The Top 5 Reasons to Consider Installing a Home Elevator

Home elevators have long been considered the height of luxury, and modern options are more accessible than ever. As elevator technology has evolved, they have quickly become a statement piece, and more people are installing home lifts than ever. Having your own personal elevator might seem extravagant. However, home lifts offer a range of benefits to homeowners from all walks of life.

Benefits of Installing a Home Elevator

In this article we’re going to cover the top 5 benefits of home elevators and how you can use a lift to add a touch of luxury to any space.

01. Home Lift Improved Accessibility

Home Elevator Improves Accessibility for Disable People

The biggest reason to install a home elevator is accessibility. Elevators are often installed in homes with two or more levels as an easy way to get between floors. This is especially useful for people with limited mobility or who struggle to climb multiple flights of stairs. If that’s the case, using stairs can also be a safety hazard, and a home elevator can protect you from falls and accidents.

The improved accessibility offered by a home elevator isn’t just useful for older or disabled residents – it’s also convenient for everyone else in the household! With many modern homes, apartments and townhouses now stretching three storeys or more, climbing up and down the stairs all day can be a hassle. A home elevator means you can quickly get where you’re going without the need for stairs, mobility aids or assistance.

02. Home Elevator Increased Property Value

Home Elevator Increase Property Value

It’s true that a home elevator is a luxury touch. Just like other upscale design items, an elevator can add immense value to your property. That might not seem like such a big deal if you’re planning to live in your home for decades to come. But, come sale time, a personal elevator could more than pay for itself when your home hits the auction block.

An elevator will also make your home appealing to a larger group of people, further increasing its value. Consider older homebuyers and how they make decisions. Is a couple in their 70s likely to buy a three-storey home with lots of stairs to climb? Probably not. However, if that same home has an accessibility solution like an elevator, it becomes far more appealing, and you can attract a larger number of potential buyers.

03. Use of Space

Australia’s property market is booming. One of the side effects of that boom is that our cities are growing upwards. The inner suburbs of major cities like Melbourne are beginning to reach towards the clouds with multi-storey apartment buildings and townhouse developments. This growth has allowed more people to purchase homes in valuable areas. But, it has also meant that many apartments and townhouses now have small footprints and multiple storeys. In a small home there’s nothing more important than efficient use of space, and elevators are the perfect way to capitalise on every spare inch.

Home elevators are typically compact, with the smallest models measuring one square metre or less. Combined with minimal requirements for machine rooms, these elevators are the most space-efficient method of getting around a multi-storey home, apartment or townhouse.

04. Flexible Home Elevator Installation Requirements

Built-in Home Elevator Shaft

Home elevators are available in a range of shapes, sizes and technologies. This means you have the freedom to install an elevator that suits your needs, budget and property perfectly. Residential lifts have become so versatile that many of them can be installed without the need for a built-in elevator shaft. These types of home lifts use self-supporting shafts that can be installed almost anywhere on your property without making structural changes. Whether you want an elevator in the heart of your living area or outside by the pool, modern solutions are flexible enough to suit your vision.

05. Home Elevator Add Design Flair

Luxury Home Elevator

We all want to build homes that show off our personality and style. There are plenty of interior design tricks you can use to create the perfect space, but nothing is quite as impressive as having your own elevator. These days’ home elevators are designed to be a centrepiece. After all, an elevator can be a big investment, and they usually end up installed in the heart of your main living areas. That means they’re created with style in mind!


Depending on which type of elevator you choose, you are likely to have the freedom to design an elevator shaft and elevator car that matches your aesthetic perfectly. Combining luxury materials like glass, stainless steel, leather, brass and more, an elevator can serve as the finishing touch that ties your interior design together. And there’s no need to worry about unsightly machine components. Electric elevators are compact and can hide their inner workings in small ceiling cavities. That means you won’t see the details, just the beautiful elevator that was crafted to match your tastes perfectly.

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