6 Must-Know Tips Before you Buy Furniture Online!

Buying online is part of a modern day lifestyle and fast becoming a need. Everything is now available online. There are many e-commerce websites which offer you a wide range of products from electronic gadgets, home appliances, groceries, clothing, books, sports accessories, to furniture, home furnishings, etc. These e-commerce websites provide attractive deals, discounts, a variety of products to choose from, and many other facilities.

Sometimes, attractive deals on furniture on e-commerce websites can be too tempting, if you are setting up a new house or renovating your living space.

There are many benefits to buy furniture online such as,

  • Your time is saved as you do not have to go to the store. Also, you can buy it from anywhere and anytime.
  • You are not limited by geography in selecting the furniture.
  • The furniture is delivered to you, so you do not have to worry about carrying the heavy bulk on your own.
  • You may get furniture relatively cheaper as compared to purchasing it directly from showrooms as it cuts down on dealer’s commission.

However, many people do not prefer to buy furniture online, as it seems a bit risky. Buying furniture is a substantial and long term investment, and hence can be tricky if you are buying it online. In this article, we have provided few tips which will help you to buy furniture online.

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Here are some tips, you should consider before buying furniture online:

01. Selecting a Secured/Reputed Website For Buying Furniture:

There are numerous e-commerce websites and internet retailers, which offer furniture online. You should buy furniture online from popular, branded, reputed and secure websites. You should research different websites, their histories, customer reviews, etc before buying furniture. You should always read the “About Us” page of the website. This will help you to know useful information like owners, their purpose, main headquarters, etc. There is a “Contact Us” page on all websites, on which telephone numbers also are written. You should make contact and see the response of the company, and then select the website for buying furniture online.

There are many online websites which provide platform to various manufacturers to sell their furniture. Some manufacturers have their own websites to sell it. It is recommended to shop furniture directly from the website of the manufacturer rather than from an online platform.

It is very important that the website must be secure to reduce the risk of identity theft. You can check if the website is secured, by checking its URL. If the URL of the website starts with https instead of http, then it is a secured website. Avoid buying furniture from unsecured websites. Also verify whether the website have a system of scrutinising dealers’ or sellers’ background before listing or recommending a website.

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02. Measure The Area for The Furniture:

Measuring is the most crucial part of buying furniture. As you are buying online, you are not able to see the furniture elements. Hence, you cannot judge whether, it will fit the space available with you or not. You should read the dimensions of the furniture and then using a measuring tape, build a layout of space, it will occupy in your home. If already assembled furniture is coming to you, then you must keep in mind that proper space on doorways or stairways is available so that it can be easily transported to your house and in the room through doors or stairs.

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03. View Images From all Sides and Read the Description:

A picture gives you an idea of how the furniture will look like. As the websites provide images which are made attractive, do not forget to view the alternative images of the product. The alternative images will provide view from different angles. These images do not contain any props and hence will help you to visualize the furniture correctly. Do not get attracted by the images as the colour and texture may be different when you purchase it. Look for images uploaded by various customers who have already bought it.

Every websites provides a short description/specification of the furniture you are viewing. It is important to read the description as it provides many details about the product. If you are buying a small storage drawer for shoes, the description will provide details as if it is made of particle board or MDF. The description should not be overlooked, because when you want to buy furniture online, you cannot just rely only on the images.

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04. Read The Reviews:

Many reputable websites provide reviews of other customers, who have bought the furniture. Before buying furniture online, it is important to go through the reviews, as they will provide the user feedback. It can save you from buying a bad product or bad services. But it is to be noted that do not divert your decision based on just one or two bad/good reviews. Make decision based on balanced view of the furniture reviews.

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05. Explore The Return Policy:

Before you buy furniture online, check the return policy of the website. If due to some reasons, the furniture is not fulfilling its purpose or does not fit according to your requirements, your money and time could get wasted. Hence, check for return policies. If flexible return policy is offered by the company, then only buy it. Avoid buying furniture, if the return policy is complex.

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06. Check the Shipping Charges and Shipping Options:

Transporting heavy furniture can be costly and most companies will not do it for free. They levy shipping charges on the furniture. Many companies, say they provide free shipping, but the price of furniture includes that charges. Hence, compare the price of furniture on various websites before buying.

Check for the shipping options, the company offers. Most companies offer, three types of shipping options;

  • Front Door Delivery: The product is delivered at your front door, and this is the cheapest shipping option. You have to carry the furniture inside and install it.
  • Inside Delivery: The furniture is delivered and placed at the place, where you require it. It is expensive than front door delivery.
  • White Glove Delivery: This option includes the unpacking and installation of the furniture by the company personnel. It is expensive but for people who are not familiar with the installation procedure, it is the best option.
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There are few disadvantages of buying furniture online such as:

  • You cannot assess the quality of the furniture, which is being delivered to you.
  • Payment terms are not flexible as compared to terms when you buy from a shop. You have to make full payment before the furniture is delivered to you. Only few websites offer the option of payment when the furniture is delivered.
  • There are chances of fraud if you are not making a transaction on a branded and secured website.
  • You cannot negotiate/bargain on price as normally done in a retail shop.

Hence, buying furniture directly from the shops of the manufacturers is a better option. However if you do not have time or are constrained and only, if you know any reputed and branded website which is popular among the majority of the people, you should consider buying furniture online.

By taking above tips into your consideration, buying furniture online can be made easy and successful. Your time and money can be saved, if you buy furniture online. Doing some research can get you the best deals and discounts. However, you must watch out for scams and frauds. Do not rely only on the photos provided on the website. Read description, customer reviews, return policy, etc. and make a judicial decision to buy furniture online.

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