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Le Corbusier’s famous quote says– “The home should be the treasure chest of living”.

In 2022, after a few of years of pandemic existence, many aspects of daily life started to return to normal. As a result, we began to venture into the outside world; however, for many of us, our homes remained the focus of our universe, and we started looking for some trending themes for interior design of our houses. No two people in the same house will have the same taste in terms of interiors. Our grandparents want to have tranquil places, but siblings might want to have insta-worthy spots, and the majority of people merely want to keep up with basic interior design trends.

The year 2022 is a refreshing bucket of fresh interior design ideas for the home. Many individuals want to design their homes according to popular interior design strategies, such as feng-shui or vaastu-shastra, which can be beautifully integrated with interior design styles. Many others wish to infuse a few classic comebacks as well as some new, energizing interior design styles that will give their place a nice blend of the past and the present.

Let’s look at the top interior design trends of 2022 without further ado.

Below is a list of the top interior design themes for your home décor.

  1. Go – Earthy Is The Ultimate Theme Of Interior Design
  2. Smudge Old &New In Modern Interior Design
  3. Outdoor Furnishings Trending
  4. Interior Design Trends Of 2022 – 3D Art
  5. All Flowery For Living Room Interior Design
  6. Go Green
  7. Brown Theme Of Interior Design
  8. Flex It Up For Small House Interior Design
  9. Bolden Up Design Themes
  10. Get Smart With Modern Interior Design

01. Go – Earthy Is The Ultimate Theme Of Interior Design

Go – Earthy
Go – Earthy

We all want to deepen our connection with nature because we spend a lot of time indoors. This has also sparked a surge in natural surfaces, such as backsplashes, bathrooms, furniture, and ornamental items made of stoneware, terracotta, marble, and travertine. As a result, Scandinavian interior design has become fashionable.

These organic materials’ unfinished, porous, uneven qualities give them depth, personality, and visual fascination while also simulating nature’s peaceful, restorative atmosphere. This pull toward nature has also generated interest in big trees in the yard.

02. Smudge Old & New In Modern Interior Design

Smudge Old & New
Smudge Old & New

People are increasingly mixing antiques and old items with more modern designs rather than buying new furniture. Reusing materials and using antiques and vintage-inspired decor and furniture is environmentally friendly and allows for the contradiction of old and contemporary in a room.  Shopping for vintage-inspired decor for interior decoration is very appealing.

03. Outdoor Furnishings Trending

Outdoor Furnishings
Outdoor Furnishings

The year 2022 has seen an expansion of indoor and outdoor interior design trends. Outdoor spaces like backyards, balconies, terraces, patios etc are undergoing a significant interior refurbishment as more people leave the limits of enclosed rooms in pursuit of peace in an open environment. In 2022, the trend of outdoor décor has reached a whole new level, and the trend will continue with a dizzying array of outdoor furnishings, outdoor tiles, exterior paint textures, and much more.

04. Interior Design Trends Of 2022 – 3D Art

Interior Design Trends - 3D Art
Interior Design Trends – 3D Art

Nowadays, as opposed to earlier times, people prefer to enliven their boring walls with mystery and pleasure, which is why 3D art has gained a lot of popularity. This interior design style of artwork is quite intriguing because it projects from walls and adds a three-dimensional twist to flat spaces. Even in the coming years, 3D art will be in extremely high demand, replacing traditional paintings and frames. These interior design ideas for home will never go out of fashion. One may interpret and examine 3D art from all sides and angles, making it one of the most quirky interior design trends of 2022 and a distinctive aspect of their home.

05. All Flowery For Living Room Interior Design

All Flowery Interior Design
All Flowery Interior Design

Floral interior decoration is true mostly in the case of upholstery. Embracing flowery patterns in more modern hues is a trend for 2022. Unlike the living room interior design of our grandparents’ time, the look is more carefully planned, with floral and damask-printed wallpapers serving as the backdrop for modern-shaped soft furnishings that are given a hint of glitz with unexpected fringe and piping embellishments.

06. Go Green

Go With Green Theme
Go With Green Theme

The selections for 2022 colour of the year suggest that green is currently having a significant moment in interior refurbishment. As the most popular décor colour, the luscious shade is about to surpass blue.

It can be said that this newfound love of green is a soothing reminder of the great outdoors and our yearning for a relationship with nature. We’re bringing nature’s impact back into our lives after the COVID-19 outbreak. Bring in contemporary interior design with green and enjoy the magic.

07. Brown Theme Of Interior Design

Brown Theme For Interior Design
Brown Theme For Interior Design

Another colour on the list is brown. There has been so much colour and pattern, especially in pastels, over the past several years that soon consumers will be ready for a palette cleanser.

Simplify your colour scheme with brown and go for Scandinavian interior design. Brown is a colour that blends well with almost any backdrop or area because of how adaptable it is. Any shade of brown depicts hospitability and cosiness, not to mention that it is always earthy. Caramel and chocolate are the most popular shades of brown this season due to the return of pastels.

08. Flex It Up For Small House Interior Design

Flex It Up
Flex It Up

Multi-functional rooms are a common small house interior design concept that resulted from the epidemic that kept us all at home. Creativity appears when we explore further into various areas, showcasing the variety of activities a place may carry out and just how versatile a person can be. It is now possible to use certain areas of one’s home for multiple purposes thanks to this desire, which has recently become a major trend.

Although living and dining rooms have traditionally been essential parts of the home, especially in apartments, modern homes may also include study areas in bedrooms, bars in kitchens, and open-concept living rooms that open from balconies, home offices, to living rooms, almost any area may be used for multiple functions. This adaptability underpins this tendency towards Flexible Homes.

09. Bolden Up Design Themes

Bold Design Theme
Bold Design Theme

The year 2022 is indeed about colours and pattern. It is indeed wonderful that you can choose how much or how little of each you use. Start with fun elements like couch cushions, wall art, or a rug against a neutral backdrop if this is your first foray into the world of vibrant colours. Such interior design strategies never go wrong, even if you are a beginner.

On the other side, if you’re all into interior design themes, use your imagination to play off of various patterns and colours. This style will also fit wallpapers that are printed and textured. Give your room a fun vintage vibe by combining this style with some bold patterns.

10. Get Smart With Modern Interior Design

Get Smart Home
Get Smart Home

Last but not least is the concept of “smart homes.” Even though technology has advanced to new levels, residential homes have just recently begun to use it. Over the past few years, smart home technology has gained popularity, but this year it nearly feels mandatory. Modern interior design is incomplete without technology.

In a “smart” home, all of your home’s electronics and appliances, including televisions, music systems, lighting, and curtains, will be managed with a simple click on your smartphone. The world is moving toward smart living more and more in 2022, and technology companions like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa are making life even simpler.

Now that, we are being forced to slow down and spend more time at home, we all desire to properly design an environment that warmly and physically expresses our feelings. For this, we have started looking for some unique themes for interior design. Recently, people have been paying special attention to how design might generate energy.

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