Precautions and Repairs of Buckled Tiles

Installation of tile is a durable choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas of the home. If installed with the proper care, the tile flooring can look like new for many years. Tile floors do not need to be refinished, resurfaced or reglazed during their entire lifetime. But tile repair is necessary. The best way to care for tile floor is to take best possible preventive measures.

Buckled or Popped-up Tiles

What can be done when Tile Tenting or Buckling or Popping Up?

Here we provide precautions to be taken so as to prevent the tile tenting, buckling or popping up:

  • Do not use old and dusty tiles because by using old tiles, it may buckle frequently.
  • Install the tiles with a good bonding material.
  • The subfloor should be levelled so that tiles do not get tent frequently.
  • Clean the floor before installation of tiles.
  • If the tiles are installed using good quality material like cement, sand, etc. there will be no buckling or pop up of tiles.
  • Whenever there are slight changes in an environmental condition, it will cause the buckling of old or dusty tiles. So always use clean tiles in good environmental condition.
  • Always follow the mixing directions while using bonding material for installation of tiles. Follow manufacturer guidelines strictly.
  • If we use large or oversized tiles, install it properly. So there may not be any chances of buckling or pop up of tiles.

Here we give few solutions for repairs of buckled tiles or popped up tiles:

  • The primary solution is replacing floor tiles and install new tiles.
  • In shower areas, there may be chances of popping of tiles due to swelling because of moisture absorption. In this condition, replacing floor tiles after carefully removing old tile.
  • Reinstall the tiles if you can inject the areas with the spot of adhesives.

When you tile an area in your home, always buy extra tile in case you need to make tile repair in the future. Sometimes tile styles and colours are discontinued and it becomes hard to find.


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