Get the Most Out of the Tips to Maintain AC for Hygienic Air!

Summer comes with high temperature as well as with high figured electricity bill. There is no chance to survive those sweaty days without an AC. However, a well maintain AC unit can saves money on power consumption as well as increase the work efficiency. Maintaining an AC unit can also increase the efficiency, effectiveness and lifespan of the AC.

Air conditioning space deals with the exchange of air through a cooling unit. The cooling unit should diffuse a hygienic quality of air. According to Mark Mendell, a staff scientist with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Indoor Environment Group – A bad maintained system contaminates with microorganism and is harmful to inhale!

So, never compromise on the hygiene of a room and maintain AC unit of yours as per the expert’s suggestions.

Maintain AC unit

Seven Tips to Maintain AC Unit:

01. Clean the Filters:

The AC filters accumulate dust resulting in a poor air flow, less cooling effect and contamination of the room. In Asia, we recommend cleaning the AC filters every two months. If the usage of AC unit is more we recommend to replace the old AC filters with a new one. You can clean these AC filters by yourself using warm water or by a vacuum cleaner. You can add detergent for quick cleaning.

Caution: Delaying of cleaning of AC filters can result in entering of clogged particles back into the AC unit.

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02. Hire a Technician:

During the winter, AC remains mostly in a un-used condition leading to choking of AC coils, filters and fins. To keep your system up-to-date and to run it efficiently we recommend hiring an annual servicing from an experienced technician. A regular system of maintaining definitely day increase the lifespan of the unit.

Caution: Prolonging the service period of an AC results in blocking of AC filters and jamming of oil in the AC coil.

03. Don’t Set the Temperature Too Low:

When you set the temperature too low in the thermostat, the AC compressor needs to work more constantly. In summers the ideal temperature for thermal comfort is between 23 to 25 degrees Celsius (73.4 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit) . So, setting the temperature lower than this can increase the power consumption and wear and tear of the unit.

Caution: Setting the temperature too low in summers means giving the AC compressor more load to overcome the temperature difference. And in summers the outdoor unit heats up more due to external temperature thus resulting in a failing of AC compressor.

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04. Programming the Thermostat:

We recommend programming the temperature according to the chores of the day. Nowadays, smart ACs have thermostats that can regulate the temperature when you are not in your home which saves a lot of money.

05. Create an Airtight Space:

Ensure the proper functioning of door and windows. Maintaining the door and windows is an indirect way to maintain AC. Since the efficiency of AC depends on how airtight the room is!

Caution: Any leakage through the doors and windows can create a cooling loss from the room resulting in the continuous working compressor. Avoid any such leakage of air to save power consumption of AC as well as wear and tear of the unit.

06. Create a Cool Environment:

Cover the windows with curtains or blind to avoid heating up of the room. Curtains help to insulate the room and avoid the cool air to escape from the room. Also avoid, placing heat-generating equipment in the air-conditioned room.

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07. Use Fans:

Instead of setting a low temperature, try using a ceiling fan at a low rotating speed to circulate the cool air from the AC. According to the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC), using a ceiling fan can make a room feel 10 degrees Celsius (50 degree Fahrenheit)  cooler and uses 10 percent of the energy of an AC.

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If you follow these steps, your AC performance and lifespan will noticeably increase. A well maintain AC will not only provides a cool air but also avoids room from getting contamination. Breathing in a bad environment can cause asthma and other allergies. Hence, it is necessary to avoid these conditions and maintain AC properly in a scientific manner.

Thus a well maintain AC unit will makes your lung healthy, your wallet wealthy and your life zesty!

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