5 Best and Exclusive Styles to Decorate Your Home Bar!

First of all, let me begin with one straightforward question. “Why do we need a home?” As soon as this question pops out, people will come up with a variety of explanations listing the pros of having a home. Out of the thousands of answers, the common one will be – “there is no place like home.” The coziness and serenity we experience at home are simply unmatchable. Now comes the actual and relevant question. “Why do we go to a bar?” For this one, the answers are countable. To relax, to chill, to enjoy, to converse, and to forget our failures. Surprisingly, all these verbs go hand-in-hand with the peacefulness of a home.

5 Designs to Make Your Home Bar Look Aesthetic

Home Bar Ideas

A person cannot ask for more if he can do all the things he goes to the bar for. So, by filling up the ignored space in the house with a few furniture and artwork, decorating it with custom lights and sparkling the area with some premium bottles of wine, whiskey, and champagne you can have your own HOME BAR! It is one section of the house we usually do not think of having.

Home Bar

But if you do, then you should make sure that your relatives and friends go gaga over it. Admittedly, this should have tickled the intact cells of the brains regarding having a home bar. So, here are a few exclusive ideas and styles to decorate your home bar and make it one in a million.

01. Groove in The Retro Look to Your Home Bar

Retro Home Bar
Retro Bar

The saying “Old is Gold” still seems pretty convincing because people believe in it and follow it. The same applies to the design and appearance of the bar as well. No one will complain if you add some 70’s attributes to the mix. There is so much vintage stuff from that period which can give your bar the necessary enhancement. A corner dedicated to a gramophone can be the best highlight of the setting.

The slow and soulful songs yielded from it will create a beautiful atmosphere that everyone will fall for. The drinks cabinet problem can be sorted by the 70’s television and radio sets that were huge comparatively. The intricate design of these gadgets blossomed by pleasing lights serves as an excellent place for keeping the bottles of wine and champagne.

A grand and polished piano stood massively in another corner adjacent to the gramophone will be a great addition to the setting. This splendid instrument can save additional space for keeping the glasses and jars. Next, in line comes the most used instrument of the Retro Era – “The Telephone.” The careful thought of a telephone makes us realize that it can be used in so many ways to design a bar. It can just act as a showpiece hanging on a wall and making the visitors wonder about its presence.

Also, with some modifications, the receiver of the telephone can be used as a spray to pour the drink into the glass. If we go slightly back into time, even the medium-sized barrels of wood can be brought into practice. They can serve as efficient chairs and add more flair to the already appealing bar design. Frankly speaking, the Retro Bar version can be the best version of the home bar you can ever have if done in the right way.

02. Indulge in The Superhero Stuff in Home Bar

Superhero theme for Home Bar

This can be the unique idea of bar design if planned creatively and carved artistically. The primary expectation of a bar visitor is to feel ‘elevated’ from the moment he steps into it. And the world of superheroes and action movies does the same thing. The possibilities of designing the bar space with superhero stuff are limitless.

You are concerned about how to light up the bar? The face masks of the heroes will do the task for you. It can be demonstrated as if the lights are coming from your favourite superhero’s eyes and make it a highlight of the bar. You can use a big sculpture of the Hulk with his hands raised in the front to make it a drinks cabinet. Believe me; you won’t get a better hero to hold the expensive bottles than the Hulk itself.

The bar counter and the chairs can be decorated by some exclusive 3D stickers having the characters and their famous quotes. For example, the round chair seats can be improved by having Captain America’s star icon on it. The floorings can be custom designed to make it look like the spider webs of our adoring Spiderman. The two of our oldest superheroes Batman and Superman can have their say by contributing their logos on the dishes and glasses of the bar.

With all these settings in the bar, one will truly feel immersed in the world of superheroes, and the childhood memories would come to life. There will be just three words on everyone’s lips while stepping out of the bar – “I AM IRONMAN.”

03. Give A Dive into The Ocean of Home Bar

Aquarium-like bar

Everyone loves to enjoy a moment in maritime museums whenever they are in a new country or town. We like to get lost in the utter calmness and mesmerizing visuals of fishes even if we do it every day. So, having an aquarium-like bar comes next in the list of best and exclusive bar designs.

