How to Prepare for Your Move Before You Start Packing?

Prepare Yourself Before Moving to a New Home

Moving to a new home is a big undertaking. It takes a lot of planning and organization to get you and your home ready to move into a new place.

Preparing for a move takes more than just collecting boxes and packing up all of your belongings. There are many details that need your attention before you start packing your first box.

From finding moving companies like Rainbow Movers to help you with your transport to make sure that all of your utilities are hooked up and ready to go before you arrive, there are many things to take care of before you start packing.

It may be helpful to take a look at our comprehensive list of items and errands that you need to take care of to get ready for your move before you start packing.

01. Find a Best Moving Company When You are Preparing for Your Move

Moving Company

It’s important to arm yourself with the right help to ensure that your move goes smoothly. Do your research and hire a moving company that has a high level of experience and a solid reputation. If you are moving out of state or across the country it’s important to hire a company that can accommodate your travel and freight needs.

02. Facilities of Utilities

Utility Services before Moving to a New Home

Have your utilities turned on before you prepare for your move. You will want to contact your electric company, water and heat suppliers before you arrive at your new home. It’s no fun trying to unpack in the dark with no heat or running water.

03. Carry Identification Copies

Identification Copies

If you are moving out of state, it’s important to make sure that you have all of your personal identification in order. Collect copies of your driver’s license, your SSN, and your passport and carry them with you in a dedicated package for easy access.

04. Keep Your Pet Records Before You Preparing for Move

Pet Identity Card

Before you prepare to move, make sure that you have copies of all of your pet records. Immunization paperwork, vet records and animal registration should be kept on hand before you move. You can even ask your vet for a recommendation for a trusted vet clinic at your new location.

05. License Update When You are Prepare for Moving Out of State

Update Driving Licence before Moving to a New Home

If you are moving to a new state, you will have to update your driver’s license. You can do this online at your convenience. In most states, you will have a limited amount of time to make your license changes and get appropriate state plates for all of your vehicles.

06. School Registration Before You Moving to a New City

School Registration before Moving to a New Home

If you are moving with children you will want to make their school arrangements before you move. Talk to the new school to let them know that your children will be joining their classes and complete the pre-registration.

07. Change of Address

Change Home Address before Moving to a New Home

The easiest way to let everyone know that you are moving is to make a formal address change through your post office. This will automatically forward all of your incoming mail for up to three months and will give you time to let your contacts know about your updated address. Don’t forget to update your address for your subscriptions, your doctor, your insurance company, the IRS, and your cell phone carrier.

08. Find Voter Registration

Find Voter Registration before Moving to a New Home

Once you move to your new home, you can find out where you can register to vote. Your new address will influence your assigned voting location.

09. Get Medical Records Before You are Ready to Move

Keep Medical Records before Moving to a New Home

If you are moving to a new city or state, you will need to get a copy of all of your medical records before you leave. Talk to your doctor about getting copies of your files, a printout of all medications and any recommendations for a new physician.

In the end, getting ready to move can be stressful. If you stay organized, give yourself lots of time to make the transition and following the tasks on this list can make your move easier on you and your family. You can also opt for crate bundles for a little, a low cost and convenient way to move home!

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