10 Best Real Estate Apps to Use while House-Hunting in 2020

Real Estate Apps

Purchasing a house is the biggest expense that you will ever make in your life. If you are planning to spend all your life-income in a single transaction, it is worth getting the best knowledge and the information to get the best deal. When you first plan to buy, sell, or rent a house, the first thing that will come to mind is to browse through the internet and search for various real estate websites. With plenty of real estate websites, it is daunting to learn exactly which one to trust. House-hunting is a difficult process. However, various things can help you through this process and that includes Real Estate Apps that are specially designed to streamline your search for a new house.

What is a Real Estate App?

What is a Real Estate App

Mobile apps take away many of our stress from our lives as they offer incredible convenience through innovative solutions. Using such apps to search for your dream home can be beneficial and will reduce much of your stress. House-hunting with these real estate apps is very efficient as you can search by geography and easily filter what you require, like the square footage of the house or the no. of bedrooms that you required in the house, etc. These real estate apps are built with features that will easily fit your criteria without breaking your budget.

Best Real Estate Apps to Use while House-Hunting in 2020

It does not matter if you are a first-time buyer or a proficient veteran, either buying or selling, below are 10 Best Real Estate Apps for your house-hunting digitally.

01. Zillow the Best Real Estate App in Market

Zillow the Best Real Estate App in Market

With Zillow, you can easily find Houses for Sale or even Apartments on Rent. Zillow is known to be the best real estate app in the market.

Zillow App Features:

  • Serves the complete lifecycle if you want to own and live in a house from buying, renting, selling, remodelling the house, financing, and many more.
  • With Zillow, you can find yourself pictured in the house using the 3D Home tour feature.
  • Get all the neighbouring details of the house with the Zillow app.

Pros of Zillow App:

  • The property listed is exposed to more than 110 million of houses.
  • The houses can be virtually toured without any agent as the house can be unlocked with the app.
  • Make a detail search and filter as per your criteria.

Cons of Zillow App:

  • The property listed features many agents, of which only one is the actual lister.
  • Filters consist of bugs.
  • The evaluation tool Zestimate is faulted and shows inaccurate reports.

02. Realtor.com an Award Winning Real Estate App

Realtor.com an Award Winning Real Estate App

The Realtor.com app is associated with the National Association of Realtors. It is the best app for rentals. The realtors have a close relationship with the Multiple Listing System that serves the data feeds which is used by many sites on the list.

Features of Realtor.com App:

  • With Realtor.com you can easily connect with the local agent.
  • Features when the rental listing was last updated.
  • The app caters to the target market.
  • com is an award-winning app that updates its listing in real-time.

Pros of Realtor.com App:

  • Users of the Realtor app can hide their listings from the search result.
  • The buyers and sellers listed on the app deal only with licensed real estate agents.
  • You can view numerous listings and your property is exposed to a million prospective renters.

Cons of Realtor.com App:

  • Blocks direct sellers as the site allow only licensed agents to advertise on the realtor app.

03. Trulia the Most Beneficial Real Estate App

Trulia the Most Beneficial Real Estate App

If you are in a search of a perfect house and a perfect neighbourhood that will match easily with your lifestyle either to buy or rent, Trulia is the most beneficial app and proves to be a good companion.

Features of Trulia App:

  • Award with the best home values as it gives more information about what goes in home value, unlike any app.
  • Tour the neighbourhood with original pictures and even drone footage.
  • You get access to 30 plus filters and also with the custom keyword search.

Pros of Trulia App:

  • Trulia app displays more than the listing like the neighbourhoods, shopping malls, and schools.
  • Notifies of new homes that are added to the list.
  • The app provides calculators.
  • You can customize your geographic search using your finger to draw on the map.

Cons of Trulia App:

  • Tax records are used as comparables.
  • Live links are not available for buyers who are in search of the property.

04. Redfin a Perfect Real Estate App for Buying a Home

Redfin a Perfect Real Estate App for Buying a Home

Redfin is the perfect app to purchase a home. It is a real estate brokerage firm that has created this app to take Redfin to a national level.

Features of Redfin App:

  • Redfin is both a real estate app and also a brokerage firm.
  • You can instantly see any home or townhome that suits your criteria.
  • Before booking a tour you can share your favourite house through text messages, email, or any social media platform.

Pros of Redfin App:

  • You can easily customize your house search and also able to draw a radius on a Redfin map.
  • As most of the data is driven by the listings of realtors, provides an accurate estimation of the house value.
  • If you purchase the house from a Redfin agent, a percentage of the commission from the seller is provided by Redfin.

Cons of Redfin App:

  • The app does not have any feature to sort the listing by last updated.

05. Rightmove Real Estate App

Rightmove Real Estate App

It is the best real estate company that is headquartered in London.

Features of Rightmove App:

  • With Rightmove app, you can search for residential and commercial properties to sell or rent.
  • Users that connect with the agent within the app who will guide them to search the right property.
  • The app features other important details also like the prices of the sold house, reports of price comparison, or property valuation.

Pros of Rightmove App:

  • The apps include a mortgage calculator and have an indicator that shows the house price.
  • Supports with more than the listings.
  • House Price Index is released monthly to focus on the changes in the price of the properties.

Cons of Rightmove App:

  • Not updated tools for both the buyer and seller.

