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The penthouse is the crown jewel of every apartment building!

One of the various types of housing styles which are adopted largely in most of the apartments in India is the penthouses! Penthouses are a favourite amongst those who desire to have a spacious outdoor area without incurring the costs of buying a large house with a garden or yard. Instead, one usually choose penthouse that includes a large terrace land and some far reaching views!

Penthouse Floor

Most penthouses are regarded as posh properties, not just because of their outdoor space and views, but also an extra effort that is put into the finishing and furnishing of the property! Penthouses are certainly called all-rounder’s, offering space, natural light, outdoor area, views and privacy!

Logically, living in the uppermost and most trendy accommodation in the block comes at a price! The question usually comes to mind is whether the perks of living in a penthouse suit are worth at its price!
Nowadays the demand for penthouses suit has increased in various cities. Hence, we have compiled a list of pros and cons of living in a penthouse, in order to help you to make a wise decision while choosing your ideal property location!

Pros/Advantages of Living in a Penthouse Suit!

01. Outdoor Area with Clear Far Views:

The most appealing feature of owning a penthouse floor is the access to an outdoor area which would have an unobstructed town, country or sea, garden, etc, views! Being so high up offers an additional advantage of making it very difficult for other buildings to hinder your open view.
Moreover, the penthouses usually have an ample outdoor space ideal for entertaining guests, enjoying with family a barbeque in the comfort of your home, playing games, family get together, etc, and many more.

02. Noise Free – Nuisance Free – Neighbour Free: Silent & Private!

High above the busy streets, you are very well away from traffic and other loud city noises that in the apartments below, you might experience!
No pounding above your head!
No heels knocking on the floors!
No doors slamming, or hearing strange sounds, or intrude on conversations & arguments whenever you go to the bathroom, etc!
No one living above you, therefore, no disturbances of neighbours and their guests! Owning a penthouse suit means living in a more peaceful environment! Only absolute privacy awaits you when you return home. Ah, bliss!

03. Security & Safety:

You can get better security since the top floor units are not easily accessible by the burglars from the outside!

04. Plenty of Natural Light & Air:

Penthouse floor usually come with an unhindered view and therefore allows a plenty of natural light & fresh air to flood the property and thereby making your penthouse not just spacious but also bright!

05. Customisation in Design:

With most of apartments that you buy, it can be difficult to make any changes to space. However, when you buy a penthouse suite you will have much more freedom when it comes to doing things in your living space.
The ability to use your the outdoor space in whatever way suits you is the something which really sets it apart from the other living spaces available in an apartment block!

06. Keep You Warm in Winter!

The penthouse floor is inevitably the warmest structure in a block. Since your home is located higher up, the heat generated by other apartments in the building will naturally rise up and warmth your penthouse, thus keeping it warm and cosy!
In the long run, this will also save on heating expenses during the colder winter months.

07. Free of Dust & Mosquito!

The Penthouses are usually at heights! As you go higher, you are less affected by dust & mosquitoes at the upper level.

08. Spaciousness!

Generally, The Penthouses offers you comfortable living as the rooms are large and spacious! There are numerous facilities like gymnasium, Jacuzzi, barbeque area, office or work space and so on!

09. Symbol of High Status!

Penthouses are being bit expensive, usually people dwelling in it earns a high status symbol!

Cons/Disadvantages of Living in a Penthouse Suit!

01. Cool Winter & Hot Summer:

The above advantage mentioned could also be considered a disadvantage during the summer months, where temperatures reach over 30 degrees and cooling systems are imperative if one is to survive the hot summer months in a penthouse floor or level!

02. It’s a Long Way Up!

When living in a penthouse suit, a lift is not a luxury but a prerequisite. If you live in a penthouse it is essential to have a well-functioning lift in order to reach your floor, especially when loaded with pets, children, aging parents, groceries and other stuff.
Not all high-rise buildings have efficient functional elevators in them. This means penthouses can be very tough to live in if you or someone you live with has mobility problems, or if you own pets which you’ll have to carry each time you use the stairs. This will sooner become an unbearable burden, so ensure that the service lift is modern.

03. Difficult for Children to Play!

Living on the top floor of the building makes complex for your children to go down to play with their friends. As of, you have small kids you won’t send them down away from your eye, or you have to be with your kids!

04. Building Integrity

Living on the top floor of an old building makes you vulnerable to rooftop leaks and other structural problems, so future maintenance work may drag! Make sure that your building administration takes care of these costs so you don’t end up paying extra money for repairs!

05. Sharing Your Roof: Is it Ok!

Another thing which may prove problematic when renting a penthouse is that the building’s roof may be common, which means all the tenants can access it and use it to dry their clothes or large crowds gather for a party. If your building’s rooftop access is shared, then it might be a bit problematic for you when others use it!

06. Nature Hazard:

Nature’s rule is higher up you go, the more exposed your floor to wind, which sometimes make you feel uncomfortable due to the cold. Can also be quite disturbing due to the noise it makes!
There is tendency that the slightest storm will feel more like a wind tunnel than a safe place. That’s something that most people won’t tell you. You will see nature at its best and worst from the top!

07. Away From Nature!

Living in the penthouse, you can’t feel the nature on top! Though you can have a terrace garden, but you can’t feel the real nature like you access at the natural ground level! Like for example you can’t go for walking/jogging, etc.

08. Talkative Character!

If you are extrovert & needs people to talk, you can’t live upstairs alone! In this circumstances, you need good neighbours!

09. Elevator Dependent!

Living on the top floor will make you totally dependent on elevator access so be prepared to wait for your turn! Also, it is time-consuming in any emergency.
So what do you think? Is the penthouse living the way to go? Let us know in the comments below. Share your experiences!

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