Top 25 Architecture Research Paper Topics to Write About

Architecture Research Paper Topics

Many children have a mathematical mind and advanced creative skills. Oftentimes, these qualities make them choose architecture as their future profession. It’s an amazing field, which creates so many beautiful buildings that surround us. Undoubtedly, the process of learning is very long and complex. Students deal with heaps of academic assignments and sometimes cannot handle them properly. Thus, many of them seek essay help websites as they want to pay for a research paper on architecture topics, written by academic experts to earn the desired grades. Some of them cannot even choose relevant topics.

Architecture topics

We think that custom wiring services are not the first thing you should try when you experience any form of complications. You can use educational and non-commercial websites, which propose relevant learning tips, samples, recommendations, and topic lists. For example, this informative guide provides a list of excellent topics suitable for research papers on architecture.

Research papers on architecture

01. Consider the Following Suggestions for Architecture Research Topics

01. Use of Lightweight Architecture in Advanced Structures.

02. School Planning and Main Complications.

03. What Should Modern Architects Learn from Their Ancestors?

04. The Most Famous Architects of the 20th.

05. How Is Engineering Related to Architecture?

06. How to Benefit from the Light When Planning a Building?

07. The Issue of Safety on Construction Sites.

08. How Did Ancient Egyptians Affect Modern Architects?

09. Common Problems While Building and How to Overcome Them.

10. How Do Extreme Weather Conditions Affect the Durability of Buildings?

11. Are the US Architects Fairly Paid?

12. The Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Vertical Housing.

13. Major Differences Between Architecture in the USA And Europe.

14. Unique Structures in the Czech Republic.

15. The Influence of Ancient Greece on Modern Architecture.

16. How Does Technology Help in Building?

17. The Main Peculiarities of Building Homes for Elderly Patients.

18. How to Combine Store and Studio Naturally?

19. The Main Peculiarities of Architecture in China.

20. What Challenges Do Architects Face When They Build Sporting Structures?

21. How to Preserve Ancient Structures?

22. Architecture Concepts in the USA and Canada: Differences.

23. Can We Trust Virtual Planning?

24. The Major Tendencies in Rural Housing.

25. Urban Versus Rural Housing: How Much in Common Do They Have?

You’re welcome to utilize any of these concepts or create similar ideas based on our topic list. It’s necessary to understand the main qualities and features of an acceptable topic. Our guide will shed more light on this and other peculiarities here below.

02. How to Select a Good Topic for Architecture Research Topic?

Select a Good Topic

When you have appropriate examples of what a topic should be like, it’s a huge advantage. Nevertheless, it’s important to understand the things that make it relevant to your professors and readers. It’s supposed to be:

  • Relevant;
  • Informative;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Meaningful;
  • Helpful, etc.

Choose a certain problem in any architecture direction. There are multiple fields you may study. The most famous and popular categories are:

  • Urban planning and infrastructure;
  • Public offices, buildings, and institutions;
  • Leisure and fun facilities;
  • Cultural facilities;
  • Houses, etc.

The first ideas that occur to the mind are commonly too broad. You won’t have much space to fully disclose housing or urban planning. Such topics are overly general, and you should narrow them to propose a specific theme. However, the categories mentioned above help to narrow your choice.

Research Paper

A lot depends on the research of the chosen topic. Let’s imagine that you’re interested in the process of urbanization and the appearance of big cities. You should select a certain region to minimize the search area. It may be Europe and you may narrow the topic by choosing a concrete city, which is Berlin.

Begin to work in that direction and gather all the facts about this city. Read historical chronicles, encyclopedias, and similar documents. Make sure all the sources are trustworthy. Keep the track of the bibliography, take smart notes, and refine them afterward. Create at least variants of the anticipated topic and try to make them different. Thus, you’ll have at least opposite points of view to choose from. You should be confident that you have enough information to cover a concrete issue and are enthusiastic about completing your research paper on architecture.

03. Craft a Strong Thesis Statement 

Strong Thesis Statements

The central idea of any academic assignment is called a thesis statement. It’s the core of the entire project, and you should take it seriously. A thesis statement commonly consists of a single (sometimes two) sentence and plainly explains the purpose of your research. It helps to:

  • Organize and develop your main argument;
  • Explain why you’re chosen a certain issue;
  • Provide your audience with a “guide” to your argument;
  • Clarify the importance of your research;
  • Determine the type of analysis you want to use, etc.

You should build the rest of the text around this single sentence. All the arguments, examples, research, and analysis methods you’ll use should be related to your thesis statement. If you feel you’re probably gone astray, check your thesis. If it’s so, make the necessary adjustments. A strong thesis statement may sound like this “Berlin is a big city with a rich history, which teaches architects to constantly improve themselves”. Your task is to develop this statement and provide explanations about why Berlin’s architecture can teach modern architects something new and has the potential to encourage them.

04. Short Smart Tips for Writing and Editing in Architecture Research Paper

Smart Tips for Writing

We want to briefly inform you about the special steps you’re supposed to undertake to write a winning architecture research paper. They will help to avoid potential mistakes. These are:

  • Write at least two drafts;
  • Prefer the active voice;
  • Don’t try to cram several issues at once;
  • Avoid slang, jargon, acronyms, etc.;
  • Use dynamic words;
  • Avoid long sentences and paragraphs;
  • Make smooth and logical transitions;
  • Always explain any technical terms;
  • Support your hypotheses with adequate examples;
  • Revise the project at least twice;
  • Use learning applications to edit and proofread;
  • Never exceed the recommended length.

On a final note, these recommendations and tips aren’t that difficult to follow. Fulfilling them correctly, you’ll avoid mistakes and will receive the highest grade. Use our list to choose a perfect topic. We hope that you found our blog informative enough to write a good architecture research paper topic.

If you want to do a research on the historical or traditional topics, here we have some information for you:

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