Peel and Stick Wallpaper – The Best Solution for those who Crave for Changes

Home renovation may look like a survival period: it takes time, effort, strength, and constant fights for the best choice of wallpaper, its type, colour, etc. Besides, it takes its toll on the family budget, as buying everything and hiring a professional will make the wallet leak. However, our innovative society has come up with a solution to the matter – self-adhesive or peel-and-stick wallpaper. This is definitely a breakthrough because it offers flexibility regarding design and cost. Besides, you can change as often as you want without extra fuss and mess around the room.

Removable wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wallpaper comes in various materials like vinyl, paper, and non-woven natural fibers pressed together. As long as the practicality is typically in the first place, vinyl type is definitely the winner of the race due to its durability and high resistance to damage.

Benefits of Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Let’s look into all the benefits the removable wall cover offer:

01. Quick Changeability

Renovations with peel and stick wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wallpaper gives leeway for your imagination. Want some seasonal touches on the walls, floral patterns, geometry, or creative chaos? Removable wallpaper gives you every opportunity to make the interior fit your inner self.

Typically, people shrug when they hear about renovations, however, not this time. You just peel off the backing paper and stick the image on the wall. It’s important to prepare and even the walls for the wallpapers and clean them, so let the wallpaper stick to the wall easily.

One of the best things is the possibility to redo everything without causing damage to the walls, extra tools, and money – just peel off the wall and stick in the right mode. However, be attentive – dust, dirt, and leftovers of the old painting will spoil the picture and influence the quality of adhesiveness.

02. Event-oriented Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Event-oriented Peel-and-stick wallpaper

If you are planning a party or any kind of celebration, peel-and-stick will come in handy, as you can decorate the walls with the thematic mural and take them away when not necessary. Moreover, you can personalize your choice with a print on demand wallpaper for every event. A Halloween party will look scarier with the images you choose for the decoration; and a birthday party will shine differently, with the person-of-the-moment photos on the wall; a baby shower, a wedding anniversary, etc. Every event can be turned into an extraordinary one, just by setting up the right background.

03. Financial Affordability

Financial Affordability of wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper is relatively cheap when compared to other options on the market, that’s why it’s a common choice among regular buyers. The price depends on the design and quality of the materials, yet it doesn’t break the bank. The price ranges are about 75 cents to about $5 per square foot. 

04. Peel and Stick Wallpaper – A Perfect fit for Children

Peel and stick wallpaper for children

Children are the ones who are hard to please. While adults have more stability in feelings and attitudes to life, kids undergo constant changes in everything. Such alterations should also be shown in their private space. Doing the renovation every time your teenagers have different likes and dislikes is not an option due to the price and time spent on it. However, with removable wallpapers, everything seems to be easier. From princesses and spidermen to idols and places of interest, photos with friends — the variety is impressive. And yes, some companies offer an individual design, which just adds another layer of customization, which fits everyone’s desire for changes.

05. A Treasure trove for Renters

Peel and stick wallpaper for Renters

Renters have no other choice but to live in the conditions offered, as the landlords are highly-suspicious about any type of changes. It’s often quite discouraging, as the walls keep the record of other dwellers, which brings discomfort to your feelings of home. However, peel-and-stick wallpapers can make a difference. They don’t cause any harm to the walls, they are easily applicable and thus, you will instantly make the place more personalized.

Here’s sharing 10+ types of wallpaper for your home interiors:

Drawbacks of Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

With all the advantages of peel-and-stick wallpapers, there are also some downsides worth considering before making the choice:

  1. Those who look for long-lasting effects for 4+ years, will need to consider more traditional types of wallpapers, as they may start to tear off the walls.
  2. When adhering to the wallpapers, be ready for the bubbles and air pockets, which are removable, yet it takes patience.
  3. If the walls have leftover paint, and even the tiniest lumps of dirt, it will make the whole process tiring.

How to use Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper?