06. HomeSnap widely Use Real Estate App by Agents

HomeSnap widely Use Real Estate App by Agents

HomeSnap is a powerful app that is widely used by real estate agents and people who are in search of their dream homes.

Features of HomeSnap Reality App:

  • Features available with augmented reality.
  • Can be connected with Apple TV and even Apple Watch.
  • Message services are available within the app.
  • To get the complete data of the property, you just need to snap a picture of the house.
  • Any home that is selected is saved and is updated with real-time.
  • An open house can be searched easily with the open house dates.

Pros of HomeSnap Reality App:

  • Homesnap app comes with real-time MLS updates.
  • A great option for people who are in search of open houses.
  • The app has home foreclosures and even auctions option.
  • Homesnap is perfect for people who are searching for their house in a specific location.

Cons of HomeSnap Reality App:

  • The app is made only for listings.

07. Homes.com Real Estate App for finding the Perfect Home

Homes.com Real Estate App for finding the Perfect Home

Homes.com is an app that will first record all your requirements to search for the ideal home and then matches it with the other properties listed on the platform. The app promises its users to find the perfect home.

Features of Homes.com App:

  • Consists of a huge inventory of listings that makes it much easy to use the app.
  • Comes with various filters that include neighbourhood, foreclosure, and many other things.
  • In-built calculator to calculate the rent payment.

Pros of Homes.com App:

  • The app comes with many solutions for property sale, rent, or purchase.
  • com matches the property individually.
  • com app can be used on both desktop and phone apps also.

Cons of Homes.com App:

  • Does not include a huge number of a database to search for homes.

08. BiggerPockets the Best App to Learn About Real Estate

BiggerPockets the Best App to Learn About Real Estate

BiggerPockets is the perfect real estate app to learn about real estate as the app offers a variety of resources that includes blog posts, e-books, and even forums.

Features of BiggerPockets:

  • The MLS data of the BiggerPockets app is refreshed after every 30 minutes.
  • Features of a plan that can visit open houses.
  • Available for free house tour with the agents of RedFin.
  • The app has in-built tools for pictures and sharing.

Pros of BiggerPockets App:

  • Access to the user’s podcasts, guides, eBooks, and the process to buy the home.
  • BiggerPockets is beneficial as it guides you, if you have just planned for real estate investing or want to renovate your purchased house.
  • BiggerPockets takes you to the next level to invest in real estate.

Cons of BiggerPockets App:

  • Forums are not user friendly.
  • Users cannot get more details on the app without first signing in with an account.

09. LoopNet Useful Real Estate App

LoopNet Useful Real Estate App

LoopNet app is a perfect app to be used by Entrepreneurs, as the app lists only commercial properties. You won’t find many details of a commercial property than LoopNet.

LoopNet Real Estate App Features:

  • Location settings can be changed for investors who are in search of properties outside their locality.
  • Listings include pictures with high resolution, videos, and also street views.
  • Investors are allowed to create a watch list of their required properties.
  • LoopNet excels to connect the app users to the commercial listing brokers.

Pros of LoopNet App:

  • In-depth details of the available properties can be viewed along with pictures, videos, street views, stats of the neighbourhood.
  • Filter criteria available to get more details on the properties that you wish to buy or rent.
  • Alerts in the app help to let you know if your selected property has been updated.
  • With a single click, the listing broker can be contacted.

Cons of LoopNet App:

  • LoopNet’s inventory lacks the inventory of the online website.

10. Xome the Best Real Estate App for Auctions

Xome the Best Real Estate App for Auctions

Xome app is the best app for Auctions as the app has comprehensive listings for online bidding. Xome features the complete property details with photos and map locations, the one thing that differentiates Xome real estate app from other apps is that Xome mentions if the property can be financed or if cash is needed to be paid to purchase the property.

Features of Xone Real Estate App Includes:

  • Easy to pick up a property before it hits the general market with a lower rate.
  • The app is based on the national real estate data to show the listings.
  • Sellers can review the competition and then list their property.
  • Xome allows its investors to search property through foreclosure and even homes that are owned by the banks.

Pros of Xome App:

  • Biggest database of auction properties under auction.
  • Xome gives access to pre-auction properties also.
  • All the features are available on the website also.
  • The push notification alerts on a competitive bidding.
  • In-built contract e-signing available.

Cons of Xome App:

  • Xome auction app is completely new, thus do not have a huge client base.

What Should I Expect from a Real Estate App?

What should I expect from a Real Estate App

Various things can be expected from a Real Estate App like you can expect to sell your business on an app that specializes mainly in commercial properties. Some apps focus just on auctions, so you can expect bank-owned auction properties and even foreclosures. Some apps typically feature on just active listings on the MLS and blogs about the latest news on real estate.

What will be the Cost of a Real Estate App?

Real Estate apps are mostly free where you can freely browse for properties, agents, and lenders. However, if you want to list your house on such apps, then there are fees included. The listings fees can be between 1% to 3% of the house selling price.

How do I Choose the Best Real Estate App?

How do I Choose the Best Real Estate App

There are many real estate apps; we have selected the best apps for you that include unique features that will suit your real estate needs.


When you want to rent an apartment or own a house, these real estate apps that are built with unique features make your house-hunting smooth and fast. Choosing the right app will help investors to increase their business.

In the world of technology, there are a lot of apps available for various purposes. Here in this blog, we have discussed only real estate apps. However, Gharpedia has explained the smart home apps as well. You can check the below-listed article for the same.

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