10 Reasons to Visit Interior Design Showroom Before Your New or Remodeling Project

Visiting an interior design showroom is an integral process when you are either considering a design for your new home or are contemplating on renovating your old interiors.  Seeing the interior catalogues online can be a sweet treat for your eyes, however to visit an interior design showroom and see, touch and feel the quality for yourself is always more satisfying.

Visiting an interior design showroom can be a time-consuming process. You can walk all day to see different furnishing options, yet there are chances that you would not find the one you are looking for. Nevertheless, some things are best purchased after seeing them. From antiques to natural stone for your kitchen countertop, physically exploring such things in an interior design showroom is better, than ordering from a virtual showroom.  Shopping online is by no means difficult, but it can come at a cost. When you buy online, you may not always get what you expect. Therefore, it is important to see the product, physically, in person before buying it.

We aim to provide the benefits of visiting a showroom, along with things to keep in mind before the visit. As a bonus, we will help you to locate a near-by interior design showroom as well.

Reasons to Visit Interior Design Showroom

Even though, it is easier to browse through thousands of interior design catalogues online, there is still a huge benefit of visiting an interior design showroom in person. Here are the reasons to visit interior design showroom:

Benefit 1 – Experience Everything In Person

Experience Everything In-Person

A good design is one that positively influences one or more of the five senses namely; touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. At an interior design showroom, you can get an in person sensory experience. What is the texture and finish of a material, how would it appear under given lighting conditions, and are there any associated smells or odours are some of the factors that can be clear to you only during your visit to a showroom. Some designs and materials look different when viewed on a screen of either your laptop or mobile, in a catalog, or even in different lighting. Photography captures images from an angle that sometimes gives you an illusion of perfection. You get a clearer picture when you visit an interior design showroom. The aesthetics of a piece is something to be experienced in person rather than looking online or in a catalogue. There’s simply no substitute for running your fingers on a soft velvet couch.

Benefit 2 – Get Better Understanding of a Space

Get Proper Understanding of Space

Just by viewing a modular kitchen online, you cannot estimate whether the kitchen will fit exactly in the space of your house or not. Also, you cannot determine if the components will be easily transported and installed in the house without any trouble. Imagine ordering a sofa online and when it is delivered, you realize that the sofa is too big to get into your main entrance! Such situations can be avoided by visiting an interior design showroom. By actually seeing the dimensions, one can get a more accurate idea of space.

Benefit 3 – Get an Expert Opinion

Get Expert Opinion

Interior design showrooms always have consultants. There you can ask your queries and share your ideas about the interior project. They can educate you regarding the material choices that you should make and provide you with more insights about which options make the perfect fit for your home. Moreover, they can help you determine the feasibility of your design or suggest how it can be improved to save money. Thus, speaking to an expert is more gratifying than digging into your queries on the internet.

Here are reasons to hire interior designer:

Benefit 4 – Get Design Inspiration by visiting an Interior Design Showroom

Find New Inspiration

An interior design showroom is a great way to get inspiration for your home. Online resources may have laid the foundation for your design goals. But when you visit an interior design showroom, it may confirm your strategy or make you rethink over it. Viewing an interior design showroom will help you in deciding style, colours, and designs that are best suitable for your home. It inspires you to experiment with new designs and discover something new, which you may not have imagined yourself.

Benefit 5 – Discover Trendy Products & Ideas

Discover New and Trendy Products & Ideas

Another benefit of visiting an interior design showroom is that you get to discover new products and technology that you may have never heard of before. Spending your time in a showroom will keep you updated on the latest trends and ideas in interior design. You can incorporate such designs to give your home a trendy look.

Style your home with these trendy furniture materials:

Benefit 6 – Compare Prices

Compare Different Prices

One of the major benefits of o visiting an interior design showroom is that it will help you make smart purchases. The staff at the showroom can let you know of special discounts. At the showroom you can compare prices side-by-side and get an estimate as to how much each interior style costs you. Although, it may not be an exact, but it will definitely help you plan your budget.

Benefit 7 – Support A Local Vendor

Support A Local Vendor

Buying from interior design showroom rather than online portals help in supporting local vendors and businesses. When you buy from a locally owned business, more money stays in the community, as local businesses frequently buy from other local businesses and service providers. Buying locally benefits both other businesses and the local tax base. Also, local businesses are better for the environment because they often have a lower carbon footprint than large corporates.

Caution: While it is true that buying products from local businesses may reduce the carbon footprint of that product, it is not usually true that locally-owned showrooms sell products that are made by local service providers. It is the responsibility of the customer to check with the showroom managers on the make of a product. Thus, in visiting showrooms, the benefit is that you can also get informed on the origin and the making of a product.

