5 Things to Consider Before Build a House

Building a house is an exciting experience and a good investment. Property management will help you in the operation and management of your house.
Before you build a house, you have to consider

Build a House

01. Creating a Plan

  • Planning is important when you want to build your house. You should think about how many rooms you want in the house, the size of the house and future expansion. You should plan properly before you start constructing a house. You have to look at the numbers and know if you can afford to build a house.
  • Make sure the budget for the construction of your house is detailed one and all expenses such as blocks, cements, wages, and paint are noted down.
  • You must stick to your budget and have a contingency reserve to cover architect for unexpected cost during the constructions process.
  • Arrange your finances and make sure the funds for the construction of the house is available. Have your building permit and make sure everyone involved in the construction of your house understands the health and safety plan. It is important that you also in sure your property before home construction.

02. Hire the Right Contractor While Constructing a House

  • The contractor you want to hire to build a house must be registered. Make sure to inspect the contractors’ license and check if the construction method used by the contractor is up to date. Select a reputable contractor to build your house. Hire a licensed and professional contractor for your construction project.
  • Find a contractor that you can communicate with. Choose a contractor that will listen to you and help you resolve issues as they occur. It is important that you choose the right contractor as a contractor affects every aspect of the construction project. Choose a contractor that will not cut corners.

Factors to consider before choosing a contractor are:

(a) Experience:

Make sure the contractor you want to build a house has the required experience. You should consider the years that the contractor has been in the construction industry. You should align the skills of the contractor with the house you want to build. There are contractors that do not have the skill and the experience to provide quality construction. Make sure you hire an experienced contractor to build a house.

(b) Reputation:

You have to look at the reputation of the contractor you have chosen to build a house. Contractors who consistently provide quality services have good reputations. Before you choose a contractor look at online reviews and interact with the previous customers of the contractor so you know more about the contractor. Talk to people that have worked with the contractor, for the contractor and alongside the contractor.

(c) Past works:

Look at past works that the contractor has done. Most contractors have websites where they put details and pictures of previous houses they have constructed. You can visit completed projects of the contractor you want to employ and make sure the projects are up to par with your expectations. You can also visit constructions in progress to get an impression of the contractors work methodologyand professionalism.

(d) Deadlines:

Make sure the contractor you want to build a house is time conscious. Time is valuable. Make it clear that you do not want delays and you will not negotiate your deadline. Make the contractor understand that you do not want to hear excuses. Make sure the home contractor gives you a start date and a completion date that you are comfortable with. Research the contractor and know if they have been complains about delays and missed deadlines from the previous customers of the contractor.

(e) Start as Early as Possible:

It is important that you start early do not put yourself in an emergency situation where you have to rush everything. Provide a clear direction on the path you want the contractor to take.

(f) Ask the Right Questions:

Ask the contractor questions such as the facilities owned by the contractor, what makes the home contractor different from its competitors, what insurance does the contractor have, does the contractor have the required license, is the contractor available and accessible, what is the contractor’s schedule, does the contractor work with sub contractors and the contractor’s area of expertise.

03. Choose an appropriate Location Before Constructing a House

Location is important when you want to build your house. You should pick a location that is profitable and favorable to you. The location of the house you build will impact your life in diverse ways. Deciding where to build your house is a challenge as every area is unique. Factors to consider before choosing a location for the construction of your house are:

(a) Area:

Several factors are considered when constructing a house. Factors include,

  • Purpose: You should know the purpose of the house as different areas have different features.
  • Natural Beauty: What do you see when you envision your completed house. Can you see a mountain from the location of your house? Do you see your house surrounded by trees? Do you see your house close to a lake? Do you see your house in an elevated piece of land? Where do you see yourself?
  • Accessibility and Convenience: Before you build a house, you should consider how easy and convenient it is to reach local amenities. You should also consider where vehicles will be parked and how you will approach your house.

(b) Legality and Practicality:

You should consult with agents and contractors about your choice for the location of the house you want to build.  You should know about the legalities of the area you have chosen. You should know about regulations, development plan, permits, development restrictions, code restrictions, zoning and other legalese. You should also consider the practicalities involved in the location. Look at the structural foundations, slopes, grades, soil types and boundaries.

(c) Amenities and Resources:

It is important that you know the amenities and resources that are available on or close to the location you have chosen to build your house. Consider water sources, drainage systems, utility lines and others.

04. Consider the Details

You should consider fixtures, colours, finishes and other details before you start constructing your house. Know how the rooms of your house will look like after construction. You will stay within your budget if you know about the details of your house. Small details to be considered include the width of your hallways, ceiling heights, electrical outlets, storage, underground pipes, interior design and the lightening of your home.

05. Consider the Resale Value

Circumstances may change and you may not live in the house you build forever. You should consider the resale value of a house before you begin its construction. You should know if the fixtures you install in your house will appeal to potential home buyers in the future.
Before you build a house you have to look at your marital status as it will affect your application for a loan.Also, consider your lifestyle so you will not make poor design mistakes.  Make sure your storage space is friendly and convenient.

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