How to use peel-and-stick wallpaper
  1. Clean the walls, as all the types of unevenness on the wall, will interfere with the adhesive. And even if you succeed in sticking it to the wall, the wallpaper may not last long. Make sure the wall is clean and dry.
  2. Stick the wallpapers on the smooth walls, as it will guarantee the proper looks of the picture on the walls. If the texture will not influence the design of the wallpaper, you may stick to it as well. However, the effect will not last long.
  3. Order extra length, as sometimes the length of the walls can be different; and if you had no prior experience, it can be useful to have a backup.
  4. Be patient – the bubbles may seem like punishment for you, yet you will just need to reapply the piece. Or just use a sharp pin for the tiniest ones.
  5. Ask for assistance – it’s better to have a partner when applying the wallpaper, as it will give you more chances to do everything quicker with no pesky bubbles and air pockets.

How to Incorporate a Colour scheme into your Room Home Design?

Colour scheme into your room home design

The choice of colours is crucial as it defines the vibes and emotions of your ‘fortress’. Even one simple change of the element of decoration can turn the whole ambiance of the room upside-down. From dramatic to joyous, from energizing to calming – the place will change its mood every time you change the wallpaper, or just an accent wall. Let’s check the impact of the most common colours:

01. Black Wallpaper

Unlike its bad fame can create a mysterious and refined look in the room. It doesn’t mean covering all the walls with black wallpapers, as it will have a detrimental effect on your psyche, however, choosing mixed-colour patterns will add modernity and style to your apartment. Black, gray, and white combinations always look unbeatable. Another way to add it to your interior – the accent wall, which will look perfect when decorated with bright decorative elements.

02. Gray Wallpaper

Sophisticated, elegant, and industrial. All the shades of gray will complement your designer vision; it looks perfect alone and when combined with other colours.

03. White Wallpaper

Makes everything look spotless and spacious, it’s a colour of minimalism. However, when there’s too much, it can look dull and uninspiring. 

04. Red

The colour of passion and strength, it spreads the vibes of energy and confidence. However, when you go over the limits, it will stimulate an agitated state and anxiety. The elements of red in the pattern will do fine, the part of creation on the accent wall will also be just enough – bold and courageous, within comfortable limits.

05. Pink

Playfulness, and peacefulness. This colour will add a tender touch to the ambianсe, provide you with emotional tranquility and soothe your mental distress. However, avoid ‘girlish’ sweet pink, the stereotypical one, as it just annoys you with time, and makes the walls look like bubblegum.

06. Blue

Grace, and tranquility, like the waves of the ocean that embrace in the moment of despair or difficulty. Elements of blue help you clarify your thoughts, and cut through all the clutter, which prevents you from moving ahead.

07. Green

The colour of nature, tranquility, and openness. Imagine the green sea-like fields of crops, going far beyond the horizon – a borderless spirit of freedom. The touches of green bring you mental refreshment, and give a push towards growth and development.

08. Orange and Yellow

Vibrancy, joy, excitement, and fun. It enriches you with confidence and makes you see the brighter side of the situation. The presence of these colours in the chatting zone will bring in positivity and openness to the company.

The choice of colours on the wallpaper is important as they have a specific impact on your personality and emotional state. The colour and pattern fully depend on the type of space they are predestined for. Living areas will benefit from calming and soothing colours, kitchen and study will need some joyous and energetic elements; yet don’t flood the whole room with one colour, try dividing it into zones, making a combination of colours.

There are no definite principles and rules, just general recommendations as the one who chooses knows best. Choose what resonates with your vision of life and inner feeling – that’s the true way to create what you really want.

If you are looking for short-term solutions in interior design, peel-and-stick wallpapers will be the best option, as you can do it yourself, without any other specific tools and material, and the whole experience seems to be quick regarding the time, Surely, the first try may not be as successful as you want it to be, however, practice makes it perfect. Besides, this type of wallpaper lets you make mistakes and correct them. Don’t hesitate to change your interior from time to time, as it will enrich your life with diversity as well.

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