Benefit 8 – Installation and Assembly by Professionals

Installation and Assembly by Professionals

One disadvantage of ordering online is that you must assemble the product yourself. The task can be tedious if you are not a DIY enthusiast. It is also possible that the installation process will be difficult and time-consuming. However, if you purchase the products from an interior design showroom, installation services will be provided to you. You can get hassle-free professional installation at your home.

Benefit 9 – Get a Customized Product That Fits Your Space

Customized Product That Fits Your Space

People seek custom furniture manufacturers for two main reasons: function and fit. Another benefit of visiting an interior design showroom is to get customized products. You can order a sofa that fits your interior design style and colour scheme. Unlike the standard sofa, which comes in three colours, you can select from a wide range of commercial fabrics and designs and customize your order. Perhaps you may have an oddly shaped wall that requires a wall-unit to fill the space. Furniture available online are in standard sizes, which may not fit your space. Having furniture custom-built to your space specifications is only possible when you visit an interior design showroom.

Benefit 10 – Get Immediate Help Post Delivery of the Product

Get Immediate Help

When you purchase furniture from an interior design showroom, you will receive installation and assistance as soon as possible. If you have any problems after placing your order online, there is usually a helpline number to contact. But to receive assistance for an online purchase is a very time-consuming process. On the other hand, when you call the interior design showroom, the services will arrive quickly to inspect the situation. As a result, you will save a significant amount of time.

After understanding the benefits, you might be tempted to step out and visit an interior design showroom, but wait! There are some things to consider before the visit, so that you can avoid major mishaps. They are given in the section below.

6 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Visit Interior Design Showroom

There are certain things, you should keep in mind before visiting interior design showroom:

  1. One must give priority to the functionality of interior design in the house. Buying a product on the basis of aesthetics only may not serve its function and provide comfort. If you have limited space in your kitchen and you buy a modern contemporary kitchen with the latest technology, it may become uneasy for cooking, especially if more people enter the kitchen.
  2. One should also keep in mind the space available in the house before visiting an interior showroom. It is a smart idea to take measurements and put it on paper or in a digitized format before you visit the interior design showroom. This is important as it helps you find products of proper sizes.  Taking some photographs of the space will also come in handy, in case you want to refer it again.
Measurement of Space

Read about importance of human dimensions in interior design:

  1. Before stepping foot in an interior design showroom, you should have a clear understanding of your budget. This will help you keep your expenses under control, and prevent impulsive buying.
  2. To save your time, make a list of necessary products and services beforehand, so that you know exactly what to look for.
  3. Explore interior design styles and ideas beforehand. Collect pictures of your favourite designs and concepts. You can always look for online resources and different catalogues. While exploring the designs, it is important to consider, what will fit your lifestyle. Make sure to browse our Best Home Design section: Best Home Designs
Explore interior design styles
  1. Find trusted and popular interior design showroom. You may know large and popular interior design showrooms in your locality, but there are many more. Usually, you will find that smaller showrooms have what you desire along with a more personalized attention. Wondering where to find interior design showrooms? Gharpedia has a section of Near-By professionals, which will help you find a near-by interior design showroom. More details are given in the next section.

Figuring out this information beforehand makes your visit more effective and easy. So make your checklist and get ready to visit. Also make a list of interior design showrooms to visit. We have listed popular interior design showrooms in popular cities.

Find Near-by Interior Design Showroom

After considering the above points, the only thing now left is to visit the interior design showroom. Worried about how to find interior design showrooms? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are top interior design showrooms in popular cities:

Interior Design Showroom in Pune:

Here are top 5 interior design showroom in Pune:

  1. Aashiyana Interior Designs And Furniture
  2. Alpha Furnishings
  3. Accsys Kitchen & Interior
  4. Beautiful Living
  5. Goyal Interiors

Interior Design Showroom in Mumbai:

Here are top 5 interior design showroom in Mumbai:

  1. Ashiyana Interior
  2. Globuz Modular Kitchen & Interiors
  3. Amrut Furniture
  4. Urbane Decor Group
  5. Fauzan Interiors

Interior Design Showroom in Ahmedabad:

Here are top 5 interior design showroom in Ahmedabad:

  1. Vishwakarma Interiors
  2. New Dezire Interiors
  3. Dezire Interiors
  4. Gharwakhri Furniture
  5. Khodiyar Furniture Mart

Find interior design showroom in your locality, while sitting at your home! Visit our Near-By Professionals section now! Just Click on below link:

Near-By Professionals

Summing it up,

If possible, one should visit an interior design showroom before setting up interior for your new home or if you are doing remodeling of the interiors. Only visiting virtual showrooms or glancing through numerous catalogue may not give you the perfect results. So, happy visiting the showroom.

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