6 Tips to Remove Wax & Scratches from your Wooden Furniture!

Wooden furniture is always subjected to wear and tear. The careless use may result in stains and scratches in furniture while irregular maintenance may lead to build – up wax, etc. The oil from our skin and food can get transferred to the furniture. This oil attracts dirt, especially on parts of furniture that we frequently touch. By using detergent to wash off oil and dirt can affect the finish of the furniture. Therefore to maintain the original finish of your furniture, here are few tips as furniture cleaner that will help you to remove wax & scratches from your wooden furniture.

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01. It is better to use mineral spirits (paint thinner) or naphtha as furniture cleaner agent to remove wax. To do this, dip a soft rag or very soft steel wool in mineral spirit and rub gently on the affected area.

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02. Sometimes, build-up wax can soften the wood. Cleaning with spirit as a furniture cleaner can damage the finish of the wood. The best thing to remove wax, in this case, is to strip the wood and refinish it.

03. Use padding lacquer to hide light scratches on wood. Take a soft cloth and fold the corners to create a ball-like pad. Apply lacquer to this pad and press it gently on your palm to spread the lacquer through the pad. Apply the pad on the furniture in the direction of the grain in a single smooth, gentle movement. Allow the lacquer to dry and reapply if needed.

04. You can use polishing compounds to remove light scratches. These compounds are best used on furniture with a high sheen.

05. If furniture with a dull sheen has scratches, then take a soft steel wool pad and dip it in lemon oil or wool lubricant. Rub this pad over the scratch in the same direction of the grain. This will work well on minor scratches.

Note: You may have to rub the rest of the surface to make the sheen even then wipe off the extra oil and apply polish.

06. Felt–tipped pens (markers) can also be used to hide small scratches on furniture.

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