Know About The Wonder of Urban Minimalistic Décor Style

What is Urban Minimalist Décor Style?

The Urban Minimalist Décor Style is exclusively for those who abhor clutter! It is a décor style, which focuses solely on functional and needful elements. The theme of this look is ‘less is more ’ and the simplicity of the  Urban minimalistic décor style is its defining feature.

The key elements of this look are open space, good colour and only a few well-designed pieces of furniture. According to Alex Sanchez (2013) (Author of the book “150 Best Minimalistic House Ideas”) ‘a minimalistic home strives for order and harmony in the relationship between spaces and the objects they contain. Space flows continuously around walls.’

Floors are left bare with either painted or waxed floorboards. Instead of ornaments, choose stylish utility objects that are sculptural in their own right. For example, we all need radiators, but the urban minimalist goes for fabulous columns, swirls or ladder-style ‘rads’. Everything makes a style statement, and for this look, you have to maintain a disciplined approach to tidiness because clutter is out.

Heating radiator for urban minimalistic look

How To Choose the Right Furniture For Urban Minimalistic Look?

“The perfect minimalistic living room would probably not contain more than 3-5 pieces of furniture,” writes M. A. Hill (2014), author of the book “Minimalism: How to Live a Happier Life by Becoming a Minimalist.” A couch, a coffee table, a few extra stools and a cabinet for your television and music system are probably enough.”

The furniture you use for minimalist interior design style can be from any period as long as it is in good condition and has a design pedigree – some of the most contemporary-looking chairs and loungers were designed in the 1920s by the famous community of designers in the Bauhaus in Germany. Chairs from any of the last century’s key decades can be reupholstered in plain contemporary colours to flatter their shape. New technology can coexist with vintage pieces as long as the good design ethos is maintained.

Minimalistic interior design idea canvas

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Urban Colours For Modern Minimalistic Home Décor

Urban Minimalistic interior design ideas revolve around light interiors as these always exaggerate space, and reflect and double the room’s natural light. When possible, leave windows unpainted and paint window frames and surrounds white. If the windows are small, then create the impression of bigger windows by painting a broad white border beyond the frames and below the sill down to floor level, which will create the impression of full-length windows.

Folding wooden blinds look wonderful, but if they are going to break the bank, opt for plain white blinds instead.

Modern minimalistic home decor

The urban minimalist look consists of just a few equally important elements, and the colour is one of them. Consider the room’s function and any existing colour that appears in furnishings, paintings or accessories when choosing a wall colour.

Adding Accents

For interior design minimalistic style, a meditative lavender or pale powder blue creates a relaxing atmosphere in a sitting room, and pale mushroom brown looks good with white and deeper browns, especially if bright colours such as spring green or red are used for upholstery. Just one or two permanent colours are needed and others can be added as colour accents with cushions, vases or flower arrangements.

Urban minimalistic interior design room

Fresh flowers are an important part of minimalist home décor ideas, and a whole new style of floristry has emerged to complement it. Single variety arrangements or indoor plants, such as vibrantly red or orange dahlias in tall glass tubes; rows of pink orchids growing in moss-covered containers; zinc tubs planted with white marguerite daisies – or alternatively, a giant earthenware pot filled with very tall wild grasses are preferred.

Minimal home décor ideas with plants

Finally, every item in the urban minimalist décor style must be carefully selected to fit in with the style. A few bright flowers in a glass vase and some cushions provide accents of colour.

Try out minimalistic home décor ideas and tell us about your clutter-free experience.

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