Getting a Visa, Planning a Budget, Getting Medical Insurance: What Should be Taken Care of Before Acquiring a Property and Moving to Dubai


Are you someone who is excited about moving to Dubai as well as anxious about how? Then let’s beat your anxiety and only keep the excitement part. This gharpedia article covers alpha and omega of moving to Dubai and buying property in Dubai. Also, it has bonus points for moving your pet along if any.

What should be done before immigrate to Dubai? How to prepare for relocation to Dubai? What things should be taken care before buying property in Dubai? How to settle in Dubai? How to acquire property in Business Bay, Dubai, the UAE? How to get assistance with purchasing real estate in Dubai? This blog answers all your questions.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for immigration. Thanks to a high standard of living, rising wages, and a wealth of job opportunities, Dubai has established itself as the most expat-friendly city in the world. It consists of numerous up-and-coming communities with advanced infrastructure and exceptional amenities like those in Palm Jumeirah and Business Bay, UAE.

Advanced infrastructure in Dubai

Before acquiring local real estate and relocating to a new place, foreigners have many issues that must be managed, from gathering immigration papers to getting health insurance. In order to make their relocation easier, Ax Capital specialists along with gharpedia have prepared the following checklist.

Do your Own Research

Before making the final decision to immigrate to Dubai and buying property in Dubai (or any other new city), you need to learn as much information about it as possible. Most expats will encounter a completely different culture and lifestyle.

That is why they should find out in advance about:

Research before you immigrate to Dubai
  • Local legislation, unspoken rules, and social norms
  • Climate and weather conditions in different seasons
  • Culture and traditions
  • New government and political system
  • Job opportunities and salaries
  • The average cost of living
  • The administrative division of the city

Prepare Documents for Obtaining a Visa

The first challenge for anyone who decides to move to another country is to determine the requirements of the country’s entry and collect the documents needed for immigration and obtaining a visa. In such a way, he/she will be able to avoid unexpected situations and make the resettlement process as quick as possible.

To enter the territory of the country, Russian citizens must provide a passport, the validity of which is at least 6 months.

Provide Passport

The set of required documents that a foreigner should submit to obtain a UAE residence visa depends on the visa type he needs. For example, individuals who have purchased real estate in Dubai worth more than AED 750,000 and intend to obtain an investor visa should provide the following:

  • An issued a certificate of ownership of the acquired property.
  • A document that confirms the value of the purchased property, issued by the Dubai Land Department.
  • Bank documents (if a mortgage loan was used).
  • A purchase and sale agreement.
  • A marriage certificate.
  • A certificate of no record of marriage for children aged over 18.
  • A certificate of no criminal record in the UAE and the home country.
  • A copy of international passport.
  • A copy of a health insurance policy.
  • A copy of a valid visa.
  • A 3×4 photo in colour with a white background.

Prepare your Budget for your Daily Expenses in Dubai

If you want to buy in Dubai a house or a flat or any property, gather your finances well in advance. Apart from that, a foreigner will face a number of additional costs besides buying a plane ticket and paying fees during the visa process. It is better to be prepared for them as well in advance. If he plans to move furniture or other household items, it will be necessary to contact the international companies specialising in transportation.

Also, the future expat needs to determine beforehand the approximate cost of living in the selected Dubai community and compare it with his income. He needs to analyse the potential expenses for:

Calculate and arrange daily expenses
  • Food and drinks in supermarkets.
  • Public utilities.
  • Telecommunication services.
  • Transport goods and services (a one-way trip, a monthly pass, a taxi, gasoline, maintenance, etc.).
  • Food in cafes and restaurants.
  • Clothing and footwear.
  • Hobbies and entertainment (a gym membership, cinema tickets, going to the water park, etc.).
  • Child-care (nanny, nursery, kindergarten, school, etc.).

To save some money in the short term, expats can use one of the platforms for remittances and international transactions, such as:

1. Currency Fair:

Platform users have an opportunity to transfer money to more than 150 countries. The offered exchange rate can be about eight times cheaper than at Emirati banks. This is a great tool to protect your finances from high commissions.

2. Moneycorp:

Individual and corporate platform users can exchange more than 120 foreign currencies and make global payment transactions.

3. Wise:

The platform is available in 59 countries. Its users are able to make money transfers. Their cost can be up to eight times cheaper than in the UAE banks.

International Transactions

Take Care of the Transport of Domestic Animals

Foreigners planning to move to Dubai with a pet needs to take care of the requirements for importation of pets beforehand. They need to take care of the following details:

1. Microchip:

Every pet entering the country must be microchipped. No other form of identification is acceptable. The microchip must comply with ISO 11784 or ISO 11785. Currently, the UAE also accepts AVID 9 and AVID 10. The microchip must be implanted before the introduction of the rabies vaccine.

2. Rabies vaccination and certificate:

The pet owner must provide the proof of rabies vaccination signed by the veterinarian. The rabies vaccine must be given at least 21 days prior to entering the country.

3. The titer test for rabies antibodies:

After anti-rabies vaccination (after 21 days), pets should be tested for rabies antibody titer. It helps to make sure that the vaccination provided a sufficient level of antibodies to resist the virus.

4. Additional vaccines:

Dogs should be vaccinated against canine distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus, cats should get vaccines against feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia.

Get your pets vaccinated

5. Import permit:

It may take from three days to two weeks to receive this permit. It is valid for one month after issue.

Get a Health Insurance Policy

Health insurance protects foreigners against any unforeseen health problems. Every expat residing in Dubai must have a policy. Citizens without insurance will pay monthly fines (about AED 500 per month). Individuals without policies will not be able to extend their visas or obtain residence permits.

Start Job-Hunting

Before you even think of how to settle in Dubai, first and foremost thing to do is get a job in Dubai. Many foreigners moving to Dubai, find new jobs before their relocation. In the Emirates, there are five qualification levels, ranging from highly specialised positions to low-skilled occupations. In order to find a job in one of these top three levels (medicine, law, marketing, finance, etc.), one must get a qualification in the UAE or pass a test conducted by the Ministry of Education. This test confirms that the qualification of another country is equal to the qualification of the UAE.

Start Learning the Arabic Language

There are many people who claim that the best way to learn any language is to move to a country where it is spoken. Still, the future expat should remember the basic words and phrases that might be of assistance in everyday life. Prior to moving to Dubai, he should be able to greet, say goodbye, apologise, and express gratitude.

Look for Accommodation

No matter if the foreigner finds himself living in a building with a spectacular view of Dubai’s downtown or a small penthouse surrounded by gorgeous landscapes. Useful information can be found on the Ax Capital website. To receive assistance with selecting real estate, buying property in Dubai, support during a transaction, and quality after-sales service, please contact the agency’s representatives.

All in all, moving to Dubai and buying property in Dubai is no rocket science. Prepare things in advance by gathering necessary documents, get acquainted with the city, arrange finances and you are good to go.

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