A Reading Nook: All You Need To Know!

In recent times, the pandemic has left the entire world startled. Maneuvering this change is challenging to say the least. Reading nook can be your go-to place and help deal with stress. Here, we’ve come up with reading nook ideas and a one-stop solution to other basic questions that might arise while searching reading nook ideas such as what is reading nook? How to make a reading nook at home? and so on.

Reading is one habit that strengthens the brain, increases empathy, builds vocabulary, develops thinking and imagination, broadens horizons and visions, prevent cognitive decline, reduces stress, aid sleep, alleviates depression, lengthens lifespan.

Since book lovers cannot live in the library, the next best option is to design the reading corner in the most personalized way and make it your happy place. Design the space to reflect on your character, personality, and taste. An inviting reading corner can help you, and your team read to their delight and keep coming back.

What Is A Reading Nook?

A Book Nook

Well, a reading nook is a reader’s most special space where he can curl up and enjoy his latest autobiography or novel or anything else, whatever he likes to read. It’s also called a Book Nook or Reading Corner. Book nook is whatever you would like it to be. Like it can be an entire room or as small as a cozy chair, it’s totally dependent on the available space. You can create your book nook as per your requirement and feasibility.

How to Make A Reading Nook at Your Home?

If you ever have this question in your mind, how to create a reading nook? Then check out these reading corner ideas to make your corner cozy and comfy.

Reading Corner at Home

01. Study the Individual or The Family for Which You Are Going to Designing the Reading Nook:

The demand for a book nook in a house may vary based on family structure and their backgrounds. Whether you are a nuclear or joint family, whether you are a group of busy professionals like doctors, architects, engineers and lawyers, or if the family members include kids and young minds, amongst other questions must be answered before your start designing the place. Because the reading nook ideas for adults are different from kids, these make a huge difference to how your reading corner would look like.

02. Keep in Mind Space at Hand:

As I mentioned earlier, a reading corner is whatever & however you want it to be, whether small or big. But when you design a small space reading nook, it needs some consecutive thinking. So, firstly designate a physical space for reading. Next, select which corner is more suited (and available) for converting to a reading corner. Finally, work backwards per space you have zeroed down on.

03. Model the Space Virtually First Before the Physical One:

The main objective to keep in mind is to ignite the interest in reading among individuals. The market today offers umpteen choices to model your place first before creating it physically. Making alterations and changes is far easier then.

04. Customize the Place to Make It Your Happy Corner:

Happy pictures on the wall, amazing graphics, and quotes can add to the positive vibes of the space. Choose these wisely to not over the cutter, and add to the fun of reading.

05. Last but Not Least- Design the Physical Space:

A reading corner is a place where you can comfortably relax, and be yourself. Your reading space can be a corner, or if you like, an entire room of the home dedicated to your reading needs. Design keeping in mind things that make you feel happy and help you relax. Bring these specific elements together to create your book nook.

Cozy Reading Nook Ideas for Your Home

Depending on the structure of the house, space available, and your likings, you may choose any one style from below:

01. Conventional Study Room:

Conventional Study Room

You can create your convention study room by simply assigning a small library or a bookshelf in the study to make activities like paperwork, computer work, and reading a lot easier and more fun. A conventional study room can be the best option for the small space reading corner.

02. Bedroom Corner or Reading Corner Ideas for Bedroom:

Bedroom Reading Corner

If you can’t sleep without a book on your chest, this makes a great choice for you. A customized side-table beside the bed, along with perfect lighting looks neat and serves the purpose.

03. Living Room Corner:

Living Room Corner

A divan bed placed in the living room makes the place comfortable and relaxing. Placing your bookshelf right beside the divan servs dual purposes reading and relaxing at the same time. This well-designed corner can also be used by your guests and shared with all the members of the family.

04. Extended Balcony with Houseplants:

Balcony Book Nook

Many people find it comfortable reading while sitting on a chair out in the balcony or garden, with plants. Being closer to nature, and enjoying a cool breeze can add to the reading delight. Adding a chair or a swing, with a basket full of books can further extend the beauty of the balcony. Design the space to enhance the mood of the person sitting on the chair or swing as he/she can enjoy the cool breeze and read a book in peace.

05. A Full Library Setup:

A Reading Room

Assuming you have plenty of space to implement this setup, design it to meet your specific requirements. If you have plenty of books to ensure all your books are easily accessible, you may choose to keep a good-looking sliding ladder or stools. A reading library if space permits add to the delight of family members and guests, who can use this space exclusively for reading and further study. Add ample amount of seating space and lights. You can personalize this space to reflect your own tastes and likings.

06. A Quiet Reading Corner:

A Quiet Reading Corner

Many homes especially with small kids are buzzing with activity all through the day. Choose a place that is quieter than any other place in the house to create your reading nook. A central setup looks nice but it is hard to read in a place with a lot of noise. The attic or the terrace could be an ideal place if you seek some quiet. There are many ways to create a quiet reading corner, but one of the easiest ways is to choose the triangular wall of the attic to build a bookshelf and place the chair and lamp near the slanting glass window for reading.

Materials that Makes Your Book Nook Comfy

No matter which style of reading corner you choose to design, you would have to decide on the materials that suit the corner like:

01. Soft Cozy Chairs, Hanging Cane Chairs, Argo Chairs:

Chair for Reading Nook

Choose chairs that are comfortable to sit down and enjoy for long periods. Chairs must be in perfect sync with the reading nook design and style. Be careful that the chairs do not promote the wrong posture which can cause long-term injury to the spine and neck. Choose an Argo design instead, and enjoy reading with ease.

If you are confused about selecting a chair, don’t worry. For your better reach, we have written an article on the types of chairs. So go through our article –  Different Types of Chairs– to choose your chair wisely according to your comfort.

02. Study Table with All Helpful Electrical and Wi-Fi Fittings:

Study Table

A Study in the reading room with a study table and all helpful electrical and Wi-Fi fittings enables the reader to read books and have accessibility to Wi-Fi, making using devices, like kindle, laptops, tabs, and phones a whole lot easier while you enjoy reading.

03. Lights:

Lights for Reading Corner

Reading corners are unique and a perfect light setup will make that place more attractive and useful. Use a lot of imagination and thought before deciding on the light arrangement. However, consider a combination of natural and artificial. Professional can help you choose the LED light bulbs and suggest the right intensity. Professionals can also add table lamps for additionally brightening up the place, and enable late-night reads.

For sure, professionals do it more efficiently, but if you want to do it yourself, check out our article – 8 Types of Lighting for Your Home Interiors! It will ease your work and help you make the right choice.

04. A Soft Push Board to Pin Something:

Push Board

A push board or a notice board can come in handy to pin in important events and updates. You can use the board for keeping notes of books that can’t be read today but later and organize better. Consider having this only if space permits.

05. Bookshelf for Your Book Nook:

Bookshelf for Your Book Nook

Reading corners need a bookshelf. This not only provides shelter to your much-loved books but also sets the tone of the space. Bookshelves come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Choose wisely keeping in mind durability and style.

06. Pop of Color:

Books can’t be read or enjoyed in a dull environment so giving the room some color will help to ease the mood like a wide variety of colors with colors.

Ideally, make a virtual design of the final look with your interior designers or architects, discuss with the people who will use the nook, get as much feedback as possible and finally execute the design. Remember, reading is important for enrichment of knowledge. To know what you do not know, is the beginning of knowledge. Reading helps you to begin this journey. Now that you have gathered all the basics of a reading nook, you also get some creative library corner decorating ideas. If you still have any empty corners after making a book nook and want to design it creatively, here we have a blog for you –

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