4 Things That Can Prevent the Wastage of Cement

The cement is an important material in the construction industry. It is mainly used in making concrete, which has extensive applications in the modern era. Cement is used as a binding material in concrete. Due to its hygroscopic property, it can react with moisture immediately and start hardening. After the cement has hardened, it cannot be used in making concrete, and in other applications.

Hence, during construction, it is essential to deal with cement bags carefully. Small mistakes can lead to the wastage of cement and make it useless. A site engineer must see that cement bags are correctly transported and handled carefully and stored. Here we have given some guidelines which can prevent wastage of cement on the site.

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Guidelines to Prevent Wastage of Cement

01. Always have Separate Godown/Warehouse for Storage of Cement

It is always better to have a separate warehouse/godown for storage of cement. Never store cement with other products such as fertilizer, gypsum based products or even edible products. A tiny amount of contamination can have catastrophic results on the performance of cement in mortars, plasters or concrete. Vice versa, if cement bag gets split accidentally then it can damage the food products, too. Warehouse should not be frequently opened to control the moisture within.

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Separate Godown or Warehouse

02. Always Keep Space Between External Wall and Stacked Cement Bags

Cement bags are stored and stacked in a godown/warehouse. Always keep the warehouse damp free if possible. Dampness or moisture can enter from the external walls and react chemically with cement. Therefore, a minimum space of 600 mm required between external wall and stacked cement bags.

Keep Space Between External Wall and Stacked Cement Bags

03. Never Stack Cement Bags Directly on the Floor

Another way to prevent wastage of cement is to protect the cement bags from the dampness rising from the ground. Hence, it is ideal to store the cement bags on a raised surface with an impermeable plastic sheet underneath. It is recommended to stack the cement bags on the wooden planks in such a way so that it is about 150 mm to 200 mm above the floor.

Never Stack Cement Bags Directly On the Floor

04. Always Roll the Cement Bag before Lifting

A cement bag should always be rolled over before lifting. This motion loosens the consolidated cement within the bags and reduces the possible splitting of the bag. In addition, this also allows for the underside of the bag to be checked for any damage before lifting, thereby avoiding further damage to the bag.

These are some guidelines for proper storage of cement to avoid any wastage of cement. Careful inspection and handling of cement can help you save from purchasing new cement bags. The requirements for storage of cement must be checked before unloading of the cement bags for storing.

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