Precautions to Avoid Shade Variation in Tiling

We choose tiles as the flooring in the different portion of our house like kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and other locations. They look classy and easy to clean and durable. But after sometimes there may be chances of several defects may occur in tiles like buckling of tiles, cracks in tiles, shade variation of tiles, fading of tiles, etc. Among them, the shade variation is the most common defect that is almost present in all tile products. The color, shade and pattern in entire tile batch vary to some degree from tile to tile and from production run to production run. In some tiles, these variations are very major (hardly noticeable) and in others, they are major (It may look like different color tiles in the same box).

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Shade Variation in Tiles
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Here we give some precautions to avoid the shade variation in tiling:

  • Do not use the poor quality of tiles.
  • Inspect for shade variation in tiles
  • If shade variation is found, assort it.
  • Take care while printing the tiles so that it remains same throughout its body during the manufacturing process.
  • If the tiles have not been installed, contact your supplier and replace the mismatched batch or resupply with one matching shade.
  • Replacement of partial quantity with the selected shade (if the stock of the desired shade exists).
  • Assign each shade into different rooms or areas, according to size and quantity.
  • Replace the whole quantity with a different shade of tiles.
  • Considering shade variations, create the innovative designs.
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Shade variation is what truly mars the beauty of the natural elements of your home. Hence, also excessive adequate precautions while tiling process in house.

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