Different Types of Windows in House

The windows are an essential part of the house. It also provides light, fresh air and ventilation in the house. Windows are often arranged, also for the purposes of architectural decoration. It allows light into the room, enhance your wall colours or furniture.  It provides solar heating in the winter, insulation against heat loss and in some cases against sound, too, if properly designed acoustically.

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There are different types of windows that make up the construction of the house. There are so many different options available that it can be pretty overwhelming to try to pick out the right one for your needs. The shapes of windows can be square, rectangular, octagonal and even triangular also. Some windows open to the side and some slide up. Most styles of windows are available in a number of different materials. Traditionally, windows were made of timber, but now steel, aluminium, PVC, are also popular. The windows are classified in following ways, based on their

(A) Material

(B) Position

(C) Operational Movement

(D) Construction or Form of Shutter

(A) Types of Windows Based on Material:

When you design your home, it is important to know which types of materials are used in the construction of windows. Based on the material, windows are classified in following ways:

01. Timber or Wooden Windows:

Timber or wooden windows give a beautiful look to your home.  It offers good thermal performance and natural beauty to your house. They are costly as compared to other types of windows; particularly when made in teak.

02. Glass Windows:

Glass windows provide daylight, particularly even when closed. These windows are mainly used in residential as well as in public buildings as an architectural feature.

03. Metal Windows:

Generally, the mild steel is used for making of metal windows. They are less costly as compared to wooden windows.

04. UPVC Windows:

Nowadays UPVC Windows are the most popular types of windows. They protect your house from noise, dust and rain. UPVC windows are more durable and will last for many years.

05. Fiberglass Windows:

Fiberglass windows are very strong and are highly resistant to external weather conditions. It requires low maintenance.

(B) Types of Windows Based on Position of Window:

When you design your home, it is important as to where to place the windows. Based on the position, windows are classified in following ways:

01. Bay Windows:

Bay windows make the room appear larger and create the attractive appearance to the interior as well as the exterior of the home. These types of windows provide increased area of the opening, so that admit more light and ventilation from different directions.

02. Corner Windows:

As the name suggests, corner windows are placed at the corner of the room. These types of windows provide light and ventilation from the directions at right angles to each other.

03. Dormer Windows:

Dormer windows are vertical windows provided on the sloping roof. The dormer has its own roof, which may be flat, arched, or pointed. Dormer windows are also known as rooftop windows.

04. Skylight Windows:

Skylight windows are fixed on the sloping surface of the roof. They are usually provided with glass panels.

05. Clerestory Windows:

Clerestory windows admit light into a house from an upper level by adding complete stories. They look elegant. They provide more and uniform light in the room.

06. Circular Windows:

As the name suggests, circular windows are circular in shape and pivoted on the central axis. These windows are commonly used in factories for the purposes of admitting light and air.

(C) Types of Windows Based on Operational Movement of Windows:

Based on operational movement, windows are classified in following ways:

01. Fixed Windows:

Fixed windows do not open; they can either be located on exterior walls to admit natural light or set into interior walls. These types of windows come in varieties of shapes and sizes.

02. Double Hung Windows:

A double hung window has two sliding shutters, one above the other. We can open the windows on top or at the bottom to our required level.

03. Horizontal Sliding Windows:

Horizontal sliding windows have two or more sashes that overlap slightly but slide horizontally within the frame. It can slide easily.

04. Folding Windows:

Folding windows consist of several panels whose frames are hinged to one another. It opens and closes by sliding horizontally, resembling an accordion.

05. Pivoted Windows:

Pivoted windows are very commonly used in hospitals, hostels, offices, etc. They are unique in the sense that half the window opens inside, and half outside.

06. Awning Windows:

Awning windows are hinged at the top and swing outward from the bottom. It allows ventilation even during the light rain.

(D) Types of Windows Based on Construction or Form of Shutter:

Based on the construction of shutter, windows are classified in following ways:

01. Louvered Windows:

Louvre windows allow unrestricted views while maintaining the ventilation option. These types of windows are commonly recommended for the bathroom, W.C., and other areas where privacy is the main consideration.

02. Casement  Windows:

These are the windows, the shutters of which open like doors. Casement windows are secure, energy-efficient and attractive. Casement windows are easy to open.

03. Panel Windows:

Panelled windows are very old types of windows and popular, even today. These types of windows have single, double, three or six panels. Sometimes, windows are a half panel and half glazed, too.

04. Glazing Windows:

In this kind of window, panels are fully glazed i.e. of glass. Glazing windows are made of glass panels either with shutter frames of wood, aluminium, etc.  It provides superior transparency as compared to panel window.

05. Partially Panel and Partially Glazed Windows:

These types of windows are most commonly used in residential buildings. These windows provide natural lighting or to make the interior of one room visible from another. The ratio of the glazed portion to panel portion is kept 2:1.

Nowadays, UPVC Windows, Wooden Windows, Casement Windows, Glass Windows are most commonly used in the house. Therefore the windows play important role in safety and protect your health. Its pleasing appearance will always keep you in a good mood.

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