Tips to Remove White Stains From Wooden Surface

Most homes contain wooden surfaces, furniture, and objects finished in a variety of ways. Some of the objects and surfaces in the home, however, require more attention than regular cleaning routine provides. Different types of wood vary in terms of hardness and colour, but all get damaged by air, exposure to moisture and sunlight. Hence all wooden surface elements are kept away from direct sunlight to the extent possible. Wood is easily damaged by heat and scratching.

Heat from any hot dishes or any not objects can cause white stains on the wooden surfaces. Hence avoid placing hot objects directly onto the wood. Use trivets to protect wood from hot dishes.

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The following methods can be used to remove these white stains:

  • Rub down the white stains on the wooden surface with cream metal cleaner along the grain.
  • Apply a paste of vegetable oil and salt and leave for a couple of hours, Apply polish subsequently.
  • Lay a towel over the white stains, turn on iron, set it to steam, and press it over the white stains for a minute or so. As long as the iron is set to steam, it will fast work on the white stains. After this pull the iron and towel up, the stains will get removed. After the stains are gone, olive oil or mineral oil is applied to the wooden surface to finish the surface.

Try these tips on your wooden surfaces and share your experiences or such alternatives in the comments box.

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