7 Shipping Container Ideas You Should Try!

Originally, shipping containers were only used in the shipping industry, serving as storage cases for different kinds of materials and products as they’re transported. However, over recent years, shipping containers have been utilized beyond their original purpose.

Shipping Container Ideas

Depending on their size, shipping containers can be utilized in a lot of ways, such as the following:

01. Swimming Pool

Container Swimming Pool

A lot of homeowners dream about having their own swimming pool. However, building one can be quite expensive, not to mention its upkeep costs.

If you don’t have a pool on your property yet, then you may consider used shipping containers. Not only will you have a cool way of beating the summer heat, but your pool will also be the talk of the neighborhood!

However, you need to make sure that it doesn’t have any sign of rust or damage so that you can get the most out of it. Depending on how you design it, you can have a swimming pool that can be easily drained and transported from one place to another.

After cleaning and painting it anew, all you need to do is to find a location to place your swimming pool. You can either dig a hole or build a deck around it for a more relaxing experience.

02. Container Garage or Shed

Shipping Container Garage

If you don’t have a safe place to park your vehicle at night, then you should try transforming a shipping container into a garage. Depending on the size of the garage you want, you can either use one or several containers to create one. A shipping container garage can also serve as an ideal place to work on your car, such as repairing or welding, as it’s inflammable.

Aside from that, you can also use it as a shed where you can store your tools, such as lawnmowers, car tools, gardening tools, and other outdoor equipment. Shipping containers can serve as an excellent storage space as they provide complete protection from the elements. So, forget about your old wooden sheds because they’re nothing compared to shipping containers, which look better, as well as offer better security, durability, and longevity.

03. Shipping Container Home

Container Home

If you search for different uses of shipping containers on search engines, most of the results you’ll get will be pictures of houses.

Container homes have been trending a lot lately. This is probably because of their cost-effectiveness and short turnaround time. Installation, insulation, and the sewer system can all be completed quickly compared to when dealing with other types of construction, which often costs a lot more and takes longer to finish.

People are repurposing single or multiple containers to build strong and low-cost, eco-friendly homes. Shipping containers can be stacked on top of each other and they have the strength to support the weight of each other, which makes them ideal for creating multi-level buildings in a relatively small area.

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04. Container Office Space or Temporary Workshop

Container Office

Starting a business can be challenging if you don’t have an office space where you and your employees can work in. In many cities around the world, storage containers are either purchased or rented to be used as a workshop or temporary office space.

If your capital is limited, shipping containers can provide a temporary solution for your startup as you try to get through the first two years of your business and find a more suitable and larger office space.

05. Wine Cellar

Container Wine Cellar

Wine cellars can be expensive to build, not to mention that not all spaces are suitable for building one. But, what if your home has no more space for building a wine storage?  If you’re hard-pressed in finding an ideal location for building a wine cellar on your property, don’t worry because you can actually transform shipping containers into one.

Shipping containers can serve as an ideal storage space for your wine collection. Aside from that, these containers can be installed with temperature control features and other essential functionalities to make sure that all of your wines are in an environment that’s most suitable for them.

Shipping containers provide a practical space for homeowners who want to have a safe place to store their wine collections. Insulated and refrigerated shipping containers create the ideal conditions for storing and aging different kinds of wines. In addition, shipping containers allow you to customize them so you can have more storage space and organize your bottles however you want.

06. Darkroom

Container Darkroom

If you’re a photographer who still prefers the traditional way of developing films and is looking for your own darkroom, you should try converting a shipping container into one. Because of the rise of digital photography, fewer and fewer businesses are now offering film developing services, which is why having your own darkroom can be very beneficial. It gives you the freedom to be more creative.

Shipping containers are solid and sealed tight, which makes them ideal for use as darkrooms. Smaller containers are better since they grant you the ability to easily control the indoor temperature while achieving total darkness inside. You can also install some special lights and an air filtration system to ensure the safety of your photos and yourself while working. 

07. Container Cafe, Shop, Or Restaurant

Container Coffee Shop

The strength, shape, and size of shipping containers make them a great choice if you want to create a pop-up cafe, shop, or restaurant. They’re easy to tear down and set up, then transport from one place to another location, making them ideal for temporary purposes. You can even use them as a pop-up bar, theater, or art gallery.

Instead of building an entire structure from the ground up, a shipping container comes with a pre-made roof, floor, and walls that you can easily customize as much as you want.

Final Thoughts

Shipping containers are widely affordable and are easy to obtain. You can use them to create just about any structure you desire. And, as their popularity continues to soar, the world is likely to see even more applications out of them in the future!

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