Straight Stairs: For Your Home Interior!

Staircase adds dignity and charm to your home when it is carefully designed and built. It can also work as a focal point of the house. The primary function of stairs is to provide excess to another floor. Straight stairs are one of the simplest stairs to construct. These stairs work well with minimalist designed houses due to their inherent simplicity. Here we have tried to give brief information on straight stairs.

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Straight Stairs
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Straight stairs are the stairs along which there is no change in direction on any flight between two successive floors. In small cottages, straight stairs are most preferable. These stairs are very common, easy to go up and down – ascend/ descend as compared to other stairs.

Following are the important points one must know about straight stairs:

  • All steps lead in one direction.
  • These stairs are the simplest form of stair arrangement.
  • It may consist of one or more flights.
  • They are used when space available for staircase is long but narrow in width.
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These stairs may comprise of a single flight or multiple fights with landings (in between) in one direction which leads to another floor. In residential buildings, these stairs are majorly found in the entrance of the house which leads to the plinth level of the building. Generally in small houses which have narrow width, this type of stairs is most suitable. For cases where, the height of floor is more, intermediate landings can be provided to comfort the user.

Straight Stairs with intermediate landing
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Straight stairs can be made of various materials such as wood, metal, glass, reinforced concrete, natural stones, bricks, etc. These stairs have their own advantages and disadvantages depending upon its space availability and uses. These stairs are cheaper than other types of stairs because the construction process is much simpler and less time consuming.

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