstery Fabric

Leather is Good Pet Proof Upholstery Fabric

When it comes to animals living in the home, leather is the best couch covering for owners because its pluses are manifold –  the material is durable; it doesn’t snag claws; it’s easy to maintain; it does not collect much pet hair; it can stand up to pets; and it is a very stylish choice. Moreover it is available in a plethora of colours and at different price points ensuring that there’s a choice for every household budget. Another plus with leather is that one can easily wipe off dirt and water alleviating concerns about pet hair.

Then again leather simply improves with age and heavy use and a tad wear and tear doesn’t detract from its aesthetics making it the ideal choice for pet owners.

But all the above pluses hold true for genuine and not man-made leather – agreed that vis-à-vis other upholstery, leather comes across as being more expensive, but in the long run it’s more economic as it doesn’t require to be replaced as frequently.

The only downside with leather is that it is not scratch-resistant – making it the wrong choice for owners whose pets scratch or chew on furniture.

You can Choose Fabric like Micro-fibre or Micro-suede for the Furniture of Your Pets

You can Choose Fabric like Micro-fibre or Micro-suede for the Furniture of Your Pets

Irrespective of whether your pet is a dog or a cat this synthetic fibre known as micro-fibre or micro-suede is a pet-lovers dream. It’s got a hoard of advantages – easy to clean and maintain; extremely affordable vis-à-vis leather; available in a range of colours and styles; doesn’t show up hair; hard to scratch or rip (claw-resistant); and lasts for a very long time.

Additionally, hair can be vacuumed without fear of damaging the material; alternatively a lint brush can be used to remove the hair. And a large majority of the stains can be treated with mild soap and warm water.

Well, these are the pet-friendly furniture upholstery choices. We have some option of sofa upholstery for your living room as well. Have a look.

Sofa Upholstery – What should you know before Buying?

Use Patio Furniture for Your Pets

Use Patio Furniture for Your Pets

In case any of the upholstery options suggested in this blog don’t quite jell with you then relax there’s another path you can take – simply replace your furniture with sturdy and durable outdoor furniture. There are stylish sectionals galore in this segment – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well they look indoors! Patio furniture is structured to withstand sun, rain and other elements … so your pets would prove to be child’s play for them!

Opt for Slipcovers

Opt for Slipcovers

In case you need to stretch your domestic budget to fit in a new couch or alternatively it tears your heart to part ways with your ancestral silk settee and neither can you bid adieu to your pet then high-quality slipcovers are your best bet! You can keep them on during normal times and remove them when you have guests visiting.

Things to Consider while Choosing Pet-friendly Furniture Upholstery

Things to Consider while Choosing Pet-friendly Furniture Upholstery

Prior to purchasing a pet-proof couch or sofa, or reupholstering your existing furniture do some research about how your pets behave around the house. Simple things like – how much hair your pet sheds, whether it is fond of clawing or scratching fabric or not, is it potty-trained et al. This will help you scout for material that is – easy to clean; stain and scratch-resistant; and sturdy and durable.

If you are planning to buy sofa for your living room, here are the tips we have already published. Do read once before you make a choice!!!

10 Tips to Choose a Sofa for Your Home!
How to Select a Sofa for Optimum Comfort?

Maintenance – Cleaning and Repair Cues of Pet-friendly Upholstery

Cleaning of Pet-friendly Upholstery

Although both micro-fibre and leather are easy to clean on your own, it would be advisable to hire a professional cleaning service to ensure that you are getting the most out of your furniture.

Consider hiring a reupholstering service for pet-proofing your existing couch or sofa. Trust us on this – it’s more cost-efficient to make your existing furniture pet-resistant rather than buying a new piece.

Important Takeaways from this Blog for Pet Proof Upholstery Fabric

Important Takeaways from this Blog for Pet Proof Upholstery Fabric
  • Pet owners must select pet-friendly upholstery fabrics because they serve as a defence against furniture wear and tear.
  • Choose a fabric with a tight weave and do not select one with a lot of complicated textures as they can scratch easily.
  • Even if you’ve trained your pet to behave and not to jump up, there is no guarantee that they’ll adhere to your training; so the right upholstery will prevent you from worrying.
  • Abstain from light colours as they cannot conceal fur as well as darker shades can.
  • Opt for fabrics that are specifically built for heavy usage areas.
  • Refrain from silk.
  • Select stain-resistant fabrics as irrespective of how well-behaved or well-trained your pet may be, it is still likely that an accident or two will occur.

On a philosophical note, despite all the care and precautions you take if you still end up with marks on your couch or sofa then relax … a few scratches or hairs on your couch isn’t the end of the world! Enjoy your pet and your couch no matter what they look like! Apart from pet-friendly furniture upholstery, Gharpedia has also given some tips to make a comfortable space for pets in your home. Click on the link below & give a comfortable stay to your pet,

How to make a Comfortable Space for Your Pet in Your Home?

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