What to Consider Before Choosing Mosaic Bathroom Tiles?

While redesigning or building a restroom from scratch, you should be cautious about picking mosaic bathroom tiles. Unlike regular tiles you use elsewhere in your home, mosaic tiles for bathroom depend on dampness and evolving temperatures.

An enormous number of bathroom tiles are available today, in an array of colours, patterns, designs, and finishes. Bathroom tiles assume a significant functional and aesthetic role in restroom design. They keep floors and walls free from dampness and draw the eye through texture and style.

6 Tips for Selecting the Right Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

With several mosaic bathroom tiles on the market today, choosing a good one is difficult. Here are a few things you should consider before selecting your bathroom tiles.

01. Have a Budget

Your budget is the first and most crucial factor to consider. Work out an approximate figure you would want to spend on the wall and floor tiles. Remember that if you plan to purchase accent tiles, they may be expensive compared to wall and floor tiles, but the amount of accent tiles needed will be far less than wall and floor tiles.

02. Decide your Colours

Washroom tile comes in more tones and patterns than we can presumably count. Hence, having a tentative idea of how the completed project will look can be of great help. You do not have to be accurate and sure about the colour, just an idea about the colour, the combination, or the colour scheme you would like to have can be an incredible start.

If you aren’t sure of which colours you need to integrate into your washroom tile flooring, look for inspiration. Take a gander at models on Pinterest, visit showrooms, or try to get the services of an accomplished designer. You can arrange the styles you like and select the ones that best suit your ideal look.

03. Think About the Size of the Space

Knowing the size of your bathroom will also help you choose the right tiles that fit it. Large format tiles can create the illusion of space in small spaces. Assessing your washroom as a whole can help you put in place a restroom that is both welcoming and calming.

The impulse to use mosaic tiles to separate your washroom merits consideration in your design. However, remember how it will influence the overall space. Also, bear in mind how grout lines become drastically noticeable with smaller tiles.

04. The Right Material

Washroom tiles come in a variety of materials, ranging from ceramic, porcelain, glass, regular stone, and mosaic to concrete tiles. It is wise to choose matte finish, textured or anti-skid tiles in the washroom because this area tends to get slippery due to constant exposure to water. It is better to completely avoid glass tiles on the floor. Meanwhile, ceramic and porcelain are the most preferred tiling options because of their durability and easy maintenance. They, too, come in varied finishes, colours, and patterns.

05. Pick a Stand-out Tile

One simple method for picking your restroom tiles is to find the design you truly love. Yes, you’ll always come across some tiles that stand out and catch your eye. 

This will transform into your feature tile in the room, which can serve as an accent for the walls. It can also add drama to your floors or shower nook.

06. Be Innovative with the Tile Layout

Picking a simple tile doesn’t mean it must be boring. There are loads of patterns that can be made by using metro-style tiles or rectangular tiles in a fascinating format to add a dash of uniqueness to your design.


There is no one-size-fits-all theory when it comes to choosing bathroom tiles. The choices you make depend upon your taste and personal style. Yet, before making the last decision to choose mosaic bathroom tiles, go through all the tips discussed in this guide. Consider each one of them for the best result. Pay attention to the upkeep part of it when you choose. If you are among those who have big bathrooms, cleaning the space becomes a challenge, even without the additional attention to the tiles. We hope this guide helps you make the right choice.

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