6 Roof Maintenance Tips You Need to Know!

Build your home, forget about its roof till it gets damaged beyond minor repairs – this is typical of most homeowners. The roof does not deserve the neglect it gets and that is why Gharpedia is bringing to you simple tips for your roof maintenance that can have astronomical effects on the lifespan of your roof like Boulder Roofing Company.

No matter what you do, you will have to change your roof after it has reached its threshold. But the good news is, this threshold is upwards of 15 to 20 years for some types of roofs. Your roof will only serve you this long if you can maintain it. If you decide on a roof change for your house find a reputable and trusted roofing company.

Changing your roof is expensive, so you’ll be doing yourself a lot of good by taking proper care of the thing protecting you and your properties from damaging weather.

Roof Maintenance Tips

While some people know the importance of roof maintenance, they may still be confused about what they can do to keep their roofs in top shape. Here are some tips on how to maintain your roof. You can do some yourself while others may require the help of trained roofing professionals to handle it.

01. Provide Roofing Insulation

The roof needs insulation to prevent ice dams from forming on the roof and ultimately damaging the roof. Proper ventilation also increases ventilation in the roof and reduces moisture.

Make sure the roof has a free area on the arctic floor that allows the free passage of air from the roof to help your roof last longer. Hot air from the roof is constantly being exchanged for cooler air during the summer months and this keeps the roof in good condition.

02. Inspect the Shingle

The roof shingles are constantly being exposed to the elements while doing their jobs of keeping the roof together. After a while, they may begin to come off and loosen due to exposure to extreme weather and because it is high up on the roof, it is easy to not notice this till bigger damage has been done.

Inspecting the shingle at least twice a year will show you any loose shingle parts, you can then carry out repairs on the shingles. If you can spot it on time, you’ll only be doing minor repairs on the shingles.

03. Cleaning Roof Gutter and Install Covers

Most roof gutters are without covers which allow all sort of debris from the roof to be deposited there. This debris can be anything from leaves, dirt, tree branches, and small objects which block the gutters and prevent water from flowing down and out.

Clean your gutters regularly by packing out any heap of dirt that may be there. You should also consider covering the roof gutter with covers as this will allow only water to enter the gutters while preventing dirt.

04. Look For Moisture Marks on Other Parts of Your Home

While you want to pay attention to the roof, checking other parts of your home for leak marks can help you quickly discover a leaking roof when it is raining.

You can check exterior walls and ceilings both indoors and outdoors for leakage marks. You should also pay attention to any musty odour coming from rooms. These are the first signs of leakage before it gets out of hand. You can trace the leakage and repair the roof.

05. Chase Out Animals Nesting in Your Roof

Birds, squirrels, and rats are the chief culprits here. They like to find ways into the roof where they build their houses. Their presence under your roof is a bad sign and you should chase them out immediately when you notice their movement.

Not only will their movement in your ceiling be uncomfortable for you, but they can also lead to further damage by chewing on parts of the roof. Either way, you don’t want to let wild animals stay under your roof.

06. Prevent the Growth and Spread of Moss and Algae

Not only do moss and algae on your roof make it unappealing to look at, but they can also damage the roof if allowed to remain there.

You can prevent the growth of moss and algae on your roof by trimming overhanging tree branches, cleaning debris from the roof, and ensuring the proper ventilation of your arctic.

If you already have moss and algae growing on the roof, you can kill it and prevent its spread by washing the roof with water mixed with ammonia bleach.


If you follow these roof maintenance tips, you’ll be giving your roof a longer life and saving yourself a lot of money on roof repairs and outright changing.

To prevent injury and causing further damage to the roof, call in professional roof repairers to handle your roof repairs and maintenance.

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