Pros & Cons of Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) Over Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)


Today, Cement is the most commonly used cementing material in construction. Cement is the soul of all modern construction. Generally two types of cement are available in market: Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC). Both cement are used in constructions.However some pros and cons of PPC over OPC are listed below.

Pros of PPC over OPC

01. The heat of hydration of PPC is lower than that of OPC. Hence it is the best choice for mass concreting.
02. PPC has higher fineness than OPC. Therefore it has lower permeability and as a result it has high durability.
03. PPC has high durability than OPC which means the structure will last longer and have longer life.
04. PPC is more resistant towards the attack of sulphates, alkalies, chlorides and chemicals as compared to OPC.
05. PPC is environment friendly as it utilises the by-products from the coal fired thermal stations. Therefore it is green material, hence ecofreindly and helpful in achieving green rating.
06. Concrete produced by using PPC is more cohesive. It can be easily pumped.
07. PPC is cheaper and more sustainable as compared to OPC.
08. The pozzolana present in the cement increases the fineness and decreases the water content in the cement. Hence it saves the cost of admixtures.
09. PPC cement prolongs the setting time of concrete, hence help in better finishing of concrete.
10. PPC is best suited where strength is not so important or critical. Hence it is more suitable for plaster, masonry and mortar work. On the contrary OPC if used in plaster, may develop shrinkage cracks.
11. PPC saves lime stone, a useful natural resources.

Cons of PPC over OPC

01. Setting time of PPC is less than OPC.
02. PPC is difficult to handle due to its high fineness.
03. Its initial strength is lower than OPC. Hence props cannot be removed early.
04. Curing period of PPC is little lower than OPC.

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