5 Reasons Why You Should Install a Wireless Security System!

Home security is essential for every homeowner. Here in this article, we have described why you should have install wireless security system in your house

Home security systems have come a long way. Since its invention in the late 1960s, homeowners have been searching for new and practical ways to keep their properties and families safe. However, technology must evolve one step ahead of potential robberies. That’s why our surveillance, like with many other devices, is going wireless.

Unfortunately, despite the average of 2.3 million robberies every year, less than 30% of US households have a security system. If you’re hesitant to let go of your hardwired sensors or worried about the home security system cost, read on to learn five reasons why you should switch to wireless security system.

01. Faster, Hassle-Free Installation of Wireless Security System

Ease of Installation in Wireless Security System

Installing and relocating wireless devices are a suitable DIY job for any skill level. In addition to eliminating the need to open up walls, this system makes connecting it much more cost-efficient.

The data mentioned previously states that rental properties are more likely to be robbed than owned homes. It may be attributed to the fact that tenants are hesitant to change their landlord’s property. The good news is that home security systems are renter-friendly, as they don’t require alterations that would break the lease.

02. Wireless Home Security is Versatile

Home Security using Smartphone

Unlike hardwired systems, the newer models can easily be placed to increase awareness and coverage of the perimeter. Wireless sensors aren’t limited to wall interiors, so no corner of the home has to be missed.

Due to being wireless, these systems are remote-controlled. In some cases, you can arm and disarm from your smartphone app or key fob. No more having to rush to the panel to turn off a false alarm!

03. Live Footage is Possible in Wireless Home Security

Live Stream of Home Using Wireless Security System

Picture this: you receive a notification that an alarm has gone off in your home, which turns out to be false. Naturally, it’d have alerted the home security company, which in turn would notify the police, only for you to be fined for a mishap.

Instead, you pull out your phone or tablet and check the live stream of your home. From there, you’re able to decide if you need further assistance before disabling the alarm from where you’re located.

The traditional systems didn’t give you the option to pull up footage of an incident until long after it’s happened. With the power of connectivity, wireless surveillance allows homeowners to track the alarm and camera status from a distance.

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04. Less Vulnerability in Wireless Devices

We mentioned earlier that this system is headache-free since there’s no tangling. However, there’s another perk: it’s not as vulnerable to outside sabotage as it’s older counterparts. With a physical network of wires, there’s a chance it can be disabled by snipping the lines. Another danger is the backup battery life not surviving past a power outage.

05. Opportunity to Expand Your Home Security 

Another way you can optimize is through smart home integration. Your wireless security systems can be incorporated

Your safety and comfort doesn’t have to stop there. Another way you can optimize is through smart home integration. When you have a technology-advanced house, your wireless security systems can be incorporated into many others, such as controls, lights, and thermostats – all from a tap on your phone.

Upgrade Your Home’s Security

If you believe you can benefit from a system that’s versatile, practical, and inexpensive, wireless may be the way to go. Not only can you incorporate more features to your home protection plan, but you can rest assured knowing that you and your family are using the latest technology in home security.

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