6 Steps to Rejuvenate Old Wooden Chair & Give a New Fresh Look!

Wooden chairs or seating are one of the easiest and sometimes most expensive pieces of furniture. When you are searching for your wooden chairs to rejuvenate or refurbish, you need to look for something which is sturdy and well built!

Unless you love a certain type of chair, you never go for something that will cost more to refurbished furniture than buying a new chair or that will require more time and effort than you are willing to put into the piece.

Majorly all the wooden chairs are attractive, but due to its maximum use and time it gets old and because of that the users need another alternative. So, such chairs from your junkyard which have a wooden frame in usable condition can be rejuvenated/restored/refinished & refurbished furniture for a new look and workable!

Rejuvenate old wooden chair

First you’ll need…

Sand paper (150 grade)Gold and Silver powder
Rag (piece of old cloth)Clear polish

Step 1

Before starting any furniture repair, first spread the newspaper at the area where you are going work on and place the wooden chairs on it. The furniture repair can be started by focusing on the old pair of wooden frame should be inspect and reshaped which has been discoloured and damaged!

Old and dull wooden chair with cracked upholstery

Step 2

The very first thing for any furniture repair is to remove the old cracked upholstery which you are tired of watching the ugly and squashed look.

Remove the old upholstery

Step 3

Scrape the furniture wooden frames with the sandpaper (150 grade) and remove the old polish from it.

Scrape wooden frame with sandpaper

Step 4

Mix the silver and gold powder in equal quantities with clear polish and varnish as shown in figure.

Mix the gold & silver powder in equal quantity with clear polish & varnish

Step 5

Now gently apply the color polish with a rag (old piece of cloth) which we have made by adding gold and silver powder with clear polish and varnish.

Apply it over wooden frame

Step 6

After the polish get dries out now apply the coat of clear polish over it to prevent it from wearing off!

Apply clear polish coat over the dried layer of coloured polish

Following these steps you can easily refurbished furniture for your day-to-day lifestyle.

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