Various Types of Surveillance Cameras for Your Home Safety!

We all want homes that are safe and secure! If you are looking to protect your home, then the home surveillance cameras are the option! There are various types of surveillance cameras available in the market. They are excellent prevention for break-ins and a brilliant way to monitor what’s happening in and around your house.

Home Surveillance Cameras

Home surveillance has become must in the modern lifestyle, where all the family members remain out of home for most of the daytime. To boost the security of your home, you must purchase home surveillance cameras! So how do you know which home security cameras are the best for you and your family? And which are the best?

Let me relieve you from this stress, however as asserted by How Stuff Works; you must know the different types of surveillance cameras before you purchase them. With this knowledge, you will be able to buy the appropriate camera type which will fit your home security needs. Here are four types of surveillance cameras in the market today

Types of Surveillance Cameras for Your Home Safety

Bullet Camera 

Bullet Camera


Bullet cameras are long and circular in shape. They resemble a bullet; and that is why they are called so! You can easily recognize these security cameras from a far distance. Since they are quickly recognizable, they can successfully prevent crime. This is because when intruders see them, they are frightened off. They will hesitate to commit their criminal acts for fear of being caught.

However, these security cameras can be tampered with easily; making it have a major drawback. Experienced criminals can quickly damage a bullet security camera to destroy any incriminating evidence. To cure this drawback, you can decide to place the camera in a non-conspicuous position.

Also, these security cameras have a fixed point of view; meaning that they can face in only one direction. The ideal places to put them in your home is in your entry ways. However, you will need many of them due to their fixed viewpoint.

Bullet security cameras work well in both the indoor and outdoor areas. They have protective coats. These coats protect them from the adverse weather conditions. Because of these coverings, they are a great fit to enhance the security in your outdoor area.

Wireless vs. Wired vs. Wire-Free Home Surveillance Cameras

A home surveillance camera can either be wireless, wired or, wire-free. All these types of security cameras have distinct variations.

A wired camera is the most ancient type of a surveillance camera. Just as the name suggests, this camera type requires a cable. You will use this cable to connect to a recorder. Then, you will connect the recorder to the internet and your router. So, with a wired surveillance camera; you may need a separate cable.

On the other hand, a wireless security camera will connect to your recorder using a wireless network connection. Do not be misled by the term ‘wireless’. This camera type will still require you to purchase a separate cable.

With a wire-free home surveillance camera, you do not need a separate cable. They are the most recent types of security cameras. These cameras use cloud storage to store the footage of potential criminals. They are easy to install. However, they rely on battery power; so, you will have to constantly charge them.

Smart, Voice-Integrated Home Surveillance Cameras

With the current technology trends, smart home systems are the in-thing. Security cameras are not left out as far as smart home technology is concerned.

Smart, voice-integrated home surveillance cameras use digital technology to scare away potential intruders. They are the newest type of security cameras in the market.

You can control smart, voice-integrated cameras with your voice. You don’t need to physically control them with your hands. This feature makes them much easier to use. They are also very flexible. With them, your home safety will be guaranteed.

Dome Camera

Like bullet cameras, dome cameras also have a distinct shape. They are small and circular. However, unlike bullet cameras; they cannot be easily recognized.

Bullet cameras and dome cameras are almost alike; they all have the same features. Dome cameras can also be installed in both the indoor and outdoor areas of your house.

However, dome cameras typically have a larger view point. So, you can use only one of them. They are also less susceptible to tampering and vandalism; since they are not quickly recognizable. You can put these home surveillance cameras on your ceilings and walls.

Dome cameras are great if you don’t want people to know that you have installed a surveillance camera. As illustrated by Cepro, due to their discreet nature; they can be used to supervise employees in service businesses and chain stores. Or rather, you can use them to keep an eye on your kids when far from home.

Bullet and dome cameras can both works well in dim lighting. They also have a capability of detecting heat and movement. Moreover, they can be connected to either an NVR (Network Video Recorder) or a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) recorder. All these features make bullet and dome cameras capable of revamping your home security.

All these types of surveillance cameras are unique in one way or the other. Moreover, they all have some specific features which make them ideal for certain particular purposes.

Shopping for a security camera is a significant step towards fortifying your home. Therefore, you must be fully equipped with the knowledge of different types of surveillance cameras so as to make an appropriate choice. This will prevent you from the stress of purchasing something which will not eventually assist you.

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