10 Exciting Reasons for Small Families to Have Rambler Home Plans!

Rambler Home

Building a family is quite a challenge, especially when it involves having a home, raising and educating children, and having enough savings for the rainy days. Many people have always wished to own homes. One needs a house to go home into after a busy day at work and see their family eating a meal together at one table.

Maybe for some people, their ideal home is big than a rambler one. But what is a rambler home? “Rambler” is a slang term for the word Ranch. There is no different meaning from both of the words. Ranch or Rambler Style homes are ideally a single-story house (see more). Let me walk you with some practical reasons why you should choose a Ranch Style house if you’re looking for one.

Why Smaller Homes Are Great?

01. Rambler Homes are Safe for Families with Small Children

Safe Rambler Homes for Small Families

You need not worry about your small children going up and down the stairs because you don’t have one. It may be for the safety of your family’s well-being. Having a staircase will give you quite a hassle for you to go up and down to the floors of your house. This type of style for homes is also perfect for people who are mobility challenged – they will have no trouble roaming around the house.

02. Rambler Home is Easy to Heat and Cool

Ranch-styled homes

It may help lessen your electrical bill as well. Ranch-styled homes offer an excellent airflow, which is much easier for the temperature to turn to low and rise during summer and winter seasons.

03. Rambler Home is Easier to Clean

We can say that there is a great demand for people living in a house to clean it as much as possible, especially when they have dust allergies. Bungalow houses save you with a lot of time cleaning every part of your home since there’s only one floor that you can stay focused on.

04. Studio Type Concept for Rambler Home

Studio Type Concept for Rambler Home

With just a single floor to look on, it is much easier to decorate your home and lessens expenses for other unnecessary furniture and fixtures. There are many Rambler Home Plans that you could use if you want to avail of a bungalow house in the future. They offer a lot of architectural designs that you may grow fond of to.

05. Rambler Homes Give You Much Privacy

Privacy in Rambler Homes

A bungalow house may consist of one or two doors for entrance and exit and only counted windows. With this, you can immediately shut down your neighbors from peeking inside your home. You may also want to consider other people who have bad intentions like robbing or murdering someone. Well, what do we expect nowadays?

06. Easy Access to Entrance and Exit Doors of Rambler Homes

Easy Access to of Rambler Homes

You may never know what will happen while you are inside your home. Natural disasters may occur at any time of day and unexpectedly. It may be advantageous for houses to have easy access to entrance and exit doors so that homeowners won’t have any trouble escaping if anything happens to them.

07. Rambler Homes Are Low Maintenance

Yes, you heard it right. Ranch-style houses costs are cheaper than two or more story houses. They only do not lessen your mortgage expense but also your water and electrical bills.

08. Easy to Modify and Extend Rambler Home

Easy to Modify Rambler Home

Having a rambler home is also like having a blank canvass. You can always modify your home, which is much better if you have a bungalow house. You can have enough space for anything.

09. Rambler Home Brings the Family Closer

Bungalow houses may bring your family close together. Why? These types of homes have counted rooms and walls. You can easily see people around your house, what they are doing, and hear them talk easily. It may seem to hear as a disadvantage, who knows? It depends on you on what you want in your home.

10. Flexible for Additions in Rambler Home

Additions in Rambler Home

You might want to consider having a wide lot of areas. You’ll never know in the future if your family is growing bigger in number. You may take this as either a pro or con in acquiring a bungalow house.

Did I help you with the reasons I listed above? If you wish to see more, you may visit SG Style. You can get a lot of ideas on designing your ranch style home and maximizing the spaces of your house.

We hope that the article helped in justifying why you must choose Rambler Homes for smaller families. If you found this article helpful, we are sure that you might also like:

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