Tips for Choosing the Natural Stone as a Flooring Material

Natural stone is most ancient and oldest construction material. It is one of the excellent building materials. It is attractive and does not require other materials or a resource to create it. It comes in varieties of colours and textures. Each variety of stone has its own strength and weakness, bringing with it qualities that make it best for use in special situations.


Why Choose Natural Stone?

Choosing natural stone means opting for a unique product which comes from nature. Natural stone is very important building material because it reflects unique character, stability, and grandeur.

There are the number of reasons why the natural stone is incredibly advantageous. Hence here we have described the benefits of stone.


  • Natural stone has a broad range of colour, pattern and texture. Every single piece of natural stone differs from the other in colour, texture and pattern and each tile gives its unique look and appearance.
  • Natural stone flooring will become a lifetime and unique home decoration material. The authentic, long lasting, classic beauty and durability of natural stone has added the value of any building. It offers a significant upgrade to the value of your property, a considerable bonus if eventually selling the property.
  • To choose natural stone is a great choice for a strong and durable material. It can survive fire to extremely high degrees. It cannot easily be broken and destroyed.
  • Natural stone is durable and can be used for driveways and other outdoor, heavy-traffic zones. It is also frost resistant.
  • Natural stone can last a long and is the only material in which is known to sometimes improve with age. After a few years, other material will start to wear away and get damaged however natural stone does not damage and last for more than life of a building.

What are the Different Types of Natural Stone?

Different types of stone are obtained from the three main rocks such as sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock and igneous rock. Marbles and slates are obtained from the metamorphic rock. Granite is an igneous rock. Limestone and travertine are sedimentary rocks.

What Types of Natural Stone Flooring are Available?

Various types of stone flooring are available such as Kota stone, marble, granite, travertine or slate.

What Textures are Available in Natural Stone?

Various textures are available in natural stone such as honed, polished, flamed, groove, sandblasted, and waterjet.

Is Natural Stone Flooring more Expensive than Other Types of Flooring?

Yes, it basically depends on the distance from mine. But it is worth investing in a natural floor. It will long lasting than carpet or laminate. Slate and limestone are very cost effective than the wooden flooring.

Is Natural Stone Eco-friendly?

Yes, natural stone is entirely a natural material hence it is eco-friendly and biodegradable, and will not cause pollution at the end of its functional life. They are not dangerous towards humans.

Is Natural Stone Healthy for Families?

Natural stone is a good choice for any home. It comes in many different colours such as beige, cream, white, light brown and dark brown. It is worth it to spend money on these types of stone because they bring beauty to your home and long lasting.

It is easy to clean but to prolong the life of your natural floor you should avoid the use of bleach, acidic or abrasive cleaning products. It does not contain harmful chemicals or toxins hence you can make the healthy interior environment for your families.

Can be Used Natural Stone Floors Anywhere in the Home?

You can use natural stone in any areas either exterior or interior but each stone has different properties with its advantages and disadvantages i.e.kota stone, marble and granite stone are used in kitchen countertop, shelves, door & window frame etc. These stones are also used in flooring. Sandstones, slates and limestone are used in the outer area of a home.

Care and Maintenance:

Natural stone will last for years and reward with its beauty. Proper care will help to keep your stone looking new, year after year. Do not place hot items directly on the stone surface. Use trivets or mats under the hot dishes.

Periodic wiping with clean water, methylated spirits or appropriate cleaning products is generally enough to keep your natural stone installation look like new. Do not use detergents, acids or caustic cleaners.  Use of cleaning agents will depend on the type of stone and application as explained in cleaning procedures and suggestions,

Sealants can be applied periodically and applications of sealants are depended on the wear and tear of the material and porosity of stone. Sealants are used to close small gap that is difficult to seal with other materials such as mortar.

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