Roof replacement vs Roof Repair: Which is Better?

The fast moving life does not allow many of us to notice certain very crucial things until it is too late. Roof problems belong to this category. One fine morning you notice a discoloration on the ceiling or a streak of water running down on of the walls. Most people would know that there is something wrong with the roof but since water is not actually dripping through the ceiling, it will not be taken very serious. What the house owner does not know is that if the ceiling is stained, that means he has a serious roof leaking problem. Some problems can be repaired but some others would not subside without replacing the whole roof.

Roof Replacement vs Roof Repair

How would you decide whether to replace or repair your roof?

Is it time for a roof replacement?

Signs You Need Roof Replacement

01. Sagging Roof

Sagging Roof

If your roof seems to sag at certain points, it is a sure sign that some of the roof rafters have rotten and it is time for a replacement. This happens when roof leaks go unnoticed or unheeded. Water may seep in through various points on the roof. Cracked or missing shingles would cause it. If roof vents are not serviceable, condensation would occur inside the attic. Whatever is the reason, your roof may need replacement. View this GAF brochure to learn about the 7 signs it’s time for a new roof.

02. Aged Roof

Aged Roof

If your roof has reached the fag end of its service life, it is possible that the internal structures have been damaged. Again, the visible sign will be a sagging roof.

03. Curled Shingles

If most of the shingles are curled at the corners or have developed a bubble in the center while the edges of the shingles have curled inwards, it is no use repairing the roof. The curled shingles would have caused serious leaking and the structures underneath would be infested with mold. Mold growth would rot the wooden components of the roof structure and you need a replacement.

04. Missing Shingles

Windy weather would lift the shingles. They may be missing or dislocated. Either way, it is enough for water to seep in. By the time the season is over, there is a possibility of the roof being already rotten from the inside, especially if it is advanced in age. A replacement is called for in such cases.

05. Partly Collapsed Ceiling

If you notice that a part of your ceiling is soggy and about to collapse or pieces have come off it, it is a sure sign that the rot in your roof has advanced considerably and it is time for a replacement.

06. Increase in the Energy Bill

If your energy bills have recently escalated suddenly, it means that your roof is not serving its purpose. It is time for a detailed professional roof check-up. Ten to one, you’ll need a replacement.

07. Sunlight Through the Ceiling

If you can see sunlight through the ceiling, it means that rot has set-in in your shingles and the sheathing underneath. It is possible that the rot has gone even down to the rafters. This means that you have to consider replacing your roof.

How do You Know Repair Would Salvage Your Roof?

Some of these signs if detected early can be repaired to prolong the roof life a bit more. A sagging roof and collapsed ceiling cannot be repaired easily. But if a few of the shingles are curled or blistered, you can remove them and clean the underlay before replacing them. All the same, it is always good to probe more into the inside to check how far the leak has reached. If it has not reached the rafters and the roof membrane, you can dry the moisture and replace the tiles.

If the shingles are not missing wholesale, there is a chance to save the situation by replacing the missing ones. If it is immediately after a bad weather, you can conduct a detailed inspection and if minor leaks have developed, exact spots can be spotted and damage can be remedied. If the flashings are just cracked, you can apply caulk or cement and if it is more serious, replacing the flashings or vent shoes will redress the problem.

It is extremely important to assess the damages well before commencing the action. A professional check-up is recommended in order to evaluate the situation correctly.

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