Know the Properties of Marble before using it in your House

Marble is one of the most luxurious natural stone that can be used for various application at home. It can be used as flooring, countertops, walkways, temple, sculpture, etc. therefore, knowing the marble properties is essential when it comes to identification of rocks and using it in home for various application.Each piece of marble differs from the other and each piece gives its own unique appearance. Therefore, here we have discussed the different properties of marble like durability, colour, luster, porosity, fire resistance etc. which you should know before using it for different application.3

Properties of Marble

Properties of Marble

01. Uses of Marble:

Uses of marble are vast like in exterior cladding, flooring, stairway, kitchen countertop, walkways, etc. It is also used in sculpture as well as decorative construction material i.e. one of the wonders of world “Taj Mahal” is also made with white marble.

02. Appearance of Marble:

Marble comes with beautiful veins pattern, which also comes in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Marble colours vary in different earth-toned colours, including green, grey, pink, white, red and of course pure spotless white.

03. Durability:

Marble is hard, sound and dense stone. However, it is not more durable than granite.

04. Lustre:

The lustre of marble is due to the interaction of light with the surface of marble. Lustre of marble is dull to shining.

05. Porosity:

Marble is more porous as compared to granite as lemons, wine and vinegar will get absorbed into marble. Therefore, it may cause a permanent stain on the surface and marble colour may get fade away. Hence, it is less stain resistant as compared to other natural stone.

06. Acid Resistance:

Marble can’t resist acid or acidic foods.Therefore, marble colour and texture may get changed or damaged when it comes in contact with acidic contents.

07. Heat Resistance:

Marble does not conduct heat as compared to carpet or tile flooring do. It remains cool, no matter what is the temperature, making it an ideal choice for homes built in hot regions.

08. Scratch Resistance:

Marble is less scratch resistant as compared to granite if the heavy items accidentally dropped on the surface, it may get damaged.

09. Fire Resistance:

The marble is not considered flammable. Therefore, marble is found to be a fire-resistant natural stone.

From the above properties of marble, it seems that marble is a good option for any surface.It is an ideal natural stone because of its durability, long life, resistance to weather cycles, and required less maintenance. Therefore, marble is a really cool choice! However, it may be an expensive choice amongst other options. So, choose wisely according to your need and budget.

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