Important Things to Keep in Mind While Planning a Dining Room!

Dining room is a room especially designed to consume food.  Historically, there was neither a separate room or a space design for dining,  it used to be a part of kitchen or sometime the part of family room. As time passes, there are many dining room ideas that evolve with changes due to modern lifestyle & culture. Traditional dining room which was very formal in style is now changing, as it needs to allow an easy access to carry hot dishes and other utensils.

You should know where will the table work best and what else do you plan to use the room for? You also need to decide which kind of table best suits your needs. Depending upon your need and style, you can choose to setup the table as a separate dining room or a dedicated area in the kitchen or a corner in the living room!

The Dining room design are specifically planned for the number of family members living in a house or an apartment, then the size and shape of your dining table and number of chairs are decided depending upon the number of seaters.

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The location of dining depends on many factors like proximity to the Living room, the Kitchen, wash basin, other rooms, living styles and culture, etc.

The Dining room design is as important as kitchen, therefore it can be located in East, South or West direction depending upon the design of kitchen and wind directions. If When you planned your dining room in East, then the room will get natural morning light which is convenient for a family to have breakfast without glare. So when room planned in South and West direction, then the room will fall in path of wind direction, will receive direct south west winds that you have to bear the glare.

In general, any direction is suitable for a Dining room, provided it is close to the Kitchen and has sufficient light and enough privacy from outside.

Generally dining room should be located on the same floor with kitchen without any minor height differences, as it will be impractical and not adorable to carry hot food and utensils up & down.

The Dining room ideas also include an independent room or in continuation with the kitchen or sometimes with living room.

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In dining room design, you should also have to keep in mind where to locate the doors & windows as they are an  important part of the building.

Here the things you should know before placing doors & windows for your the dining room design:

01. It is always advisable to have door of constant use to be placed such that traffic between them does not interfere within the dining furniture clearances and groups.

02. Windows should be designed such that they are large enough to allow natural light to the dining room.

03. Convenient access should be there for operating doors and windows, and at the same time your dining furniture should not block the window view.

04. The position of T.V should be fixed such that it is not opposite to window, otherwise the T.V screen will reflect glare and light from the window making it not desirable to watch T.V.

By keeping in mind all above points a good dining room design should be such that it will make all family members happy and healthy. As it is the place where the whole family spend the quality time together!

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