8 Tips to Brand Right for Home Improvement Business!

Shelter is one of the very basic human needs. When we are building homes, repairing them, or making them more comfortable for living, we are acting on our need to create safe spaces for ourselves. A home improvement business, therefore, services an intrinsic human need.

If you own a home improvement business, your brand is all about the provision of this service. Having a nuanced understanding of how people relate to their houses and what they want out of a renovation project can go a long way in building a reliable home improvement brand.

Today we will talk about 8 actions you can take to brand your home improvement business right. These branding strategies cover a wide area of operations, including aesthetics, management, and marketing.

01. Identify Your Services, Customers, and Market

Identify Your Customer

Have clarity on who you are as a company (your core values, mission, and vision for growth), who your ideal client is (their annual income, family size, and education level, etc.), and your target market (the area you serve – is it a town or a neighborhood, or a city).

The more you know about yourself, the better you can attract the most relevant clients. It will also help you position your brand better. You’ll know how to advertise yourself, the time slots to select, the partners to affiliate with, and the SEO strategies to invest in.

02. Choose a Great Name for Your Brand

Choose a Brand Name

A meaningful and catchy name makes your brand memorable. When you are choosing the name, you are also choosing your domain, your trademark, and your marketing. You can choose to make the brand name more industry-specific or pick something more generic. However, if you want instant recognition, choosing something relevant to your industry will help.

You also need to make sure that the brand name you’ve chosen doesn’t mean anything awful in another language. It could be a combination of words, an acronym, or a literal description of your business.

03. Create a Distinct Brand Logo

Unique Brand Logo

A unique logo is the central concept of all branding efforts. It is the symbol by which your brand will be recognized. The shape of your logo, the colors you choose, and the fonts – all of it will come together in associating meanings to your brand. People will take one look at it and through these visual cues will form perceptions about your brands. A logo will also help you distinguish your brand from the rest.

It is, therefore, extremely important to choose these details with care. Learning the difference between a logo and a trademark is also a must. For a home improvement business logo, use geometric shapes, highly saturated colors, and clean, professional-looking fonts. The cleaner, more streamlined your logo is, the more confidence people will have in your abilities as a renovation company.

04. Invest in a Great Looking Website

Brand Website

An aesthetically appealing website will communicate your understanding of visuals. It will showcase to your clients that you understand spaces and know how to keep them looking refreshed and clean.

Ensure that your website sports a minimal but strong UI and a satisfying UX. Make 100% sure that it is mobile-friendly and responsive. All the information on your site needs to be updated and accurate. Dedicate a section to customer reviews, show before/after pictures (everyone loves those), and make sure the copy on your site matches the tone and vibe of your larger brand.

05. Consistent Branding

To brand right, the branding needs to be consistent. The design theme and colors you’ve chosen for your business need to be visible in all of your visual assets. This list includes your logo, website, staff uniforms, business vehicles, and everything else.

It needs to be so consistent that when people look at anything similar, all they can think of is your brand. Much like we think of McDonald’s whenever we see double arches.

06. Guarantee for Best Service

Guarantee for Best Services

Mr. Handyman is a famous U.S. home improvements brand. The company offers nationwide services, and what makes it stand out from the crowd is its confident service guarantee: Done Right.

When a business provides you guarantee for the best services, it shows that the business is going to take meticulous care into ensuring there are no gaps or cracks in the jobs they do. You can trust their professionalism and their dedication to their craft.

These kinds of promises and guarantees go a long way into establishing people’s trust in a brand. Since home improvement is a substantial financial undertaking, being a trustworthy brand helps you enjoy a steady stream of clients.

07. A Home Improvement Blog for Authority

Blog Page

On the surface, a blog is not related to a brand. Yet, when you think about it, it’s all connected. A brand is all about perception and blogs are paramount in creating just the right kind of perception with a focused content strategy.

With the right kind of blog, you can create the right kind of perception for your brand. You can solidify your expertise in the home improvement industry by sharing industry knowledge, insights, tips, and advice on your blog. Blogs are great for establishing brand authority and are important marketing tools.

08. Promote Your Brand

Brand Promotion

Marketing and branding are interconnected. The latter helps the former get off the ground. When you market your home improvement brand, you make it more recognizable, improve its credibility, increase its visibility, and essentially make it grow.

With effective branding strategies, such as pest control marketing from Dagmar, brands can establish themselves as leaders in their industry, attracting new customers and expanding into new markets. Partnerships become easier to form, and brand equity continues to strengthen, paving the way for sustained growth and success.

Summing Up

Your home improvement brand is the sum of its values, perceptions, and future goals. Though it is hard work, creating the right brand for any kind of business pays hugely. Compared to non-branded businesses, a brand earns better, enjoys more credibility, and less competition.

We hope the steps we have outlined in this article can help you create a brand that can do all this for you. If we have to leave you here with one piece of advice, it’ll be this: be authentic in all your branding strategies. Do not pretend to be what you are not. Win customers with your honestly and they’ll likely never leave your side.

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