How to Repair or Insulate Duct of Central Heating System?


Ever wondered why certain parts of your house isn’t as warm or cool as you expect it to be even when you’re sure you’ve adjusted the central heating system?
A leak from the ducts of your central heating system could be the culprit. When air leaks from the ducts, there’s a loss of temperature. To prevent any further leakage, you have to insulate those ducts immediately.
How to Repair Holes & gaps or how to insulate duct of central heating system?
But never fear! You don’t have to call technician to help you insulate the central heating ducts. You can do it yourself.
There’s always a way to fix it. In this 3 – step guide, we’ll take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do for the perfect duct insulation process.

Step – 01: Detect the Air Leaks

Before getting any duct material to start insulating the central heating ducts, you have to first identify and assess where the air leaks are.
The most common spots where leaks occur are at the seams or joints of the ducts. There are several ways of detecting leaks in the ducts. One way is to know if air’s leaking from those points is to see if dust particles are fluttering away from the leak.
Now take note of the location because you’ll have to go back there soon.
The next thing you want to do is to measure the area where the leakage is. This will help you know just how much material you’ll need to insulate the duct.

Step – 02: Buy the Materials

To stop all the leaks that you identified, you have to buy the duct materials.
For this you need to buy duct wrap insulation with an R-6 or higher depending on the kind of duct you have to insulate. The duct wrap is a metallic wrap that is used in duct insulation.
When buying the duct wrap make sure that it’s of high quality and the kind that is resilient enough to withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures.
Next on the list of materials is the metallic duct tape. Make sure that the metallic foil duct tape you buy is the one that is recommended by the insulation manufacturer. This is crucial as you want to ensure that the duct tape holds the insulation in place.

Step – 03: Start Wrapping

Now here comes the fun part!
Go back to the place where you identified the leak. Cut the metallic wrap insulation with a sharp knife. Make sure that the piece you cut is large enough to wrap the duct where the leak is. It should cover the duct snuggly but not tight.
The right way to place the insulation is with the foil side facing out. Next, grab your metallic duct-tape across the insulation seam one small piece of tape at a time. Once you’ve got both ends of the insulation together, apply tape around the joints of the duct to securely keep the insulation in place.

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Give it a try
Insulating your central air heating ducts is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, with the 3 steps above, you can insulate ducts in a jiffy. Give it a go.

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