The lighting may be as simple as it can ever get as you have just to use the ocean blue lights with utmost precision. The complete blue bar cabinet will surely be a sight to behold for its visitors. Further to amplify its gorgeousness, a real aquarium with a variety of fishes and having blue lights to match the surrounding can be kept in the center of the room, i.e., in front of the bar counter. If you intend, the mouth of a monstrous blue whale can serve as a drink’s cabinet in this bar design.

The counter, floors, and walls can be given the essential blue watery effects which will help create a mirage of the bar being in the ocean. It will be as if watching a fish show on Discovery or National Geographic channels. In real life, every young and middle-aged person seems to like such shows; hence, this idea is a hit. Among all the comforting and relaxing styles to design your bar, this ideology of having an aquarium-like bar easily tops the list.

04. Giving an Intellectual Touch to your Home Bar with Arts and Quotes

An intellectual Touch to your Home Bar with Quotes
Home Bar with beautiful pieces of art

It might seem like an idea copied from any random cafe, but it would not receive such popularity in any cafe as it would in a bar. But the artwork has to be unique indeed. A simple arrangement of a bar counter and chairs can be surrounded by some unseen and beautiful pieces of art. It can be some imported showpiece like reindeer antlers or bull horns. Some masterpieces from renowned artists and sketchers can be used to enrich the ambiance of the setting.

Wooden Theme for Home Bar
Floating Shelves for Home Bar

You can even give it a real bar-like feeling and go back to the traditional ways by setting woodworks of famous liquor brands like Johnnie Walker, Old Monk, etc. The famous quotes accepted and hailed by all can come to great use for designing the walls of a bar. The visitors can relate their personal life with the quotes and immerse themselves in deep thoughts for which they come to the bar. With all these kinds of stuff, some artistic crafts made from bottle caps and from the bottles itself can be a valuable addition.

Home Bar Décor with Wine Bottle Display
Home Bar Design
Natural Touch to Home Bar

Further, the appearance can be improved by attractive pieces of furniture such as attention-grabbing bar stool, or a trendy wine rack. The glassware and the accessories in the home bar can be customized according to your personal choice, which leaves a mark in the guests. The floors can be decorated with extraordinary carpets that suit your furniture in the room. Thus, with no particular theme of your bar design, you can still make the best impression.

05. Decorate Your Home Bar by Simply Designing with Perfect Lights

Perfect Lighting for Home Bar

The bar is not about the bright lights; it never was. The second most crucial aspect of a bar after its superior drinks is its ‘ambience’. It all depends on how you light up the setting and make your bar look exotic.

You should be very selective while picking up the lights because the traditional white and bright orange lights do not work in bars. Always go with the pleasing ocean blue or the soothing dull yellow lights. Also, each person paying a visit to your bar is bound to notice the exterior of the lights, and you need to make sure that you do not disappoint them. You can design appealing wooden frames to the lights to make them stand out. If you are the kind of person who loves to recycle things, then there can be nothing better than using empty cans of beers to ignite the space.

A person with an emotional heart or the one who wants to forget his pain and distress will always hail your bar if you sprinkle it with as minimum lights as possible. One way for this would be to lighten up the drinks cabinet with blue lights and keep everything else deserted. If your views are flawless, you do not need to worry about your bar counter and other décors. They will easily seem beautiful in the stunning lights. Remember, a perfectly lit bar always manages to be in the talks of its visitors and never fails to leave them in awe.

To set perfect lighting in your space, here’s to know how: 5 Little Known Ways to set Angle of Lighting


As mentioned earlier, no one will complain if you do not have a bar at your home. But if you do, you need to make sure that it is the best corner of your house. Because of the uniqueness of the bar at home, it becomes the most noticeable one. These five ideas are surely worth giving a try just because of their simplicity and individuality. Next time when your relatives and friends call to inform you about their visit, tell them to brace themselves as they could be in for a huge surprise.

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