Different Types of Storage Screens to Conceal what you Need

Storage screens epitomize flexible solutions for separating an environment, which in today’s era of continuously contracting spaces is a Godsend! Through this blog, Gharpedia shares some crucial cues about types of storage screens i.e, fabric and wood screens.

Screens or room dividers-call them what you like, but no one can deny the fact that this décor element is extremely practical, versatile and capable of completely transforming the entire appearance of your room.

According to Els Christensen (Author of the thesis “Room Dividers”), the Chinese invented the decorative folding screen during the reign of the Chou Dynasty (about 206 BC – 220 AD). The screen was introduced to Japan in the eighth century, and strangely enough, the Japanese made the screen so famous that it became more associated with Japan than with China, where it originally came from. With development, these screens are now adopted as seen today. Their pluses are manifold – compact, easily movable from one room to another, foldable and space-saving, lending a personal and aesthetic touch to the ambience, et al.

Types of Storage Screens

Let’s take a look at the two broad types of room dividers –

Fabric Screens

Velvet Fabric Screens

Fabric screens can be something as simple as plain lengths of fabric under a sink that are used for concealing household essentials, or they could also be intricate three-way independently standing frames that are used to mark off a private space. When it comes to the latter, i.e, the free-standing, fabric, folding screens, the pluses are manifold because they are durable and light. Its movability and aesthetic qualities make it useful, chic, and resourceful.

Fabric folding screens do so much more than hide ugly clutter; they are also an attractive addition to any room. Screens are widely available, but they are also easy to personalise to suit individual tastes and décor. The true versatility of fabric screens, however, lies in the fact that you can position them wherever you want.

Even hard furnishings like wardrobes need no longer be ‘hard’. You can use lengths of fabrics draped over a frame or hung like curtains around a small space, to add an exotic feel to your bedroom. Go ahead and choose silks and velvets in bright and luxurious colours to create a spic trail feel, or white muslin to add a touch of colonial look.

Fabric Screen Under Sink

Under-the-sink curtains bring a special charm to any kitchen or bathroom, making a sink a feature, not just a fixture. An ideal way to add colour to a room, they hide what needs to be hidden and add a finishing touch to soft furnishings. Do remember to choose your fabric carefully and make sure that you allow enough, not just to cover but to drape attractively. Reminiscent of early twentieth-century homes, with the right fabric, under-the-sink curtains can be brought up-to-date while retaining that country feel.

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Wood Screens

Wood Screens

Wood screens are frequently used as room dividers to divide big spaces into more commodious ones since they are less bulky and more movable than fabric screens. Traditionally, screens with solid, jointed frames, made by craftsmen were inlaid with veneers of exotic and rarely seen woods, and some were exercises in grain pattern, mirror imaging and picture marquetry.

Wood always adds warmth and texture to a room. Wooden screens add character and are also efficient room dividers. With an amazing variety of designs and wood types to choose from, a wooden room divider can bring your room to life.

Lighter screens can add an attractive feature to a bedroom. Choose a type of wood and style to complement your existing furniture. You can even stain the wood to match your décor. This type of room dividers are a great way to hide clutter, divide rooms, or simply add a feature.

Wooden Room Divider

For an exotic oriental feel, choose a darker wood. Filigree work in the wood turns a wooden room divider into a piece with character and interest.

To summarize, screens are an ideal way to change the function of a room, turning an everyday kitchen-cum-diner into a sophisticated and romantic dining room. So irrespective of which type of storage screen or which type of room dividers you choose, i.e, wood or fabric, we hope these pointers here will help you pep up the aesthetic quotient of your home sweet home!

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