Choose the Best Air Conditioning System for Your House

Staying cool in the summer is lot easier with a properly functioning air conditioning system in your home. It removes heat from confined space and therefore cools the space and removes humidity. But that requires selection of the right air conditioning system for your home.

The choice of air conditioner suitable for your home depends on some factors i.e. how large the area is to be cooled, the total heat generated inside the home, etc. An HVAC designer would consider all the related parameters and suggest the most suitable system for your home.

Here we give you different types of air conditioning system which will help you to make a right choice for your home:

01. Window Air Conditioner:

Window Air conditioner is most commonly used for single rooms. It consists of four parts: Compressor, Condenser, Expansion Valve or Coil, Evaporator, Cooling Coil. This all parts are enclosed in a single box. This unit is fitted in a slot made in the wall of the room, or more commonly on the window sill.


It needs special installation like a wooden plank or a metal frame for support. Since it needs an immediate external outlet, a window is the only place where it can be placed.

02. Split Air Conditioner:

A split air conditioning means the condenser (Outdoor Unit) is separated from the Indoor Unit, thus it is called Split Air Conditioner.

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The split air conditioner consists of two parts:

  • Outdoor Unit: The outdoor unit is fitted outside the room and comprises of three parts like Compressor, Condenser and Expansion Valve.
  • Indoor Unit: The indoor unit comprises the Evaporator or Cooling Coil and the Cooling Fan. You need to make arrangements in wall to take water out from indoor unit.

Split AC has aesthetic appeal and does not take up as much space as a window AC. A split air conditioner can be used to cool one or two rooms.

Unlike a Window AC, a Split AC does not require a window and cool a wider area than a Window AC. As its condenser unit is placed outside, Split AC is less noisy on the inside. However, they are expensive than the Window AC.

03. Central Air Conditioning:

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Central air conditioning is used for cooling big buildings, houses, offices, entire hotels, movie theatres, factories, etc. If the whole house is to be air conditioned, HVAC engineers find that putting individual units in each of the rooms is very expensive, thus making this a better option. A central air conditioning system consists of a large compressor that can produce hundreds of tones of air conditioning. Cooling big halls, malls, huge spaces, galleries, etc. is usually only possible with central AC.

04. Inverter Air Conditioner:

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Inverter Air Conditioner is a new version of AC that is slightly expensive but energy-efficient. AC functioning without an inverter needs to start and stop their compressor to maintain certain room temperature. In the process, they consume more energy and take a toll on the parts.

However, in an Inverter Air Conditioner, the speed of the compressor keeps on varying, to ensure precise cooling without stopping and starting. The cooling capacity and the amount of energy required are automatically adjusted, depending on the room’s temperature. This results in energy efficient cooling and enhances the durability of the spare parts. Inverter AC is available in the Split AC format.

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05. Portable Air Conditioner:

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Portable AC is a small mobile air conditioner unlike window or split ac, but without any permanent installation required. Portable air conditioner is placed on the floor and can be easily moved from room to room. It works well in the apartment where a window unit is unacceptable. It is a good choice for temporary building use, in buildings that do not have a window opening.

Choose air conditioning system wisely. Choose the air conditioner that meets your requirements and hence enjoy using it but also take care for it.

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