20 Types Of Bathroom Accessories: A Complete Guide

Bathroom is a necessary part of any building. Nowadays, bathrooms are given the highest priority. A bathroom, irrespective of its size, needs to be designed carefully and the design of the bathroom depends on the types of bathroom accessories preferred.

Essential bathroom accessories are often overlooked in the initial stages of bathroom planning and design. However, they play a crucial role in any bathroom space – both in how they make the space more usable, and how they add to the overall comfort of the user. Imagine your soap dissolving into a sticky mess on the side of the sink or your towels lying on the floor. It is only proper bathroom accessories that would save you from these nightmares. With well-planned bathrooms, the soaps and the towels will rest dry in their respective places.

Types Of Bathroom Accessories

Different Types of Bathroom Accessories

There are different types of bathroom accessories, made out of different materials. Here is a list of some of the best bathroom accessories that would not only add a wow factor to your bath space, but also make it more functional:

01. Tissue Cover – Tissues chart high in the washroom accessories list for sure. Tissue is kept in a small container made from different types of materials. Tissue Cover is kept beside the wash basin, but never too close to the faucet.

Tissue Cover

02. Tooth Brush Holder – Toothbrush Holder is one of the most important accessories in bathroom. It is used to keep a toothbrush and paste in it. This toothbrush holder is fixed on the wall and it gives a very clean and well-kept look to the wash basin area.

Tooth Brush Holder

03. Tumbler Holder – The tumbler is a glass or cup that is kept in the bathroom. This holder is fixed on the wall to hold toothbrush, tooth paste, perfumes, other cosmetics, make-up brushes and tubes.

Tumbler Holder

04. Double Tumbler Holder – Double Tumbler holder is fixed on the wall and even this accessory is used to hold bathroom essentials.

Double Tumbler Holder

05. Soap Dispenser – A soap dispenser is a device that dispenses liquid soap in moderate quantities. It can be manually operated by means of a handle or can be automatic. This is one the latest bathroom accessories, which is of great use.

Soap Dispenser

06. Soap Dish – A soap dish is an essential bathroom accessory that holds a bar of soap. It is kept near the wash basin and bathtub. Soap dishes are made from waterproof materials such as plastic, ceramic and metal.

Soap Dish

07. Soap Basket – The soap basket also holds a bar of soap, but it is mounted on the wall, near the basin and near the bath area.

Soap Basket

08. Robe Hook – One of the most common accessories in bathroom are the robe hooks. They are used to hold towels and clothes. Robe hook is made of different materials and it is an important bathroom accessory. It is considerable accessory while designing small bathroom.

Robe Hook

09. Towel Ring – Towel ring is used to hang towels and is generally located near the washbasin. It is included in the wash basin accessories list.

Towel Ring

10. Single Towel Bar – Single towel bar is used to hold and even dry towels. It is one of the best bath accessories.

Single Towel Bar

11. Double Towel Bar – Double towel bar is also used to hold towels.

Double Towel Bar

12. Glass Shelf – Glass Shelf is a multipurpose object. It is generally used to hold cosmetics, shampoos and other bathroom essentials. Glass Shelf is fixed on the wall. It also adds to the beauty of the bathroom. Some use glass shelves to hold folded towels and robes too. That makes these shelves versatile too. In a way, it is all bathroom accessories rolled into one!

Glass Shelf

13. Double Glass Shelf – Here, two glasses are fixed on the wall. However, the purpose of the shelves is the same. Their purpose is to hold bathroom essentials.

Double Glass Shelf

14. Toilet Paper Holder – Toilet paper holder is fixed to the wall and is located near the WC pan.

Toilet Paper Holder

15. Toilet Brush and Holder – Toilet brush is a tool which is used to clean a toilet or a bathroom. The holder is fixed on the wall and is an important accessory. With the holder fixed on the wall, the dripping toilet brush can be conveniently kept away and left for drying.

Toilet Brush And Holder

16. Dustbin – Ignored most of the time, a dustbin is a must-have accessory in any bathroom. From dumping used shampoo bottles to empty soap packs, from shampoo sachets to sanitary pads, having a dustbin in one corner of the bathroom is convenient. Don’t give this essential bathroom accessory a miss.


17. Shower Mat – Having a shower mat in the shower area is a wise move because very often people have a fall in the bathroom due to slippery floors. Keeping an anti-skid mat in the shower area can save you from having a painful fall.

Shower Mat

18. Mirror Cabinet – Apart from serving its basic purpose, a mirror cabinet also doubles the storage capacity. A lot of bathroom essentials can go right behind the mirror, thereby giving a clean and organized look to the bathroom. Agree or not, it is a must-have accessory while design luxury bathrooms.

Mirror Cabinet

19. Bathroom Fresheners – A simple spray or a pocket, every bathroom must have these fragrant bathroom air fresheners so that the bathroom never smells nasty. At least have a pouch of camphor or simply spread some naphthalene balls on the drains to discard the foul smell emanating from the bathroom.

Bathroom Fresheners

20. Shower Curtains – Apart from privacy, shower curtains can prevent a potential bathroom mishap. It is always better to separate the wet and the dry area using a shower curtain. If you play with the colours, you can add a sense of pop and bling to the boring bathroom.

Shower Curtains

Summing up, there are many modern bathroom accessories too available in the market, which can make it to the must-have bathroom accessories list. However, these are some of the common and useful bathroom accessories names. All these products can make your bathroom look well-organised and user-friendly. Keep these accessories in the proper place and let your bathroom give you the comfort that you have been looking for.

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