Things to Know About False Ceiling for Your Interior!

Ceilings are one of the important elements of the interior. Nowadays, people are well aware of the importance of a ceiling & they want the different aesthetic look of the ceiling. The false ceiling design is a correct option to décor the ceiling or a roof. A false ceiling is also known as the drop ceiling, T-bar ceiling, suspended ceiling or grid ceiling. It has become a symbol of modernity.

What is a False Ceiling or Drop Ceiling?

The drop ceiling is provided below the RCC slab on suspended supports. It is a second ceiling which is suspended close to the main ceiling with a metal frame. The false ceiling is usually provided for temperature control, concealing electrical conduits, to install lights and other networking cables. It is also provided for the too high ceiling. It is also provided to reduce heat load in case of air-conditioned buildings.

What are the Types of False Ceiling Materials Available in Market?

Various types of drop ceiling or false ceiling materials available in the market such as Gypsum board, Plaster of Paris, Plywood, AC Sheet, Fibreboard, Wood, Glass, Metal, Synthetic leather, Thermocol  & PVC & much more.

What are the Benefits of the False or Drop Ceiling?

Various benefits of the false ceiling design are as below:

01. Lighting Efficiency:

False ceilings can truly light up your home interior by opening up the options such as spot lighting (white lights for reading) & mood or diffused lighting (for parties or a relaxed atmosphere).

02. Concealed Wiring & Plumbing:

Wiring for overhead fixtures such as fans, lights, air conditioners can be easily routed between the drop ceiling & the original slab. This eliminates the need for a tangle of wires in or on the ceiling & also improves the look of your home. It is also used to conceal the plumbing system.

03. Energy Efficiency:

The false or drop ceiling is used to reduce the air volume of a room & as a result, reduce the air conditioning load. Hence you can save the energy bill.

04. Thermal Insulation:

When the terrace above the ceiling is exposed to the sun, one feels uncomfortable due to heat. False ceiling is provided for thermal insulation by creating an air gap between the slab & the false ceiling. It makes the room much cooler & refreshing.

05. Sound Insulation:

A false ceiling design also has an excellent acoustic properties. The major problem in an apartment is, sound comes from the flats above! The false or drop ceiling is used to reduced this sound by creating an insulating surface between one ceiling to above ceiling.

06. Aesthetics Purpose:

The false ceiling design is the symbol of the modernity & sophistication these days! It is also used to hide the duct & unsightly structural elements such as beams. Hence it gives good aesthetics look of a home in a variety of geometrical, flowery & curves shapes, etc.

What are the Disadvantages of the False Ceiling?

Some disadvantages of the false ceiling are as below:
01. The main disadvantage of the false ceiling is that it can reduce the height of a room by some inches or feet as it is hung below the main ceiling.
02. It requires more maintenance & does not have a long life. Sagging is possible in case of the false ceiling.
03. It becomes difficult to repair a concealed electric wires, pipes, etc.

Does the False or Drop Ceiling Require any Maintenance?

The false ceiling is an attractive feature in most of the homes. The false ceiling does not need much maintenance. It requires only time to time cleaning. However, maintenance of false ceiling depends on its material & frame!
While cleaning the false Ceiling, you need to take care of no water contact to happen. Gypsum plasterboard and water don’t go hand in hand. Water will damage the ceiling finish and durability too. If there any leakage in ceiling, then metal framing will degrade due to water and false ceiling may collapse. Because of drop ceiling you will never come to know about any corrosion or deflection of R.C.C. slabs. If they at all occurs, you will only come to know after major damages happen in your false ceiling!

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