How to Keep Your House Ready for Texas Summer?

Summer is the most anticipated season of the year, as the kids do not go to school and enjoy their time at home playing games and having fun with the family. Summer months mean hot and humid weather everywhere; are you ready for this hot season? How about your home? Both winter and summer bring tough days to Texas residents. But summer is hard to endure if your home is not ready for it yet.

Furthermore, it will be difficult for everyone to endure summer if your air conditioner is not running well. That is why AC repair in Carrollton, TX, is in-demand during the summer months. If AC repair in Carrollton, TX, is what your AC needs, Dring Air Conditioning and Heating is the perfect company for you. We are ready to provide you with the best AC service in Carrollton, TX.

Ways to Reduce Heat in HomesinTexas Summers

As we approach towards summer in Texas, it is necessary to minimize the impact of heat in our homes. To prepare yourselves for a long, scorching summer and AC repair-free summer, we are parting with some excellent ways to ready your house for Texas summer. The good thing is, these tips are simple to reduce heat in homes and will not eat much of your time.

01. Landscape Around Your Condenser

Landscape Around Your AC Condenser

As for your outside condenser, do not overlook the landscaping. Plant growth is inevitable and effects your system; and its performance if you do not take care of it properly. If the plants and leaves grow too near to the outdoor condenser, it could hinder the airflow, causing the condenser to work double time. Plant rubble can also get a way into the condenser and damage the fan, coil, and other running parts. It is also the same with low dangling plant branches. Preferably, a condenser must have at least 2 to 3 feet space on both sides. There must be shade as the direct sunlight can also reduce its performance.

02. Clean Your Gutters

Man Cleaning Your Gutters
Cleaning the Gutter

Regardless of cleaning your gutters, downspouts must be on your top priority list. The amount of rain will help, but cleaning your gutters on your home will be a big help before summer hits the safety and health of your house. Clearing off the debris will make the bugs and insects away from your attic. Besides, the rubble that is still in your gutters may cause a fire if the summer is too intense.

03. Change the HVAC Filter

Change the HVAC Filter

Have you changed your filter? If not, maybe it is the right time to change it to a new one. Any treated air that goes into your house first moves through the air filter. The air filter is the first defense in assuring the safety of your family, securing they are breathing healthy and fresh air. After long months of keeping your family comfortable, the possibility of your air filterbeing full of dirt and dust is very thereandit requires to be changed. If you want additional protection, look for an air filter with a high MERV (Maximum Efficiency Report Value) rating. The higher the MERV is, the better filter you will have at home. It catches the airborne virus and other contaminants. If you cannot change your filter, ask your HVAC professional to look after it during its maintenance.

04. Make Any Required Repairs on The Exterior of Your Home

Repairs on The Home Exterior

While doing your regular work on your yard, take a look at the exterior of your home and check if it needs repairs. During the cold months, small dents or fissures can develop; what you need is a little caulk to cover these up. It is the perfect time to conduct a quick examination and notice if it needs repairs or more work.

05. Lessen Heat Sources in Your Home

Curtains on Windows to Reduce Heat in Homes

The sunlight that arises with hot months can heat the rooms fast as it moves over the glass windows. Make sure you close the windows with curtains or blinds to minimize air temperature in your home. Be attentive with some rooms with windows facing the west or south. These west and south windows will receive more heat and sunlight during the day.

06. Be Smart When Utilizing Your AC Unit During Summer

Setting the Thermostat

Placing your air conditioner into too much cold air will not only make your house inconvenient, but it will also cause wasteful energy and additional energy costs. Place the thermostat setting between 75 and 80 degrees. By setting the thermostat to a higher level in the summer, you can lower your energy bills by around 5%.

07. Utilize Ceiling Fans to Distribute the

Ceiling Fans in Living Room

Ceiling fans may not lessen air temperatures, but they will keep the air circulating. The wind generated by airflow can make a hot and humid room seem more pleasant.

Schedule an Appointment with Drying Air Conditioning and Heating

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On a final note, take time to prepare for the hottest days of Texas summer. It will help you to minimize heat, minimize stress in your homes and finally control your energy bills.

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