Precautions to Avoid Fading of Tiles

Nowadays, tiles flooring is most commonly used in the home. While choosing tiles flooring for your home, you should always look for the attractive and pleasant view of the home. If the tiles installed with the proper care, the tile flooring can look like new for many years. If it is not properly installed, there may be chances of several defects which may arise in your flooring like cracks in tiles, fading of tiles, rust stain, etc. Among them, fading of tiles is the most common defect that is observed in shower areas of the bathroom. It also occurs due to overuse of strong chemicals. This defect gives an unpleasant look to your home. But the tiles, whether it is ceramic or vitrified, are great products and they are very easy to clean and maintain. Normally, such tiles require very little time and efforts to clean.

Fading of Tiles

To overcome this defect, here we have try to provide some precautions to avoid fading of tiles:

  • All you have to do is clean the floor properly and frequently, with heavy-duty tile cleaner, which will remove the dirt and any detergent build-up.
  • To avoid fading of tiles, the water should be disposed in regular time from the shower areas.
  • Remove any dust from your bathroom floors. Before attempting to remove discolouration from your bathroom floors, you will need to remove any dust from the affected areas and use bathroom tile cleaner.
  • Never use unnecessary acidic tile cleaners mainly in shower areas.
  • Properly clean shower areas with good detergent or any other material so that the soaps and body fats do not remain in shower areas.
  • Use several household tile cleaning products with the little bit effort.
  • If direct sunlight falls on the tiles, provide curtains on the window. This will protect the tiles from discolouration due to ultraviolet radiation of the sun.
  • The best way is to regularly maintain the tiles. Also, stop dust particles sticking to tiles.
  • Avoid the use of hard water as white patches may appear on the tile surface over a period of time. So try to use the soft water or install a water softening plant or if not possible then you have to bear it.
  • Keep tiles away from the material which gives stains on the surface of tiles as it gives a shabby or dirty look.
  • If the tiles almost lose the colour, you have no option but to replace it with the new tiles. You may not find similar tiles in the market. Hence always keep in store few tiles for such repairs while buying or constructing a house.

Therefore you need to remove any dust from the affected areas. Regular maintenance of tiles will slow down the fading of tiles. Use essential tile cleaner to avoid of fading tiles.

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